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DC 2230
Multifunctional System
DC 2250
The multifunctional system for A-grade efficiency.
Copying, printing, scanning – the DC 2230 delivers first class b/w copying and printing
results from the start. At 30 pages a minute long waiting times belong to the past. What is
more, this unbeatable multifunctional system has a whole range of other features – making
it right at home as well as in larger office environments. Here it performs complex tasks
reliably, efficiently and competently – regardless of whether from paper originals or computer data. And if you need to make paper documents available in file format in the network, the scanner function offers a range of processing options integrated into the system
itself – even colour and duplex.
Saving is sometimes a matter of time.
The 512 MB RAM and 80 GB hard disk mean the DC 2230 has the power to organise your documents.
For copying, printing or scanning – this system is the multi-talent that takes care of all your jobs in the
shortest possible time. Input from a variety of sources is taken on without hesitation and while it is performing one task, it is already processing the next. This guarantees an uninterrupted workflow in your dayto-day business. Even if you have not used it for a while: this super quiet team player wakes from sleep
mode in only 15 seconds.
Different paper formats are no difficulty.
A4 copies, followed by a batch of A3 pages for the very same
job? The DC 2230’s data management system means mixed jobs
are no problem. All the project components can be saved in the
buffer, meaning that the finished product can be printed whenever
required. You can then collate and print as many copies as you
need in any format you want, at the push of a button.
Simplicity from the start.
The sophisticated technology hidden inside the DC 2230 reveals itself in a disarmingly simple exterior. A large,
tilting colour display presents this device’s many options – supported by a graphic interface, which answers
all your questions. Thumbnails of all documents held in the buffer are displayed on the control screen and can
be selected at the touch of a finger. Another great time-saving feature: the 50 memory functions for saving
frequently used program combinations for copying, printing and scanning. And very urgent PDF files can even
be printed directly from a USB stick, without a PC.
Economy from the inside out.
The quality components used in construction make the DC 2230 the perfect workmate for
your daily business. From the smallest screw to the extremely durable drum, you can rely on
this device to last and last. Reliability is not just an economic advantage!
A trump card for cost-efficient faxing.
The DC 2230’s capabilities do not end there. As a true all-rounder, it can even be extended to
perform as a fully functional fax system. This time saving professional has no cause to hang its
head on this point: the extension is completed in an instant by simply inserting the fax card.
The fax system integrates into your network. And for those who place particular value on the
security of their data, the Data Security Kit can be installed, for the latest in security systems.
If you have something to present.
Professional quality brochures can be produced in an instant, without running from one
machine to another to get the stapling done. With a corresponding finisher extension, the
DC 2230 turns into a little printing professional for even the greatest of expectations. Hole
punching, folding, stapling or sorting – the DC 2230 takes on all those time consuming
tasks. You can rely on this multi-talent’s functions.
DC 2230
DC 2230
Technology is not that big thing – but it is essential.
Diversity is the soul of the 600 MHz processor – and this one has plenty – meaning the
DC 2230 can be accessed via network or directly. Put simply: the multi-tasking capabilities
allow copying, printing and scanning jobs to be processed simultaneously. If it is already
copying, the 80 GB hard disk saves incoming print jobs into a queue. What is more, the
latest software ensures that your system efficiency needs are always admirably met. So
much in one: one single IP address for everything.
Scanning documents directly into your system.
One of the DC 2230’s highlights is the duplex colour scan system with a resolution of
up to 600 dpi. Anything you scan in here can be fed directly into the office network – in
any format you choose. It is up to you if you want the scan file saved straight to a folder on your PC, onto an FTP server or attached to an e-mail. Even here this office professional has a speed advantage: producing up to 50 black and white scans a minute
or 25 in colour.
DC 2230
Technical Data
Network protocol
Operating systems
Print technology
Original format
Copy/print speed
1st copy/warm-up time
Copy resolution
Paper feed
Paper weights
Paper output
System memory
Continuous copying
Copy, print, scan, optional: fax
Laser b/w
max A3 on the platen glass
max 30 A4 pages/min and 20 A3 pages/min
3.9 seconds*/30 seconds
600 x 600 dpi
2 x 500 sheet universal cassettes (A3-A5R),
200 sheet multi-bypass (A3-A6R)
Universal cassette 60-105 g/m2,
multi-bypass 45-200 g/m2, duplex 60-80 g/m2
250 sheet A4
512 MB RAM (max 1,024 MB - 2 slots), 80 GB HDD**
1-999 copies
25%-400% in steps of 1%
1,000 management codes, moveable touch-screen,
online help at touch-screen, multi-tasking controller,
programming of 50 programs for copying, printing,
scanning and faxing, duplex, brochure function, etc.
Optional fax system (M)
Original format
Modem speed
Transmission speed
Compression methode
Fax resolution
Fax memory
Operating systems
745 x 646 x 599 mm (H x W x D)
approx. 85 kg
Network protocols
Operating systems
Mains voltage
Power consumption
Noise level
220/240 V, 50 Hz
approx. 1,010 W in operation,
approx. 230 W in stand-by mode,
approx. 17 W in sleep mode
approx. 69 dB(A) in operation,
approx. 52 dB(A) in stand-by mode
Integrated within the system
max 30 A4 pages/min
600 x 600 dpi
PowerPC 750FL/600 MHz
IEEE 1284, USB 2.0, 10/100BaseTX, USB host,
CF slot
TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, Net BEUI, EtherTalk
Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Novell NetWare,
Linux, Mac ex OS 9.2
PCL6, KPDL 3 (PostScript 3 compatible),
PRESCRIBE IIe, Line Printer, Diablo 630,
Epson LQ-850, IBM Proprinter X24E, KCGL
Direct printing from USB stick, encryption in data
communication (SSL), etc.
Scan resolution
Scan modes
File types
CCD colour and b/w
max A3
Colour: max 25 A4 originals/min,
b/w: max 50 A4 originals/min
Standard (200 x100 dpi), fine (200 x 200 dpi)
super fine (200 x 400 dpi), 300 x 300 dpi,
ultra fine (400 x 400 dpi), 600 x 600 dpi
Photo, text, photo/text, OCR
The DC 2230 is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the ENERGY STAR Program.
*Depending on operating status. **For copy, print and scan. Image shows machine with optional accessories.
Specifications subject to change without notice.
At TA Triumph-Adler we have set ourselves the aim of making the everyday processing of documents as efficient as possible for you.
The technical perfection of our products combined with preliminary consultation and finally on-site aftersales support guarantee you
the problemfree, productive operation of our equipment. Thanks to this range of service we are able to offer you the best possible
TA Triumph-Adler
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All other brand names are registered trademarks of their respective owners.
Super G3
max A3
33.6 kbps
3 seconds or less using JBIG
Standard (200 x 100 dpi), fine (200 x 200 dpi),
super fine (200 x 400 dpi), 300 x 300 dpi,
ultra fine (400 x 400 dpi), 600 x 600 dpi
120 MB
Windows 2000, XP
Integrated address book, fax-reception memory
on HDD, thumbnail-viewer, fax-forwarding to another
fax, e-mail or PC, denial of certain numbers, editable
cover sheet
Original feeder
Platen cover
Scan system
Scan type
Scan format
Scan speed
Print system
Print format
Print speed
Print resolution
Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Novell NetWare,
Linux, Mac ex OS 9.2
Paper Port (OEM version)
Scan to SMB, scan to e-mail, scan to FTP,
Job separator
Paper feed
Other options
DP-700 with simultaneous duplex scanning (A3-A5R),
100 sheet A4 capacity
Platen cover type D
(if document processor is not installed)
DF-730 (1,000 sheet A4 capacity,
stapling max 30 sheet A4),
DF-710 (3,000 sheet A4 capacity,
stapling max 50 sheet A4),
PH-5C hole punch unit for DF-710,
BF-710 brochure folding module for DF-710
(max 16 sheet saddle stitching and folding A3/A4/B4),
MT-710 multi tray for DF-710, DF-720 (internal finisher, 500
sheet A4 capacity, stapling max 30 sheet A4)
JS-700 (100 sheet A4 capacity)
PF-700 (2 x 500 sheet universal cassettes (A3-A5R)),
PF-750 (3,000 sheet large capacity cassette (A4))
Data Security Kit (C), UG-30 upgrade kit for high
compression PDF and encrypted PDF, BU-10 databackup-kit, DT-700 document tray, cabinet no. 50