Groundsmaster 4500-D & 4700-D
Powerful rotary mowers that deliver
impressive cutting quality.
Only Toro can deliver this kind of
productivity from a rotary mower.
Power and productivity from a 60 hp
Kubota turbo-diesel engine.
Superior cutting performance with
Contour Plus cutting decks.
Impressive traction on any terrain from
full-time, bi-directional 4-wheel drive.
Smart serviceability from the easyaccess design.
Comfort and convenience in the welldesigned operator area.
Distinctive aftercut striping created by
the heavy-duty rear rollers.
G RO U N D S M A S T E R 4 5 0 0 - D & 4 7 0 0 - D
• 60 hp Kubota turbo-charged engine
• 5 Contour Plus free-floating cutting decks
• 9' width of cut
• 60 hp Kubota turbo-charged engine
• 7 Contour Plus free-floating cutting decks
• 12.5' width of cut
ALL-WHEEL TRACTION Parallel hydraulic flow between the front and rear wheels ensures solid
footing at all four wheels. The bi-directional, hydrostatic drive maintains consistent traction, even on hills
or wet turf. And the individual wheel brakes provide extra traction assistance when needed.
EASY SERVICE Servicing your Toro Groundsmaster has
never been easier. Just remove two pins and the entire hood
can be removed in seconds. The rear-screen, mid-area
cowling and console can also be removed without tools.
Routine maintenance is never a hassle with the convenient
placement of regular service points.
ROBUST DESIGN The innovative planetary
gear wheel-drive system on the Groundsmaster
4500-D and 4700-D allows the traction system
hydraulics to run with increased efficiency and
less heat build-up. Multiple reinforcements on
the cutting decks handle the most rugged terrain,
even direct impacts to the blade and housing.
For added assurance, the 4700-D even offers an
impact absorption system that protects the rear
outer decks. It’s all part of the Toro commitment
to making the world’s longest-lasting mowers.
G RO U N D S M A S T E R 4 5 0 0 - D & 4 7 0 0 - D
OPERATOR COMFORT The operator’s seat is well
positioned to give you a full view of your surroundings. A
large storage platform for light gear sits behind the driver
and a multi-sized beverage holder, 12 volt power supply,
and portable radio holder are included. There’s even a large,
molded cavity designed specifically for a water cooler.
MONSTER ENGINES With rugged 60
hp engines, the Toro Groundsmaster 4500-D
and 4700-D deliver more power and torque
than any other mower in their class. Hills and
terrain changes won’t slow you down. You’ll
power through long, wet grass. And whether
you choose the 9' or 12.5' width of cut, you
know you’re getting the most productive
mower available.
G RO U N D S M A S T E R 4 5 0 0 - D & 4 7 0 0 - D
REVOLUTIONARY CUT TING QUALIT Y The Toro® Contour™ Plus cutting decks offer cutting quality
never before found in a rotary deck. Each free-floating deck follows the contour of the ground for an even cut. Air
inlet pockets keep grass standing tall for a clean cut on every blade. Plus, a modified discharge opening in the rear
disperses clippings more evenly. To finish the look, heavy-duty rollers behind each deck create a beautiful striping
pattern, even in heavy rough. A mulching kit is also available.
Groundsmaster® 4500-D & 4700-D
Kubota® V2003T, 4-cylinder, 117 ft.-lbs. of torque, turbo diesel, 122 cu. in. (2.0 liter), 60 hp (45 kw) gross, 58 hp (43.5 kw) net, governed
to 2600 RPM.
Fuel Capacity
Traction Drive
21 gallons (79.5 liters) diesel fuel.
Ground Speed
13 mph (20.8 km/h) transport, 7 mph (11.2 km/h) mow.
Full-time, bi-directional, 4-wheel drive hydrostatic transmission powers a hydrostatic motor at each front wheel w/planetary drive reduction,
rear mechanical axle powered by a hydrostatic motor.
Front: 29 x 14-15, 6-ply ultra-trac tread.
Rear: 20 x 12-10, 6-ply multi-trac tread.
Mechanically actuated, internal wet disc brake on input to each planetary drive.
Ignition switch, throttle, foot operated traction pedal, mow/transport selector switch, lockable individual brake pedals, park brake lock, deck
lift levers, beverage holder, radio holder, 12-volt power outlet, storage compartment.
w/Cutting Units
Power steering with dedicated power source.
Hour meter, fuel gauge, engine temperature gauge, indicator lights for glow plug, high coolant temperature, charge indicator, and low oil
pressure. Shutdown for high coolant temperature.
Two year limited warranty. Refer to operator’s manual for further details.
Overall length
Overall width, lowered
Overall width, raised
Height w/2-post ROPS
Wheel base
Track width, front
Track width, rear
Ground clearance
GM 4500-D
GM 4700-D
145.8" (370 cm)
112.8" (286 cm)
88.25" (224 cm)
85" (216 cm)
67.54" (172 cm)
88.25" (224 cm)
55.5" (141 cm)
6" (15 cm)
4273 lbs. (1942 kg)
— with full fluids.
145.8" (370 cm)
153.8" (391 cm)
88.25" (224 cm)
85" (216 cm)
67.54" (172 cm)
88.25" (224 cm)
55.5" (141 cm)
6" (15 cm)
4824 lbs. (2193 kg)
— with full fluids.
Cutting Decks
GM 4500-D, Model 30856
GM 4700-D, Model 30868
Five Contour Plus 27" rear discharge rotary
cutting units.
Seven Contour™ Plus 27" rear discharge rotary cutting units.
Width of Cut
Overall: 109" (277 cm), overlap 6.5" (16.5 cm),
overhang 10.4" (26.4 cm).
Overall: 150" (381 cm), 109" (277 cm) with deck 6 and 7 raised,
overlap 6.5" (16.5 cm), overhang 30.9" (78.4 cm).
Mowing Rate
Mows up to 7.6 acres/h (3.1 hectares/h)
at 7 mph (11.2 km/h).
Mows up to 10.5 acres/h (4.3 hectares/h)
at 7 mph (11.2 km/h).
Height of Cut
.75-4" (1.9-10.2 cm) in .25" (.6 cm) increments.
.75-4" (1.9-10.2 cm) in .25" (.6 cm) increments.
Anti-scalp Features
Wing Protection
Mulching Kit
10 gauge steel constructed chambers with 12 gauge welded reinforcements. 1.5" (3.8 cm) square x .25" (.6 cm) wall tube
with 7 gauge side supports. Spindle support 3/16" (.48 cm) high-strength steel and 10 gauge exterior channels. Ductile iron
spindle housings with 1.25" (3.2 cm) diameter spindle shafts and 2 greaseable, tapered roller bearings.
6" (15.25 cm) anti-scalp cups on each blade. On each deck: two 5" (12.7 cm) diameter front rollers,
one 3" (7.6 cm) diameter rear roller.
Standard angle sail blade, 27" (68.6 cm) long, 2.5" (6.4 cm) wide, .25" (.64 cm) thick. Optional high height of cut
blade available.
Groundsmaster 4700-D has an impact absorption device on wing decks 6 and 7.
Model 30828 will convert to mulching decks.
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