OMNIKEY® Desktop Reader

OMNIKEY® Desktop Reader
ASSA ABLOY Identification Technologies (ITG),
with its product brand OMNIKEY® one of the
world's leading manufacturers of innovative
smart card readers, offers its outstanding
technology also for connecting USB Smart Cards
to computers.
Main features:
Passive connector for USB Smart Cards
Derived from the well reputed OMNIKEY® 3021
High mechanical reliability and stability
The OMNIKEY® 1009 is a passive connector that
enables the USB Smart Card to communicate via
the USB port with the computer. This highly
standardized physical connector has already
functionality in other best-selling OMNIKEY®
Together with the Chip on the Smart Card set the
OMNIKEY® 1009 complies with major relevant
industry standards such as ISO 7816 for the
electrical and mechanical parts, and can be certified
MasterCard®, Visa®).
LED Functionality
The reader is equipped with an LED, which indicates
device readiness and USB power for a short time
during card insertion. Smart Card operation is
indicated with a flashing LED only by supporting
cards (otherwise LED will remain dark).
The OMNIKEY® 1009 was derived from our well
known and reputed OMNIKEY® 3021 and owns it’s
mechanical reliability and stability.
The Smart Card chip fully determines the
functionality and therefore the possible applications.
Content of this package
Smart card connector with USB interface.
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