Get started
Initial boot-up
Get to know your Trail
Charge the device by connecting it to the charger
with the supplied USB cable.
Device layout
Lock button:
Short press: Lock/Unlock GPS
Press on the map to activate
the tools
When the unit is charged long press the Power
button to turn it on.
It’s important that you connect your
device to your Wi-Fi network so it can
automatically carry out two important
Update software
Synchronize data
Set up an account, download free maps and GO!
Main menu:
Manage the files and
settings on your device.
Activity control:
Start, pause and finish an activity.
Page button:
Short press: Show next data page
Long press: Show main menu
Back button:
Short press: ‘Back’ in menus/
‘Re-centre’ in map
Long press: Show map
Get going
Data on the move
Choose map tiles for your device by going to your
My OS GPS account in the OS Shop, clicking the Buy
maps tab and following the on-screen instructions.
It’s important to make sure you have a good GPS
signal before you start.
Your device tracks route and activity data in
Stand outside in an open area to connect to as many
satellites as possible.
Press the
button or any data field on your map
screen to see your data screens. The first shows your
key route information.
Status menu:
Press to check the status
of the most frequently used
features of the device
(sensors, GPS...)
When the connection is ready, the
show as blue in the top menu.
Be patient as this can take a few minutes.
Power button:
Long press: Turn GPS on /
Turn GPS off
Data bar:
Press to access the data pages
Contextual menu:
Press to access options
available for the current page
ZOOM+ key: Zoom in map
ZOOM- key: Zoom out map
Move: Move map / menu
Short press: Press to select
icon will
To access mapping on your device, press the
icon (Menu > Maps) for the maps menu and
select the tiles you want to display.
Return to the main screen to start navigation.
Press Start and select your activity to start
More data
Get even more from your GPS
Get your OS Maps subscription
Support & warranty
Scroll forward to access more detailed information.
SeeMe’s I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) function will
send an SMS and email to your emergency
contacts from anywhere in the world if you get into
You can use additional sensors to get more insight
on your activities.
Redeem your free 3-year subscription to OS Maps
using the voucher code inside your box.
Thank you for purchasing your Trail from Ordnance
Survey. Now that you’ve set up your device, you’re
ready to start adventures with a GPS device that
gives you the freedom to go further.
To access it, press the Status menu and hit the
Heart Rate
Use OS Maps to find inspiration and plot new routes
on your desktop and mobile, then sync them with
your GPS device. Plus, see GB in stunning 3D and find
out what’s around you with Augmented Reality.
For a full set of instructions, or if you’ve
encountered any problems setting up your Trail, the
following support is available:
Full manual (PDF download)
Ordnance Survey Customer Service Centre:
03454 560420
To synchronise your OS Maps account with your
device, go to Settings on the device, select My
Accounts and enter your OS Maps details.
With Live Tracking, your friends can track your
trips in real-time by logging into GO. To set up
GO, go to your My OS GPS account in the OS
Shop, click on the SeeMe link (under My devices)
and follow the on-screen instructions.
To see all OS accessories for your device, go to
Then, whenever you create a new route and are
connected to WIFI, your device will update shortly
after with the new route.
Your Trail comes with a 24 months manufacturer’s
warranty provided by COMPEGPS TEAM SL. For
information about your warranty please visit our
Manufactured by:
Made in Spain