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Honeywell ICOM
Honeywell ICOM Kit
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Product Type
Eye and Face Protection
Single lens
Building and Construction
General Industry
Product Use
Designed for use in industrial work environments, Honeywell ICOM Stereo Bluetooth safety eyewear delivers maximum
impact protection along with crystal clear, acoustically-isolated in-ear voice communciation through its dual microphone
technology. This one-of-a-kind personal protective eyewear provides a new solution and choice for safety managers
faced with protecting their workers in challenging environments. It further underlines Honeywell's commitment to offer
new and innovative products to our customers that help address real problems and needs while strengthening a safer
workplace culture.
Features & Benefits
Premium Eye Protection combined witih the latest Bluetooth technology that connects directly with cellular and Smart
Phones or other Bluetooth enabled devices
Protects the eyes AND allows simple and clear communication for those who work in environments with back-ground
noise or in distant working situations where clear and unobstructed communication is essential on the job.
Soft TPE material on the Brow and nasel bridge
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Honeywell ICOM
The soft brow material on the brow guard absorbs and diffuses impact energy while soft, flexible "fingers" on the
nosepiece minimize slippage and offer a comfortable fit.
52 Grams in total
Very lightweight making it an easy solution to keep your eyes protected and communication flowing for the whole day!
Rechargeable Lithium Ion Polymer battery
Allows workers to keep the battery full at their convenience without needing to worry about replacing the battery
Water Resistant
Important for those who work in damp or humid environments or for those working outdoors where the weather
conditions can change in and instant.
Technical Description
Eyewear Type
Shade Lens Color
Honeywell ICOM comes assembled with a Clear, Fog-ban Lens. Within the Honeywell ICOM kit there is packed a
replacement lens (TSR Grey, Fog-Ban).
Lens Coating
Both Lens options in the Honeywell ICOM kit are Fog-Ban
Shade Lens Material
Clear & TSR Grey options are standard
Replacement Lens
Replacement lenses are available by contacting Honeywell Customer Service or your local distributor.
Frame Color
Frame Material
Visible Light Transmission
Clear 92% VLTTSR Grey 22% VLT
Temple Type
Fixed/Non ratcheting temples
E.C. Declaration of Conformity
EC Category PPE
EC Certificate Number
EC Attestation
Icom EC cert
EC Attestation Number
EN 166
EU Regulation 1907/2006 (REACH) Compliance
The substance(s) listed below may be contained in this product above the threshold level of 0.1% by
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Honeywell ICOM
weight of the listed article.
Product Reference Sold in Europe
Substance > 0.1%
Substance Name
CAS Number
No Substance Content
Literature & Documents
Data Sheet Honeywell ICOM
Photos & Images
Software Downloads
Additional Information
User Information Sheet
The User Manual includes 23 languages which will guide each user on how to link their cellular or Smart phone to
Honeywell ICOM as well as how to make the first call and recharge for continued use.
For further questions or assistance on how to use Honeywell ICOM, please contact your local representative or a
customer care agent for more details.
Information on Use Date
The battery life provides between 4 to 8 hours of continuous talk time (depending on usage and conditions) and up to 7
days life on standby mode.
Overall battery life is minimum 12 months on average.
Care Instructions
Please refer to the user instruction manual for specific details. When not in use, it is recommended that you protect
Honeywell ICOM by storing in the rugged black case that you received when you purchased the device.
Parts & Accessories
Included in the Honeywell ICOM kit is included the following:
USB Micro Charging Cable (100-240V)
Grey Replacement Lens (Anti-fog)
Additional Pair of Ear Tips
User Manual & Instruction Guide
Spare Parts
Replacement Lenses are available and can be ordered by contacting Honeywell Safety or your local Distributor.
Honeywell Part Numbers are as follows:
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Honeywell ICOM
Clear Fog-Ban
Grey Fog-Ban
EAN Code
Packaging Specs Individual Box
.18 Kg Gross, .15 kg Net (18.5 cm Length x 10cm Width x 8.5 cm Height)
Unit of Measure
Quantity per Box/Pack/Case
Quantity per Carton
Quantity for Minimum Order
Country of Origin
South Korea
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E.C. Declaration of Conformity
The manufacturer or its legal representative supplier in the European Community:
Honeywell Safety Products Europe
Declares that the Personal Protective Equipment described here after conforms to the
provisions of the European Council Directive 89/686/CEE:
Designation: Honeywell ICOM
Reference: 1031030
Standard(s): EN166, EN170, EN172
This PPE is the object of the below EC examination certificate n°:
Delivered by:
Obere Bahnstrasse, 25
+49 (0)7361 9757396
+49 (0)7361 5562434
Drawn up in Gmbh, on the 13/12/2016
By: ECS Gmbh
Division: Eye and Face Protection
Zl Paris Nord II 33, rue des Vanesses BP 50288 95958 Roissy CDG France
Tel: +33 (0) 49 90 79 79 Fax: +33 (0)1 49 90 79 80
Honeywell ICOM
Honeywell ICOM combines safety eyewear and
Bluetooth technology for easy communication
and increased productivity.
Honeywell ICOM™ - Safety Eyewear
Honeywell ICOMTM eyewear provides premium
eye protection combined with the latest Bluetooth
Vision Protection Features:
technology for faster and better communication.
eplaceable and stylish lenses with proprietary anti-fog
This hands-free communication allows workers
• Soft brow guard absorbs and diffuses impact energy
to focus on the task at hand, keeping them safer
oft, flexible “fingers” on the nosepiece minimize slippage
and offer a comfortable fit
and more productive on the job.
Perfect for work environments where protection
• Lightweight at only 52 grams
and communication is essential.
omes with both Clear and Grey lens tints to meet a variety
of work environments and applications
Honeywell ICOM is the ideal solution for those working
• Protection against high speed particles, low energy impact (F)
in manufacturing, utilities, drivers/transportation and
• All Honeywell lenses offer 99.9% ultra-violet protection.
construction industries just to name a few examples.
• Meets EN 166:2001
Audio Features:
tereo Bluetooth Eyewear with dual microphones for
ambient noise reduction
• Bluetooth safety eyewear connects to Bluetooth enabled devices.
nowles balanced armature drivers provide superior stereo
music delivery throught comfortable ear tips
attery provides between 4 to 8 hours of continuous use
(depending on condition and usage) and up to 7 days on
oise cancellation technology built into dual microphones
allows clear voice communication even in high noise
• Lithium ion polymer rechargeable battery lasts for a minimum
of 12 months on average and includes a 1 year warranty
• Honeywell ICOMTM FCC and Bluetooth SIG certified
Ordering information
Honeywell icom kit includes
oneywell ICOM with Internal Rechargeable Lithium ion polymer
Frame Marking
Honeywell ICOM
B-D-166 F CE
Replaceable ear tips
Individual box
10 pairs in a bag
• USB micro charging cable (100-240V)
• Comes standard with clear lens and grey replacement lens
• Hard cover carry case
dditional pair of ear tips (additional eartips can be ordered
• User guide
Listening to music, or any other sound, at a high volume over time
can cause permanent damage to your hearing.
Noise induced hearing loss can occur even when we are enjoying music on
a personal listening device. Exposures to high volume over time can cause
permanent damage. Users should enjoy their favorite music safely and avoid
the potential for hearing loss. When it comes to safe use of personal listening
devices, we recommend that you listen responsibly at 80% of a device’s
maximum volume safely for a maximum of 90 minutes per day. If you listen at
a lower volume, you can listen for longer –but for higher volumes, less time.
Noise-induced hearing loss is 100% permanent, but 100% preventable.
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