The web-based terminology management tool

The web-based
management tool
TermWeb is an entirely web-based system for terminology management. It provides all members
of your organization–regardless of location–with
company- and industry-specific terminology via
your Internet browser or private company Intranet/
Extranet. Everyone can easily access updated and
comprehensive dictionaries and terminologies that
are stored in one central database, ensuring message accuracy and consistency at all times.
TermWeb is platform-independent and allows authorized users to create their own dictionaries or terminologies. Every user who identifies a new term
can submit it to existing glossaries, i.e. the database. Apart from by a written definition, the meaning and usage of each entry can be illustrated by
relation graphs, imported sound and image files as
well as by separate documents.
Once validated, the new terms can be published,
distributed and instantly accessed by all other authorized users. Should anyone apply incorrect terminology, TermWeb, when integrated with certain
applications, can send a notification suggesting an
approved term.
Fully integrated terminology management
TermWeb functionality enables integration of terminology management into existing company processes, such as XTM, Easyling, SDL
Trados Studio, Ontram, Acrolinx IQ, Microsoft Office, Adobe InDesign
and QuarkXPress as well as custom-made web components and many
publishing systems.
The integration functionality allows direct access to the terminology
at all times for content creators such as technical writers and copywriters, as well as for translators. Each user can choose the dictionary
or section of TermWeb that they want to synchronize with. If incorrect
terminology is entered, TermWeb can send a notification suggesting
an approved term.
TermWeb features
• Easy-to-use administrative functions
• Dictionary management functions; taxonomy and ontology support
• Full traceability; historical record of each term; concept and
dictionary rollback functions
• Full terminology suggestion and approval workflow functionality
• Efficient collaborative multi-concept editing using Grid View
• Role-dependent access to selected parts of the data
• Customizable display
• Enterprise-wide availability
• Unlimited data fields, full on-the-go flexibility
• Unlimited language presentation
• Links directly to major content and translation management
systems, e.g. XTM, Easyling, SDL Trados Studio, Ontram, Acrolinx IQ,
and others
• Supports major publishing systems
• Creation and graphical view of concept relations
• Definable access to filters and import/export functions
• Standard compatibility (ISO639 and TBX*)
• Printing functions (to PDF file or directly to printer)
* TermBase eXchange format. TBX facilitates information interchange
among termbases with different data models, e.g. the flow of terminological information throughout an information cycle, both inside
an organization and with outside service providers. TBX files can be
imported into and exported from most software packages that include
a terminological database.
Service and support
Dictionary database and process tailoring
Software and data hosting
Administrator training; webinars and on-site
Consultancy regarding integration with
other corporate content and concept management systems
• Term extraction/terminology data mining
• Complex terminology translation projects
Integration of your terminology step-by-step
Terminology integration plan design
Our globalization experts will work with your team to map your current process/documentation flow and help you design the most efficient terminology integration plan for your company.
Integration of your terminology
We will work with you to write all required scripts to fully integrate
your current environment with TermWeb and allowing for your data
to be ported to TermWeb.
Creation of company-specific glossaries
Does your company lack company-specific glossaries? We can extract
and compile specific terminologies from your existing documentation.
Our experienced terminology management experts provide user and
administrator training for everyone that will be in contact with the
terminology management system.
Central installation at Interverbum Technology’s server site
TermWeb software–including your specific terminologies–can be
hosted externally at Interverbum Technology’s server site; all that is
required is a web browser and an Internet connection. Terminology
data can be imported via Excel, TBX, MultiTerm etc., or we will write
the necessary scripts to port your data to TermWeb and we’ll host and
administrate the system for you. Only you and your colleagues have
access to your terminology.
Local installation and administration on your company servers
TermWeb is also available for local installation on your servers. You
can purchase any number of licenses and access the software and
term database over your own secure Intranet/Extranet. If you use
multiple translation agencies, you can also give them access to your
terminology system, ensuring they always have the latest approved
terms. TermWeb can even be integrated with other systems, such as
your product data management, labeling, invoicing or bidding systems.
If you choose to subscribe to TermWeb, fixes, telephone/email support and upgrades are included. If you choose to purchase, an upgrade and support agreement gives the same degree of service.
The user interface and database structure of TermWeb can be adapted
to suit your graphical profile or other special needs.
Technical data
Server hardware requirements
Minimum system requirements
Minimum requirements for Java, Tomcat and TermWeb application.
Requirements do not include requirements for database server.
• 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
• 400 MB hard-disk space (600 MB recommended)
Server software requirements
Java Virtual Machine
Java SE JDK 1.6 or later.
Servlet Engine
Recommended Apache Tomcat 6.0 or later.
TermWeb should run in any Servlet 2.5 compliant servlet engine.
Database support
TermWeb supports any of the following databases:
• MySQL 5.0 or later
• Microsoft SQL Server 2005
• Microsoft SQL Server 2008
• Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
• Microsoft SQL Server 2012
• Microsoft SQL Server 2012 R2
• Microsoft SQL Server 2014
Database driver
TermWeb has been tested to work with the following database drivers:
My SQL Connector/J v5.0.x or later (
Microsoft SQL Server jTDS JDBC driver v1.2.x or later (
Client requirements
Supported browsers
• Internet Explorer 10 or later
• Firefox 4.0 or later
• Chrome 12 or later
• Safari 5.1.7 or later
Minimum requirements
• Screen size: 800 x 600 (recommended 1024 x 768)
• Network speed: 128 Kbits/sec (recommended 512 Kbits/sec)
• Javascript and cookies enabled in web browser
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