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Audi Genuine Accessories
Audi Genuine Accessories
Audi Genuine Accessories.
As individual as you are.
Your Audi is not just a means of getting from A to B: You also use your Audi to plan experiences – from A to Z. You only stop
briefly at your destination before heading off again. And it is precisely for excursions such as these that we are creating more
options. Audi Genuine Accessories: products that make good on our promise of quality each and every day. For you, that means
benefitting from made-to-measure solutions that impress on account of their design and functionality. After all, creativity
during the development phase and high production standards alongside the high number of testing procedures are all just as
important to Audi Genuine Accessories as they are for each and every Audi vehicle. Discover what tailor-made solutions Audi
Genuine Accessories has in store for you.
It only fits, if it fits perfectly. Discover the
range of accessories. You can also visit: Connection
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When it comes to design and
quality, we are reinventing the
wheel. Time and time again.
Where progressive design meets premium quality, it takes more than a good eye. Above all else, the right touch is
required. For the right materials. For the absolute accuracy of fit. And for the value of each individual component.
That is why we are constantly improving our production processes, are always on the look-out for the best materials
and regularly question our test criteria. Audi Genuine Accessories wheels are also testament to this ambition:
These products undergo extensive testing to ensure a high level of quality. For example, wheels that are pre-damaged
through simulated stone chips are sprayed with a highly corrosive acetic acid and saline solution over the course
of several days. The wheels must then meet the stringent requirements of subsequent tests. To ensure this is
the case, a complex casting process is used to deliver high component strength. In addition, the sophisticated
multi-layer paint offers further protection against wear and ensures a high-gloss finish. A host of good reasons
to opt for wheels from Audi Genuine Accessories – and show you have the right touch. Find out more about our
current range of wheels from page 10 onwards.
Round off an Audi in true style. With cast
aluminium wheels that are perfected prior
to their production. By designers who give
you their best. Designed and developed
using high-tech tools, each cast aluminium
wheel is a masterpiece.
More space for your plans. Discover the transport
solutions Audi Genuine Accessories has in store for
your Audi A8.
Audi A8.
Your Audi A8 – the art of getting ahead. Find out
what makes this model so special.
Sport and design.
Dynamic and elegant – everything you need to know
about wheels for your Audi A8.
Stay connected and entertained at all times – thanks
to the communication solutions for your Audi A8.
Comfort and protection.
Safety in style on the road and after your journey:
equipment for your Audi A8 ensuring even greater
comfort and protection.
Entertainment and protection for the little ones
travelling in your Audi A8 – with the children’s
products from Audi Genuine Accessories.
Audi A8
The art of getting ahead. Encapsulated in visible form. In an exceptional
vehicle. The new Audi A8. Impressive and sporty. Following a clear
principle: concentrate on the essentials. Pursue nothing without
function. Strikingly textured surfaces. Exclusive materials. Worked
to the highest level of sophistication. Boasting a very special claim –
brilliance down to the very last detail. Introducing the new Audi A8.
Where great space meets premium surroundings. And where innovative
technology entertains and delights.
Of course, the story of the Audi A8 does not end here. The extensive
range of Audi Genuine Accessories gives you the opportunity to
further define your own concept for the Audi A8. On the following
pages, you will discover how you can lend your own personal touch
to your Audi A8.
Values for fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions and efficiency classes can be found on page 32.
Sport and design
Sport and design
The right answer
to all questions of style.
Great style is a matter of getting the details right. Starting with cast aluminium wheels from Audi Genuine Accessories –
available for both summer and winter. The valve caps from Audi Genuine Accessories offer another means of effectively
accentuating your Audi A8, while functional accessory solutions such as the Audi Genuine snow chains are also perfectly
tailored to the wheels on your vehicle. Turning every journey you make in your Audi A8 into a sheer delight. No matter where
you are heading.
Discover what makes Audi Genuine
tyres so special. You can also visit: Connection
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01 Audi Genuine tyres (not pictured)
Specially developed and adapted for each Audi model and
manufactured from the very latest materials. Thanks to a
testing process comprising approx. 50 testing procedures,
the standards applied during testing are considerably more
stringent than the statutory regulations. In addition, when
purchasing summer tyres or when fitting winter tyres, Audi
Genuine tyres are able to ensure the usual Audi quality.
02 Cast aluminium wheels
in 5-arm parabola design¹
Exceptional design, to perfectly complement your Audi A8.
With high-gloss turned-finish arms, in dimensions 9 J x 20.
For 265/40 R 20 tyres.
¹ Please observe the information relating to wheels found on page 32.
Anti-theft wheel bolts (not pictured)
Can only be loosened with the special adapter provided, making
it difficult to steal the wheels.
Dazzling and practical at the same time: The foot rest and pedal
caps are made from brushed stainless steel. The rubber coating
on the surface provides better grip.
quattro film set
The “quattro” lettering as a film set for the rear section of the
vehicle on both sides. Available in either Brilliant Black or Ice
Silver, metallic, depending on the exterior vehicle colour.
Cast aluminium winter wheels
in 7-arm design
Classic complete winter wheel, in dimensions 7.5 J x 17
for 235/60 R 17 tyres.
Fuel efficiency class: F, wet grip class: E,
73 dB.
external rolling noise class:
02 Valve caps (not pictured)
The four metal valve caps with embossed Audi logo provide
enhanced protection for the valve against dust, dirt and
moisture. Available for rubber, metal and aluminium valves.
Sport and design
04 Foot rest and pedal caps
in stainless steel (not pictured)
Sport and design
Snow chains
For increased hold on snow and ice. Available in a range of sizes.
07 Wheel bags
A four-part set with convenient handles for easy and clean
transport and storage of complete wheels. Made from
tear-resistant plastic. Wheel bolts can be stored in the
outside pockets.
LED for entry area
For a bright entrance. Depending on the variant, either the
quattro logo or the Audi rings are projected onto the ground
by means of an LED light when the vehicle door is opened.
Available in a two-part set for the driver and front-passenger
side or for the rear vehicle doors. Requirement: the lighting
package that is available as an option ex works.
Enjoy freedom.
In all its forms.
Fit transport solutions from Audi Genuine Accessories and indulge your hobby. Or simply just unwind.
Whatever you have in mind, enjoy the freedom of taking what you need with you. After all, you decide
what the day brings what the day will bring: whether it be a ski trip in the mountains, a bike ride with
the kids or an exciting kayak trip. Enjoy the feeling that everything is taken care of – and feel truly relaxed
in looking forward to your venture.
Discover the special features of the shape
and function of the new roof box here. You
can also visit:
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Carrier unit
Carrier unit for various roof rack modules, such as the bicycle rack, kayak
rack or ski and luggage boxes. The profile is made from anodised aluminium.
The carrier unit is easy to fit and is lockable. Maximum permissible gross
weight of the carrier unit, roof rack modules and load: 100 kg.
Ski and luggage boxes
A new design from Audi featuring improved aerodynamics thanks to a
flatter, sportier visual concept. Available in Platinum Grey with Brilliant
Black side blades or gloss Brilliant Black, each featuring chrome Audi
rings and a high-quality, rivet-free look. Boxes are lockable and can be
opened from both sides for comfortable loading and unloading. With
internal handle for closing the box. Simple quick-action securing system
including torque limitation. Positioned towards the front of the vehicle,
providing optimum access to the luggage compartment. Available in
three sizes: 300 l (right-hand image), 360 l (not pictured) and 405 l
(left-hand image). Can only be used in conjunction with the carrier unit.
Further important information that will help you to choose the right roof
box can be found on page 32.
Ski and snowboard rack
To transport up to six pairs of skis or four snowboards easily. Lockable.
Can only be used in conjunction with the carrier unit.
Bicycle carrier for the trailer towing hitch
Bicycle carrier (also suitable for electric bikes) for up to two bicycles with a maximum
load capacity of 60 kg.¹ The same key can be used to separately lock bikes onto the carrier
and the carrier onto the vehicle. Moveable wheel restraints provide a secure hold. Easy
access to the luggage compartment is achieved by way of a practical folding mechanism.
The bicycle carrier can be folded up and conveniently stored in the bag provided, thereby
saving space. An extension kit for a third bicycle is also available as an option.
03 Trailer towing hitch (not pictured)
Available in two versions: One is a detachable and lockable ball hitch, and the
other is a ball hitch attached underneath the vehicle that can be swivelled in
and out electronically. The 13-pin socket is attached to the left-hand side of
the ball hitch for easy access.
Roof carrier bag
For storage or transport of a carrier unit and smaller roof rack modules.
Made from durable material, with multiple loops and a side pocket for
suitable tools or small parts.
Bicycle fork mount (not pictured)
Easy to use. Lockable. Suitable for bicycles with quick-release front wheel.
Maximum load capacity 17 kg. Can only be used in conjunction with the
carrier unit.
Front wheel holder (not pictured)
Made from anodised matt aluminium, mounted with anti-theft screws,
completely pre-assembled. Not suitable for bicycles with a half axle.
Can only be used in conjunction with the bicycle fork mount.
¹ Please note the information regarding the maximum permissible trailer
load and the gross vehicle weight rating of your vehicle in the vehicle wallet.
Kayak rack (not pictured)
For single kayaks up to 45 kg. Can be tilted for easy loading and unloading.
The kayak rack and elasticated belt can be secured separately. Can only be used
in conjunction with the carrier unit.
Roof box bags
Robust yet flexible. These bags are equipped with a watertight floor featuring
a waterproof border extending 5 cm upwards. Ideal for making full use of the
Audi roof boxes, as it is possible to use the individual bags in various combinations.
Available in three sizes: S (43 l), M (76 l) and L (82 l).
Ski bag (not pictured)
A convenient way to transport your skis. The ski bag with its premium design
offers space for up to four pairs of skis or three snowboards, and can be
secured to the fastening rings in the luggage compartment via the integrated
straps. The roller system makes it easy to carry the bag outside the vehicle.
Bicycle rack
The bicycle rack made from a specially shaped aluminium profile and powder-coated
steel enables the bicycle to be attached to the car particularly easily. Lockable.
Maximum load capacity 17 kg. Can only be used in conjunction with the carrier unit.
Rely on the best
Wherever you are.
Communication is everything. And not just in the office. Being able to make decisions quickly and flexibly, even when on
the move, is becoming increasingly important. With the communication solutions from Audi Genuine Accessories, you are
not only connected, but also entertained in the best way possible. Your favourite music is always available at just the push
of a button. And with the navigation updates from Audi Genuine Accessories, you will quickly find your next destination.
In a convenient, simple and intuitive manner.
Universal mobile phone holder
For low-radiation telephony by connecting with the external aerial and to provide convenient storage
of mobile phones while on the road. The mobile phone is conveniently placed in the universal mobile
phone holder and automatically connects to the vehicle’s external aerial, without the need for wires.
Compatible with a number of popular mobile phone models. In other words, it is no longer necessary
to change to another adapter when you switch mobile phone. Requirement: mobile phone preparation
(Bluetooth). The USB charging adapters, which are available separately for a number of popular mobile
telephone models, allow drivers to charge the battery of their mobile phone with ease.
Audi wireless internet access with LTE¹ (not pictured)
Audi music interface
(retrofit solution and adapter cables)
Enables various Apple iPod and iPhone models as well as other media
players to be connected to your vehicle. Media players can be operated
via the infotainment system. To connect media players, additional
adapter cables are required, which are available in a range of versions.
¹ A mobile phone contract is required for use; this contract is not included in the scope of delivery.
For an LTE Internet connection with a Wi-Fi network in the vehicle. With a data transfer
rate of up to 100 Mbit/s and a hotspot for up to eight Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices.
Access is possible from up to 100 metres outside the vehicle. The use of mobile data
abroad is possible using either a domestic contract SIM card following activation in the
configuration menu or a local pre-paid SIM card.
Audi SD card (not pictured)
For storing your music: ultra-compact and universal SDHC memory card (16 GB),
class 10. Comes with a protective case.
Navigation update² (not pictured)
Maps with advanced content, e. g. new roads and points of interest, for greater
comfort and a more relaxed driving experience. Our tip: Combine the update
with the next vehicle service.
Audi USB memory key
The exclusive data carrier that emulates the look of a genuine Audi vehicle key.
Memory capacity of 8 GB. The special 90° position for laptops makes it particularly
convenient to use. Suitable for all vehicles equipped with a USB connection or
Audi music interface. Can also be used as a USB stick outside the vehicle.
² For more detailed information, speak to your Audi partner.
We take our work
very seriously
to ensure your children
have more fun.
Anyone who relies on the ultimate in quality at work can be forgiven for doing so in their free time too.
Above all when it comes to the safety and protection of those travelling in their Audi A8. This is true in
particular for the small passengers in the back. Put your trust in quality when it comes to your children too –
with child seats and other children’s products from Audi Genuine Accessories.
01 Audi child seat youngster plus
Offers a high level of comfort thanks to the intelligent seat belt guide. The height and
width of the backrest are adjustable. Adjustments to set the seat size can be made
with ease using a viewing panel. Suitable for children weighing between 15 and 36 kg
(approx. 4 to 12 years of age).
02 Backrest protector (not pictured)
A practical solution to prevent the backrest of your vehicle seat from getting dirty.
Easy to wash. Also prevents children from damaging the seat if they kick it while
travelling in the back, and offers additional storage space in the form of four small
pockets. Tailored to match the design of the child seats, the child seat underlay and
the interior of the vehicle. Not for integrated head restraints.
Learn more about installing child
seats here. You can also visit:
Connection costs depend on your
mobile contract.
ISOFIX base for Audi baby seat
and Audi child seat
A more secure fit for the Audi baby seat and the Audi child seat. Can
be installed and removed quickly. The adjustable support provides
better stability. Enhances the level of protection for the child. Note:
The ISOFIX base is optional for the baby seat, but is mandatory for
the child seat.
Child seat underlay (not pictured)
Tailored to the design of the child seats and the interior of the vehicle.
Car seats are protected against dirt and potential imprints made by the
child seats. Includes two practical storage pockets. Fully compatible
with all Audi child seats, even where the ISOFIX base is used.
Audi child seat
Can be used in the forward or rear-facing position. With adjustable seat
shell, integrated seat belt and adjustable head restraint. Can only be
used in conjunction with the ISOFIX base. Suitable for children weighing
between 9 and 18 kg (approx. 1 to 4 years of age).
Child seat colour variants
All child seats are available in the colour combinations of Misano Red/
Black and Titanium Grey/Black. The materials used are kind to the skin,
breathable, light-resistant, removable and washable and are certified
in accordance with the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100. Replacement covers
available from your Audi partner.
05 Audi baby seat
Easy to fit using the ISOFIX base (recommended). Can also be
secured using the three-point belt. The integrated seat belt
ensures that the child is more secure; the attached hood also acts
as a means of sun protection. With adjustable head restraint.
Suitable for small children up to 13 kg (approx. 12 months).
06 Audi baby mirror (not pictured)
Easy to secure to the head rest of the rear seat thanks to the
Velcro fastener, keeping the baby in the rear-facing baby seat
in view. Viewing angle can be adjusted as required.
Not for integrated head restraints.
07 Audi plush steering wheel
Plush steering wheel (24 x 24 cm) in an exclusive Audi design
for racing drivers both big and small. Fitted with a squeaky horn
for even more fun.
Cuddly “Rob the Gecko”
Made from high-quality plush, Rob is hard-wearing,
soft and washable.
Showing off its
best side.
Inside and out.
First impressions count. Your vehicle is ultimately also an expression of your personality – and a pristine
appearance is the best business card. For an all-round groomed appearance, Audi Genuine Accessories
offers a range of equipment for your comfort and protection. What’s more, the Audi Tracking Assistant
delivers an additional boost when it comes to protecting your vehicle. Discover our equipment for yourself –
and impress others with your style.
Active pillow¹
Sleep comfortably on the road: The active pillow combines a
simple scarf with automotive technology, ensuring you enjoy a
relaxing sleep. Thanks to intelligent sensor technology, the neck
and head are supported automatically with self-regulating air
cushions. Operation is intuitive, whether directly on the product
or via the smartphone app (currently available for Android).
Coat hanger
For coats, jackets and other items of clothing. The coat hanger is
fastened to the front head restraints.
¹ Speak to your Audi partner for more precise information on the
launch date for this product.
Comfort and protection
and protection
Espresso mobile
With a pressure of 16 bar, the espresso mobile delivers true espresso
enjoyment, complete with authentic crema. The set includes 18 illy ESE
pods, two break-proof espresso cups, a microfibre cloth and an elegant
case. Connection via the cigarette lighter in the vehicle interior.
Enhanced interior climate and pleasant circulation of fresh air: The door
wind deflectors for your Audi allow the vehicle interior to be ventilated,
thereby contributing to increased driving comfort – even in snow or rain.
By opening the window to just above the bottom edge of the deflectors,
uncomfortable heat build-up from direct sunlight becomes a thing of the
past. Made from high-quality, cast acrylic glass. Available as a two-part set
for the front or rear of the vehicle.
Audi Tracking Assistant plus (not pictured)
Enables the tracking and tracing of a stolen vehicle in many European
countries via GPS/GSM technology. With automatic driver recognition and
an intelligent restart restriction function. For more detailed information,
speak to your Audi partner.
Luggage compartment box, foldable
Made from black polyester, offering a storage capacity of up to 32 litres.
Easily assembled using Velcro tabs, providing a functional and practical
solution. When laid flat, the box also acts as an additional protective
underlay for the luggage compartment. Washable and easy to clean.
Comfort and protection
04 Wind deflectors (not pictured)
Comfort and protection
05 LED gooseneck reading lamp
An extremely bright light exactly where you need it, thanks to the flexible
silicone rubber neck. Ultimate stability in all positions. Connection via the
cigarette lighter.
06 Mud flaps (not pictured)
Made from high-quality plastic. Prevent damage to paintwork and stop
dirt building up in the area around the sills and rear apron of the vehicle.
Available as a two-part set for the front and/or rear of the vehicle.
07 Loading sill protective sheet (not pictured)
The made-to-measure protective sheet for the loading sill, made from
transparent film, enhances the level of protection for the bumper against
damage when loading and unloading the luggage compartment.
08 Care products
Tailored to the high-quality materials used to construct your Audi. Suitable
for numerous applications, either in the vehicle interior or for outer care,
depending on the product.
Gecko air freshener
Attaches easily to the air vents and fills the vehicle interior with a pleasant
fragrance. No risk of leakage because the gecko air freshener does not contain
any liquid.
Premium textile floor mats
03 Universal luggage compartment divider (not pictured)
Enables the luggage compartment to be used in a flexible manner. Can be bent
into the required shape and secured to the vehicle floor using the Velcro fastener.
Once removed, the divider returns to its original shape. Exclusively for luggage
compartment covers made from needle felt.
04 Vehicle cover (for indoor use)
Ideal fit, in Anthracite, bearing the Audi logo. Made from a breathable and
antistatic material. The piping accentuates the shape of the vehicle. Excellent
protection from dust and dirt. A made-to-measure vehicle cover for outdoor
use is also available.
Tailored to the size of the floor in the Audi A8. Made from durable, tightly woven
velour. With a special coating on the underside. The floor mats are secured using
the points provided for this purpose on the floor of the vehicle. With A8 lettering.
Looking to find out more about the Audi A8? But of course.
You can experience the world of your Audi A8 at Enjoy your journey of discovery.
Technical information
Technical information
Ski and luggage boxes
300 l
360 l
405 l
External dimensions (L x W x H)
1,902 x 630 x 376 mm
1,756 x 826 x 376 mm
2,050 x 800 x 380 mm
Max. number of skis
Max. number of snowboards
Max. length of skis
175 cm
155 cm
190 cm
Max. permissible load
60 kg
75 kg
75 kg
Wheel information
Please note the following information relating to wheels: Aluminium wheels with a high-gloss turned finish, or polished or partly polished aluminium wheels
must not be used in the event of wintry road conditions. Due to the manufacturing process, the rim surfaces do not possess sufficient anti-corrosion protection
and are at risk of long-term damage due to road salt or similar materials.
Fuel consumption, CO₂ emissions and efficiency classes
Fuel consumption (in l/100 km)
CO₂ emissions (in g/km)
Efficiency classes
Audi A8
9.3-5.7 (combined)
214-149 (combined)
Information about fuel consumption, CO₂ emissions and efficiency classes for the ranges depends on the set of tyres/wheels used.
For more information about the official fuel consumption figures and the official, specific CO₂ emissions of new passenger cars, please consult the document entitled “Guidelines on fuel consumption, CO₂ emissions
and electric power consumption of new passenger cars”. This document is available for free from all dealers and from DAT Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH, Hellmuth-Hirth-Str. 1, 73760 Ostfildern-Scharnhausen,
Germany (
Luggage compartment shell
Made-to-measure luggage compartment protection. Robust and washable.
All-round edging prevents liquids from leaking onto the luggage compartment
Rubber floor mats
Made-to-measure. Better protection against heavy soiling. The floor mats are
secured using the points provided for this purpose on the floor of the vehicle.
With A8 lettering.
Business bag
More space for your business tools. The high-quality business bag offers you
a storage volume of approx. 14 litres – enough space for a laptop of up to
15 inches as well as the various other things you need for the office. Can be
securely fastened to the rear seat bench or the front passenger seat using
the three-point seat belt. Can also be used outside the vehicle as an attractive
Shoe organiser
Organisation on the go: The shoe organiser can be integrated into the highquality Audi interior and offers storage space for up to three pairs of shoes.
The backrest of the front seats is also protected against soiling from shoe
prints and stains. Not for integrated head restraints.
Audi Vorsprung durch Technik
85045 Ingolstadt, Germany
Valid as of June 2016
The models and equipment versions shown in this brochure and some of the accessories are not available in all countries.
Some of the cars illustrated are equipped with optional equipment for which an extra charge is made. Individual images may
show variations in colour, shape and material. Information regarding the scope of delivery, appearance, dimensions and
weights of accessory items is correct at the time of printing. Subject to change.
Printed in Germany
This brochure is printed on paper made from pulp bleached without the use of chlorine.