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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
p What is Radiant Security Services?
Radiant Security Services is a layered defense offering that helps restaurant and retail operators improve network security,
detect security risks and threats and prevent security compromises in their businesses. The offering includes Site Shield, Secure
Access and Threat Defender.
p Will Radiant Security Services make me PCI Compliant?
No. It is the responsibility of the merchant/operator to be PCI Compliant. The goal of Radiant Security Services is to help
business owners secure their networks, detect any possible threats and prevent potential future breaches.
p What is the market price for Radiant Security Services?
The price of Radiant Security Services includes a one-time activation fee of $500 per site plus an annual fee of $1,200, or $100
per site per month.
p Does Radiant Security Services include data breach protection?
Yes. Up to $50,000 in data breach protection per site is automatically included with Radiant Security Services. Customers will
need to submit their credit card processing merchant ID number in order to activate the breach protection. If they ever switch
credit card processing vendors, they will need to resubmit the new ID number in order to be covered. The policy covers up
to $500,000 across all sites. For additional information about the data breach protection, visit www.royalgroupservices.com/
p Which firewall will be installed with Radiant Security Services?
Radiant installs the Watchguard XTM 21 wireless firewall for the Site Shield component of Radiant Security Services. This is a
commercial-grade firewall that includes pre-loaded Radiant base configuration, Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS), web blocker,
Gateway antivirus (GatewayAV) and all-inclusive maintenance services.
p How does the firewall antivirus work?
The firewall has an antivirus engine that analyzes all traffic passed through the firewall and automatically updates each hour. The
firewall scans for e-mail viruses as well as viruses that may come from websites and file transfer protocols (FTP)
as downloaded files.
p What is the difference between Secure Access and other remote access tools
such as PCAnywhere, LogMeIn and GoToMyPC?
Unlike other remote access tools, Secure Access uses two-factor authentication, which provides an additional layer
of security for restaurant and retail operators when accessing sites remotely. Authorized personnel register their cell
phones to receive numerical passcodes that are required for login attempts. These passcodes expire within one minute
upon arrival.
p Who is Radiant Systems’ Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV)?
ControlScan is Radiant’s preferred compliance services vendor. For additional information about ControlScan, visit www.
p What is the difference between malware and crimeware?
Malware is software that has a perceived intent to harm a network or system without the knowledge of that system’s
operator. Crimeware is a type of software that through forensic audits has been determined by credit card brands to
have aided past cybercrimes. The Threat Defender component of Radiant Security Services consistently monitors and
alerts restaurant and retail operators if malware or crimeware is detected on their network.
p Do any other POS competitors offer a solution comparable to
Radiant Security Services?
No. Today there are no other POS providers that offer the layered defense solution that Radiant Systems has developed.
However, some third-party security vendors are partnering with Radiant’s competitors to offer comparable services.
Examples of third-party competitors would be: VendorSafe, SecureConnect, TotalPCI, Trustwave, SecureWorks and
Solutionary. To help Radiant stay abreast to new security services competitors in the field, please forward on company
names and/or information that you find to rss@radiantsystems.com.
p Is it possible for me to get a virus when using Radiant Security Services?
Yes. Thousands of new viruses are created every day, so it is possible for a new virus to infect a business owner’s system.
Radiant Security Services mitigates this risk by layering defenses that would still protect the payment card network.
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