The Two-Sided Minikote Laminator is easy to operate, contemporary in design and is perfect for classroom and
office environments. When your professional requirements demand a dependable, simple to operate laminator,
the Two-Sided Minikote will meet your needs. Easily protect and preserve all your educational and professional
documents including charts, posters, maps, newspaper clippings, teaching aids, children’s drawings and more.
o User preset saves speed and temperature settings defined by the user.
o Factory presets set a speed & temperature that
is optimal for both 1.5 mil homopolymer and
copolymer films.
o Usage counter with reset easily tracks laminating
film usage.
o Convenient hand held slitter with storage on
o Adjustable feed guide assures exact lamination.
o 1” mandrels standard (2 15/16” kit optional).
o Safety shield for protection from heat shoes.
o Key switch prevents unauthorized use of laminator.
o Stop/Reverse button to reverse machine.
Safety Shield
Key Switch Prevents
Unauthorized Users
o Digital display with temperature, speed and usage
counter readout.
o Temperature controls increase and decrease the
temperature in one degree increments.
o Accepts standard homopolymer and copolymer
films in 1.5 and 3 mil.
o UL listed.
Touch Pad Controls
Tension Control
The above information is presented for reference and illustration of general product characteristics only. The information does not constitute a representation or warranty relating to the
suitability or fitness for a particular application or otherwise create guarantees of product performance. All material should be tested by purchaser to determine final suitability.
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Specifications Sheet
Technical Specifications
Working Width:
Laminator Width:
Depth(with feed tray):
Net Weight:
66 lbs.
Shipping Weight:
73 lbs.
0 -9.5 fpm
Electrical Requirements:
120V AC 60Hz 1400w
Standard Core:
Film Accommodation:
1.5 Mil & 3 Mil
(Max supply roll 1000’ @ 1.5 Mil)
Available Options
Foot Switch
Slitter Kit
>> Rules, Regulations & Procedures
>> Blueprints
>> Corporate Records
>> Attendance, Payroll, Records, Etc.
>> Labels
>> Photographs
>> Licenses & Certificates
>> Awards
>> Flash Cards
>> Schedules & Charts
>> Diplomas
>> X-rays
>> Magazines/ Newspaper Articles
>> Place mats
>> Manuals
>> Legal Documents
>> Book Jackets
>> Library Cards
>> Student/Employee Lists
>> Reports
>> Transparencies
>> Display Signs
>> Contracts
... and much more!
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