IntelliSOURCE-Customer enables utilities to strengthen customer
relationships through integrated demand-side management programs
» Sends push notifications to inform customers of demand
response events and deliver price signals
» Includes location-based services that enable consumers to
maximize energy efficiency while a consumer is away from
their home
Efficiency Periods for Thermostats
» Enables customer to schedule efficiency periods during the
day when they plan to be away from home
Itron’s IntelliSOURCE-Customer module unlocks the latent
customer engagement opportunities in a demand response
program, moving demand response beyond its days as only
an emergency capacity resource. The software enables utilities
to deepen customer engagement by adding integrated energy
efficiency capabilities to demand response programs, while also
providing tools to better manage participation in a time-varying rate.
An integrated demand response and energy efficiency program is
also more cost effective as the utility can utilize demand response
assets not only as a capacity resource but also to meet energy
efficiency targets. By combining the financial incentives for demand
response program participation along with a smart thermostat that
provides energy efficiency benefits, utilities will have an easier time
recruiting participants into the program and the customer will be
more satisfied with the program.
IntelliSOURCE-Customer includes native apps for iOS and Android
for remote management of thermostats and other appliances and
an actionable tips engine that help customers conveniently reduce
household energy consumption. The IntelliSOURCE-Customer
mobile app can also be used for demand response event overrides
to give customers more choice and control as they participate in
IntelliSOURCE-Customer provides many benefits for utilities and
their customers:
» Engages consumers using their mobile device, while also
enabling remote management of a thermostat as well as
appliances such as water heaters and pool pumps
» Combines a thermal model of the customer’s home or business
with local weather data to optimize the heating and cooling
schedule for maximum energy efficiency – without
sacrificing comfort
» Automated energy efficiency measures can be coordinated with
location of customer’s mobile devices, at the customer’s option
Actionable Energy Efficiency Tips,
Personalized and Incentivized
» Utilizes device telemetries, billing data and the thermal model
of the home, combined with analytics to deliver personalized
energy efficiency insights to the right customers at the right time
» Provides the customer with an estimated amount of bill
savings that will result from performing suggested actions
» Provides consumers with tools that enable them to achieve
substantial savings with a time-varying rate such as programming
tools for HVAC systems, water heaters and pool pumps
» By automating price response in large appliances,
IntelliSOURCE-Customer helps turn price signals into highly
predictable and reliable operational resources
IntelliSOURCE-Customer is an integrated module of IntelliSOURCE
Enterprise, Itron’s enterprise demand response management
system (DRMS) that automates every phase of demand response
and energy efficiency programs, while also providing utilities a
single operational view into all of their residential, small business,
and commercial and industrial demand-side management
(DSM) initiatives.
Join us in creating a more resourceful world.
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