Data Sheet
McAfee Security for Business
Cloud-based data, web, and email protection suite
Key Advantages
Cloud-based security
• No server required.
• No on-site administration.
• All-in-one security.
Additional values
Always-on, always
up-to-date security.
• 24/7 customer support.
• Leverages McAfee Global
Threat Intelligence.
Whether you own a bakery, bicycle shop, law firm, or bistro, cybercriminals are targeting
growing businesses like yours. They are zeroing in, believing your business is an easier
target because you cannot afford or cannot properly manage sophisticated security.
Unfortunately for them, McAfee has you covered. No IT? No problem. McAfee® Security
for Business is hosted and maintained by McAfee. This cloud-based comprehensive
endpoint, email, and web security solution delivers the most effective, up-to-date security
without requiring a management server—a perfect fit for your business and budget.
Key Features
Antivirus and antispyware
Cloud-Based Services
Email protection
McAfee Security for Business guards both
computers and servers against viruses and spyware.
This “hands-off” solution safeguards the computers
on your network automatically by keeping itself
up to date while continuously checking for threats
contained in files and programs, email messages,
communications from inside and outside the
network, and on websites. It swiftly detects viruses,
spyware, worms, Trojans, and other potential
threats on devices, removable media, or the
network, including threats introduced via email.
Hosted at a McAfee commercial-grade data
center, email security detects and removes threats
at our server—before they reach your network,
eliminating risky email traffic and reducing impact
to your network bandwidth.
Every time a file on your computer is accessed,
virus and spyware protection scans the file to
make sure it is free of anything potentially harmful.
Desktop firewall security
McAfee desktop firewall technology establishes a
barrier between each computer and the Internet
or other computers on your local network. The
desktop firewall silently monitors communications
traffic for suspicious activity and takes appropriate
action, such as blocking.
Browser safety
McAfee SaaS Endpoint & Email Protection relies
on McAfee SiteAdvisor® to display information
about websites to help safeguard users against
web-based threats. Users can view website safety
ratings and safety reports as they browse or
search. And web filtering allows administrators to
control access to websites based on safety rating,
content category, or specific URLs.
Inbound and outbound email filtering protects
your employees and customers from any emailborne malware by blocking or quarantining
detections of directory harvest attacks, spam,
phishing scams, viruses, and other email-borne
threats in messages and attachments.
With email encryption and advanced data loss
prevention capabilities you have access to prebuilt
content rules for PCI-DSS, healthcare, financial
data, and more, so you can quickly create
compliance policies.
Email continuity enables your business to function
even when your email network experiences an
outage by providing access to 60 days of stored
email from any web-enabled browser.
Web protection
Incoming and outgoing Internet content is routed
through dedicated McAfee servers, eliminating
threats before they impact your business.
The web anti-malware engine scans a web page’s
active content to understand its intent and predict
its behavior, allowing McAfee to proactively
protect you against silent downloads, phishing
sites, targeted threats, and other attacks trying to
steal your information.
These are minimum requirements.
Recommended requirements are in
parenthesis, where applicable. Actual
requirements will vary depending on
the nature of your environment.
System requirements
Pentium processor or
compatible architecture
•1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
• Intel
Virus and spyware protection
Client computers
• Microsoft Windows 8 (32-bit or
• Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate,
Professional Home, Premium, Home
Basic (32-bit or 64-bit)
• Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate,
Enterprise, Business, Home Premium,
Home Basic (32-bit or 64-bit)
• Microsoft Windows XP Home or
Professional (32-bit or 64-bit) with
SP2, SP3. Desktop firewall protection
is not supported on 64-bit versions of
Windows XP.
Windows Server 2012
• Microsoft Windows Server 2011:
Small Business Server
• Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2:
Standard, Enterprise
• Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (32bit or 64-bit): Standard, Enterprise,
Small Business Server
• Microsoft Windows Small Business
Server 2003 R2
• Microsoft Windows Server 2003
with Service Pack (32-bit or 64-bit):
Standard, Enterprise, Small Business
Figure 1. McAfee Security Center provides centralized management of installations, reporting, and policy setting.
• Microsoft
Desktop firewall protection
as above, except as noted
• Same
• Not
supported on: Windows XP
Professional 64-bit
Browser protection and web filtering
• Same
as above, except as noted
• Not supported on Apple Safari for
It continuously updates all users, even if they are
off network, against fast-changing and zero-day
malware, spyware, and phishing threats.
The client proxy enables web protection policies
and security to be applied to off-network, roaming
users, even if their Internet access is provided
through a controlled-access portal, (used for
payment and access) at coffee shops, hotels, or
other Wi-Fi hotspots.
Access controls manage online content, time-ofday usage, web applications, and media types.
Users can experience the freedom of the web
without time-wasting distractions.
Web-based management console
The built-in web-based management console offers a
comprehensive view of your entire endpoint security
from any Internet-connected browser.
• Schedule
regular security reports, delivered
via email.
Define security policies and configure on individual
or groups of devices, regardless of their locations.
Free 30-Day Trial
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range from installation to management. Contact
McAfee today to learn how McAfee Partner Security
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Email security service
an email domain, such as; a static IP address
or a hostname that resolves to an IP
address; and a dedicated email server,
either in house or hosted by an ISP
• Activation starts with a simple mail
exchanger (MX) record redirection
• The
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• Requires
centralized console, McAfee Security Center,
provides an easy way to manage the security of all
your devices in less than 15 minutes per day.
Conveniently access this console from any Internetconnected device anytime.