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Managed Mobile – protect your mobile communication with Fujitsu
The way we work is changing dramatically as the world becomes increasingly mobile. The use of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones
for business purposes is on the rise. And this means that there is a
growing demand for seamless access to an ever-expanding range of
mobile communication technologies – from push mail and VoIP to
Internet access and solutions for accessing documents in enterprise
networks – anywhere and anytime.
Tablets and smartphones are the most personal kinds of computers
offering access to the Internet. Today employees can take business
information into uncontrolled environments, and they use their own
personal devices as well as those provided by their employers when
taking care of business tasks. Thus enterprises must be sure that they
can safeguard business data stored by “mobile workers” at all times.
As more and more computing is done with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets instead of desktops, it is absolutely essential that
you have full control over your business devices to safeguard your data,
your infrastructure and your image – the potential dangers posed by
these devices are real. Make sure that you have the best possible protection and device management solutions available by relying on Fujitsu
Managed Mobile Service.
Choose the right strategy for your IT with our innovative
approach to mobility.
Managed Mobile Service from Fujitsu
Fujitsu offers a global service solution for managing all of your smartphones and tablets, regardless of device vendor or mobile network
carrier. This service gives you full control over all company and personal
mobile devices used by your employees and reduces the cost of mobile
communications in the workplace. In addition, the service supports the
separation and isolation of business and personal data, protects and
manages your key enterprise data, ensures peace of mind when personal
devices are used for sensitive data, and provides security functions that
monitor mobile devices, their contents and their geographical locations.
Mobile office
Registration and initial setup
“over the air”
E-mail, calendar, contacts, tasks
Intranet access
Remote management “over the air”
Control of transmitted
data volume
Enforcement of security guidelines
User support via global service
Encrypted data and mail
Help desk
Virus protection, firewall, spyware scanner
Device and carrier agnostic
Remote lock/wipe lock
Authentication of users and devices
Protect and manage your entire inventory of smartphones and tablets,
as well as all operating systems from leading vendors. Provide one single
user interface for all mobile devices, regardless of geographical location.
Safeguard your devices with enforceable guidelines and central provisioning of security applications such as antivirus software and device encryption. Configure your devices centrally and enforce these configurations,
create so-called white lists and blacklists for applications from third-party
providers, and establish your own “enterprise application store” so that
users can select software from an approved list. And ensure that your data
can be deleted from devices quickly and completely to minimize the risks
of a worst-case scenario should a mobile device be lost or stolen.
How can this be done?
How does it help?
Managed Mobile Service is based on components combined with
comprehensive managed services (Mobile Device Management) that
support administration of mobile devices and the provisioning of
user services. Managed Mobile Service from Fujitsu is comprised of
modules that can be individually selected and configured to meet
specific customer requirements.
The solution includes a CORE service as a standard feature which is
offered as a closed package.
To satisfy extended requirements, the CORE service can be enhanced
with additional options.
By standardizing and simplifying the administration of the most wellknown device platforms, Fujitsu gives you complete control over
heterogeneous and geographically distributed mobile infrastructures.
■ Reliable 24/7 managed mobile service
■ 24/7 IT service desk
■ Support for the widest range of devices
■ Consistent global service
■ Pricing per device/month
■ Support for devices with iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian and
■ Flexible and adjustable reporting engine
■ One single management portal
■ Ease of use with nearly every Internet connection anywhere in the
■ Centralized smart device management for all of your devices instead of
reliance on multiple management tools
■ Support for ByoD (Bring your own Device)
■ Scalability to meet your smart device requirements
■ Proactive administration of costs through Telecom Expense
Management (TEM)
■ Remote access to devices for support purposes
■ Worldwide device tracking and localization
■ Consequent enforcement of security guidelines for all devices to ensure
■ Provisioning and management of applications via the enterprise app
■ Reporting of device and data usage statistics for audits and cost control
■ Self-service portal enabling users to control or reset their own devices
helps reduce the number of support calls
■ Secure connectivity of mobile devices to your internal systems
■ Provisioning of a basic service for other cloud-based mobile services
from Fujitsu
Examples of what can be done…
■ Registration of a new user via web link sent per SMS – no on-site visit required
■ Enforcement of guidelines, for example
– Configuration of device PIN/password (regardless of complexity)
“over the air” (OTA)
– Secure deletion of data (including memory card) after several
incorrect PIN entries
– Enforcement of OTA installation and reinstallation of mandatory
enterprise applications and deletion of blacklist applications
■ Support for geographically distributed devices from one single interface
Managed Mobile – a global approach
■ Regional servers for bandwidth and latency
■ Regional publishing servers for PIM and
other services
■ Centralized view for control and
Billing System
management of all devices
Supported operating systems
Central Management
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