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Introduction to Metro Women’s Soccer League
Our Mission:
To develop the game of soccer inspiring women to life-long active and inclusive team
To foster, develop and promote the game of soccer, in all its forms, and to safeguard the
interests of the membership of the League.
To govern the Laws of the Game as applied to the league.
To generally provide whatever other assistance is available to support and encourage
the game of soccer in the League.
The operations of the Society are to be carried on within the territorial limits of the
Province of British Columbia. This provision is alterable.
Constitution and Bylaws:
Please refer to our website at under 'League Docs' for the PDF document in its
Rules and Regulations:
Please refer to our website at under League Docs' for the PDF document in its
Metro Women’s Soccer League. #S40361
A registered society in the Province of British Columbia (Aug 05, 2008)
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Why Choose Our League
Division Structure
Selects A
Selects B
Division 1
Division 2
Division 3
Division 4 Gold
Division 4 Silver
Classics Premier
Classics Div. 1
Classics Div. 2
Classics Div. 3
U-21 A
U-21 B
Promotion and Relegation Schedule
The Metro Women’s Soccer League (MWSL) operates a Promotion Relegation system .This is to
ensure that teams continue to play at a level at which they are competitive each season. Teams
that perform at or near the top of the Division they are in will move up to the next level of
competition. Teams that do poorly at their current level of play will move down to a lower level.
The foregoing is considered to be a guideline for teams. Where there is a difference of opinion as to
whether a team is promoted or relegated, the final decision rests with the Board of Directors.
Before making a final decision the Board looks at a team’s performance over several years and what
is in the best interest of the League. This decision is not taken lightly.
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Schedule of Fees
League Fees
Team Fee- FALL 2015/16
*Includes $50 BC Soccer affiliation fee
Team Fee- SPRING 2015
*New teams/ Includes $50 BC Soccer affiliation fee
Team Fee- SPRING 2015
*Returning teams/ Includes $50 BC Soccer affiliation fee
Player Fee- FALL 2015/16
Player Fee- SPRING 2015
*Existing Fall 2014/15 Player
Player Fee- SPRING 2015- New Player
Player ID Card
*For new Players and to replace lost cards
Performance Bond
*All new Teams Fall/Spring must pay refundable
Late-Registration Fee
Field Fee - FALL 2015/16
*for teams that require MWSL to provide field space
* final actual costs will vary according to municipality
Schedule of Fines
Any violation of the Operating Rules, as listed, will result in the MWSL Board of Directors
levying a fine.
League Fines
Member Non-Attendance - MWSL Annual/Special General
Teams that default two (2) games in a season may be
suspended for the remainder of the season and expelled
from the MWSL. The team would then have to apply for
re-admission to the MWSL.
Defaulting games with more than 48 hours’ notice is a
“D” loss & fine
Defaulting games with less than 48 hours’ notice is a “D”
loss & fine
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Team fails to comply with FIFA Law #4 Player Equipment
Failure to provide suitable field liner
Failure to provide suitable corner flags
Failure to provide suitable goal net(s)
Failure to provide suitable match ball or spare ball
Failure to provide proper team lists or permits at game
Failure to provide player I.D. cards to referee at game
Failure to pay game official(s)
Failure to report game score by 12 Noon Monday
following weekend
Team official reported by the referee for being officially
Any team official sent off the field will be fined and will
receive an automatic suspension from their team's next
League or Cup game and will be required to attend a
meeting with the Discipline Committee.
Playing a suspended, illegal and ineligible or nonregistered player
Registering and playing a player (In Div. 1-4) who will not
be 17 by March 31st of the Fall/Winter Season she is to
play in will result in a fine, loss of games in which the
player participated, suspension of the player and team
person who registered the player or directed the player
be properly registered.
Registering and playing a player who does not meet the
age criteria for U-21 or for 30+Classics divisions will
result in a fine, loss of games in which the player
participated, suspension of the player and team person
who registered the player or directed the player be
properly registered.
Please note that offenses noted with (+) could, at the
discretion of the Board of Directors, result in additional
penalties in addition to or in lieu of any stated fine. In
order to allow for exception all circumstances,
enforcement of the above Operating Rules is under the
discretion of the Metro Women's Soccer League Board of
Min 1
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February/March - Spring Team Registration opens End of February
April- Spring Player Registration opens beginning of April
May/June- Fall Team Registration opens July
Mid-July- Fall Player Registration opens end of July
Team Registration Instructions
Team Managers will need to be aware of specific team registration deadlines. Above is a
guideline to when registration typically opens. The last day of registration and payment
due dates will be on the website.
When team registration is open they may register online by clicking the link found along the
left hand side on our Home page. Fill out the form and all information required. They will
need to pay online, send in or come into the office to pay registration fee in order to
complete the team registration process. An email will be sent after team registration
closes with direction on how to register their players. The email will contain their login
information for the ‘admin’ link as well as a ‘key code’ the players will need to register for
their specific team. Once they have their ‘admin’ login, they will be able to use the
functions to update their own contact information, team page and team rosters
Be sure to read the rules and regulations, especially those pertaining to home field duties,
fines and their specific divisional rules.
Player Registration Instructions
1) Go to click Player Registration, enter your player login or if you are a
new player click on New User
2) Fill form using Player KEY Code given by coach
3) Click Finished at the end of registration to complete this process
4) At Confirmation Page UPLOAD a PHOTO (This photo will be used to produce player cards
so a head shot please no hats or sunglasses)
5) Once a photo has been uploaded click 'Finish'
6) Email confirmation will be sent to coach and player.
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Web site navigation
Home page:
On the home page you will find any important notices and news that pertains to our
League. As well you will find the link to our Facebook webpage that offers surveys and
contests for our members
At the very top of our home page you will find the following tabs:
Home: clicking this tab will bring you back to the Home Page
Contacts: listed is a contact list for our Administration Office and Board Members. Also you
can send in a comment by filling out the Info/Request form.
Register: here you will find team and player registration for Spring and Winter.
League Docs: here you will find in .pdf format; MWSL Constitution and Bylaws, MWSL Rules
and Regulations, transfer forms, request to reschedule, accident claim and liability forms,
scholarship application form, as well as AGM documents.
Tools and Info: here you will find News, Links, Fields, Gallery, Notices, Lost and Found,
FAQ, Calendar and logoff.
Ask Your Head Ref: this is an exciting new page featuring our Head Referee Michelle Pye
and our Referee Scheduler John Nielsen. You can read their bios and ask any questions you
have regarding game.
Classifieds: this is a wonderful place where individuals and teams can post advertisements.
You will find different sections to post your ads to;
‘Events or Tournaments’
‘Players looking for Teams’
‘Teams looking for Players’
Admin: here is where team management can log in and manage their team pages and team
Down the left side of the Home Page you will find the Following links;
News: here you will find news featuring specials on events going on as well as news
regarding current information pertaining to our league.
Online Store: will bring you to our sponsors online store
Team Page: information for coaches and managers available when logged in
Schedules: check out your schedule for the entire season, also links to field locations
Standings: keep an eye on your teams standings throughout the season or see who the top
goal scorers are
Cup Winners: lists the cup winners for the last few seasons
Competitions: information on upcoming events
Match Reports: complete all of your match reports from this link (must have authorized
Referee Page: ask the ref, referee application, referee login
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Team Manager’s Section:
These tips are not rules to follow but simply some organizational tips that may help you in
running and organizing your team.
Have a binder that the team Manager or Captain brings to the game with the following
 A copy of the Rules and Regulations (found on the MWSL website)
 A copy of your team contact list
 A copy of your team roster printed from your team page which has
two copies (one for the opponent, one for referee); Funds for the
Referee in cash; cheques will not be accepted
 Player Cards
If you have a player that registered late, always bring a printed copy of their online
registration in case the player did not make it in to the office, if this is the case a picture
ID must be produced to accompany the registration copy. This ensures your player can
participate in the game. Online registrations are only valid for 6 days after the registration
was completed. After that a player card must be shown or a fine will be incurred.
Ensure that your equipment manager has the following items:
 Field liner (ensure that adequate paint and maintenance are regulated)
 First Aid kit- ensure that this is checked and stocked on a regular basis
 Corner Flags (appropriate to grass or turf)
 Net- in decent condition as it must cover and fit the entire goal frame properly
 Game ball- the Referee will check your game ball before the kickoff to ensure that
the game ball is properly inflated and in good condition
 Pinnies - it is the home teams responsibility to have pinnies or an alternate uniform if
both teams are the same colour
It is always recommended to have a copy of the Rules and Regulations printed off for
reference if needed; it can be a very useful tool if an issue arises. EX/ we are at the field
and our Referee has not shown up, who do we contact and what do we do???? This question
is answered in your copy of the Rules and Regulations.
After each game a game report must be completed; please have a member of team
management do this promptly after each game. When including details regarding a referee
please do not comment on certain calls but more so the professionalism and ability of the
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Q: I am an individual looking for a team, how do I find a team to play for in my area?
A: On the MWSL website at the very top of the home page you will find a link to
'classifieds' within this link you will find teams looking for players in the different
divisions and within various areas. You are also able to post an ad on this section.
Q: I am a Coach looking for new players, how can I do a call out to find players in my
A: On the MWSL website at the very top of the home page you will find a link to
'classifieds' within this link you will find players looking for teams in the different
divisions and within various areas.
You are also able to post an ad on the classified section, advertising your team.
Q: How do I register? What is the process? What are the costs?
A: For step by step registration instructions please see the player registration section of
this handbook. Registration is done online and a player card is mailed to your Coach or
Manager before the start of the season. If you register mid-season you may need to pick
up your player card at the MWSL office.
Q: I am having problems registering my team online who can I contact?
A: You can contact our League Manager Jo-Dee Stanley by Phone: 604-291-7511 or
Q: Why am I required to fill out a game report?
A: A game report is required from each team every game. This assists the Head Referee
and League Manager in assessing referees, tracking scores and logging game incidents.
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MWSL- Metro Women’s Soccer League
6501 Sprott Street
Burnaby, BC, V5B 3B8
Phone: 604-291-7511
Board of Directors
League Manager
Jo-Dee Stanley
League Scheduler
Leslie Burkinshaw 604-816-6939
Head Referee
Michelle Pye
Referee Scheduler
John Neilsen
Laurie Robertson
Treasurer - Finance Committee Chair
Kirsty Olychick
Vice President, Co - Treasurer - Finance
Committee Chair
Debbie Pudek
Jacqueline Holwill 604-313-4517
Director - Discipline
Tom Kristensen
Director - Membership Chair
Sandra Berry
Director - Nominations Chair
Natasha Bradley
Bruno Colangeli
Director & Web Liaison
Ryan Burns
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