EBA 2326 with automatic oil injection system

EBA 2326 with automatic oil injection system
Powerful document shredder for centralised
office use with electronic capacity control, suitable for
continuous operation. All shred sizes available.
26 cm
Level P-4
4 x 40 mm particle cut (C)
Sheet capacity*: 25-27 I 21-23
Level P-5
2 x 15 mm particle cut (C)
Sheet capacity*: 15-17 I 13-15
Level P-6
0.8 x 12 mm micro cut (CC)
Sheet capacity*: 8-10 I 6-8
Level P-7
0.8 x 5 mm super micro cut (CCC)
Sheet capacity*: 5-7 I 4-6
* A4 paper 70 g/m2 I 80 g/m2
Technical specifications
Product characteristics
125 litres (cabinet)
100 litres (shred bin)
230 V / 50 Hz**
SPS – (Safety Protection System) package: patented, electronically controlled,
transparent safety flap in the feed opening as additional safety element;
EASY-SWITCH – intelligent control element indicating the operational status of the
shredder with varying colour codes and back-lit symbols; automatic reverse and
power cut-off (avoids paper jams); automatic stop if the shred bin is full; electronic
door protection via a magnetic proximity switch; double motor protection; ZERO
ENERGY standby mode: Complete, automatic disconnection from power supply after
30 minutes. Photo cell controlled automatic start and stop. High-quality, paper clip
proof cutting shafts from special ­hardened steel with lifetime guarantee (not applicable for models with 0.8 x 12 mm micro cut or 0.8 x 5 mm super micro cut).
Patented ECC - Electronic Capacity Control – indication of the used sheet capacity
during shredding process. ­
Automatic oil injection on the cutting shafts during
shredding operation for constantly high shred ­performance. 4 x 40 mm cross cut
model suitable for shredding the most common CDs/DVDs. Quiet but powerful
­single phase motor for continuous operation. Sturdy Twin Drive System with fully
closed gear box ­housing. High-quality wooden ­cabinet, mobile on castors. ­Convenient
environmentally-friendly shred bin (no ­disposable shred bags required).
Motor capacity 640 Watt single phase motor
** other voltages available
926 x 495 x 470 mm (H x W x D)
48 kg
EBA 2326
Solid steel cutting shafts
Robust and durable: high-quality paper clip
proof cutting shafts with lifetime guarantee
under conditions of fair wear and tear (except
fine cut models MC and SMC).
Ease of operation: intelligent multifunction
switch ­element with integrated optical signals
indicating the operational status. Additional
“emergency switch” function.
This electronic feature indicates the used sheet
capacity during shredding process to avoid
paper jams.
Convenient shred bin
Electronic oil injection
first-class Components
The environmentally-friendly shred bin can be
removed easily and cleanly from the cabinet.
The bin can be used with or without disposible
shred bag.
The automatic oil injection system ­lubricates
the cutting shafts when ­shredding and guar­
antees a constantly high shred performance.
Quality in every detail: cabinet with adjustable
metal hinges and attractively designed swivel
The technical data are approximate. Subject to change. 04/2017
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