ShoreTel Gigaset Handset Quick Guide

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Gigaset Handset
Quick Guide
Issue 9 30.3.16
Basic Call Handling
Further Telephone Features
To change call handling mode
Make an internal call
Redial last number
- Dial voice mail ext number
Lift receiver and dial extension number, press
Short press Green button to access redial list.
- Enter your password
Green button
Use silver scroll arrows to view numbers, then
- Press #
press Green call button again to ring number
- Select option 7
displayed in screen
- Select option 2
(When in divert you will get broken dial tone)
Make an external call
- Follow voice prompts to select mode required
Lift receiver and dial 9 and telephone number,
press Green button.
Park a call
Press the ‘R’ key followed by (star) * 11, then the
Receive a call
extension/group number where you want to
Press Green button
Hold a call
Retrieve a parked call
Press the ‘R’ key
Dial (star) * 12 and the extension/ group where
caller is parked.
Retrieve a held call
Press the ‘R’ key
3 way conference call
Storing personal speed dials
Press phone book icon, then OK.
Enter telephone number (must use 9 if external)
and press Ok to store.
Enter name then press Ok to store.
To access stored speed dials
Whilst on a call press ‘R’ key, wait fore dial tone
Transfer a call
then dial 3rd party. To add 3rd party immediately
Press the ‘R’ key, dial the extn number, announce
without consultation, press ‘R’ key. To invite 3rd
the call and replace the handset
party, wait for them to answer, then press ’R’ key
once happy to join.
Retrieve a call
Press the ‘R’ key, wait 2 sec’s then press ‘R’ key
To exit conference
To drop 3rd party press ‘R’ key or to leave
conference call press Red hang up key.
Call pick up
Dial (star) *13, then extension number or group
Press phone book icon
Use silver scroll keys to select speed dial required.
Press Green call key to ring.