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2017 WINTER SERIES ~ ROUND ONE - TAUPO – May 14th 2017
2017 WINTER SERIES ~ ROUND TWO - TAUPO – Sept 10th 2017
Entry Form V1
The Hamilton Motorcycle Club Inc. will conduct a Motorcycle Race meeting for each round of the Hamilton Motorcycle Club Winter Championships at Taupo
Motorsport Park on the above dates.
The meeting will be run under M.N.Z Permit # Pending
The meeting will be conducted under Motorcycling New Zealand Inc. Manual of Motorcycle Sport and the following Supplementary Regulations.
1, The engines of competitors’ machines must not be started until clearance is given by the Clerk of the Course on race day.
2, Lap timing will be done by MX Timing using transponders.
3, Classes will include – Senior Race (590 & Over 3 or 4 cyl, 751 & over twins and singles, 251 and over 2 strokes),
Intermediate Race (391-590 4 cyl, 391-600 triples, 391-750cc twins and singles, up to 400 Production 2 strokes),
Junior Race (incorporating Lightweight,. 250 Production, Hyosung GT250-R Cup, Street Stock 150’s & F4 Buckets),
Post Classic Junior & Senior (Including Pre 89) & Classics,
Clubman A and Clubman B,
4, The “Clubmans” class is for novice riders and for riders who do not normally compete in National Championship level. Clubman A and B will be run together,
and and will be scored by lap time groups. Races may be restricted to 4 laps for safety reasons - to limit the amount of riders being lapped if there is a wide
variation in lap times.
Clubman riders may not cross enter other classes.
5, Entry fees: $150.00 for HMCC members, $170.00 for non-HMCC members, $40.00 per additional class entered. Entries close 7 days before each
6, Starting grids will be determined by the practice times. The starting grids will be posted at the conclusion of the practice sessions.
7, The format for the starting grids is 4 x 4 x 4. Where two or more classes are racing together, classes will be arranged in one grid according to the times
obtained during practice.
8, All competitors are to be on the dummy grid prior to the completion of the previous race. If a competitor misses the start of the warm-up lap(s) that / those
competitor(s) will start the race from the pit lane / dummy grid after the rest of the field has passed the pit lane exit.
Pit exit will be open for 30 seconds only. A 5 minute and 2 minute hooter will sound before pit exit opens.
Once pit exit is closed, you will be starting from pit lane.
9, Flags / Start Signals: Green: All races will be started with the standard Taupo light sequence, counts up from 1 to 4 then the race is started when the 4
lights go out. In the event of a malfunction, a stationary held then dropped green flag will be used.
Chequered: All races will be completed by a waved chequered flag at the Starters Tower.
Flags / Stop Signals: Red: In the event of a race stoppage, flashing red lights will be displayed at the start / finish line, red flags will be displayed at all
marshalling points around the circuit. Competitors are then required to reduce speed and return to pit lane / dummy grid in an orderly manner to await
further instruction from the H.M.C.C officials.
10, Machine examination: This will be conducted by the H.M.C.C appointed Machine Examiners who will examine all machines prior to Riders’ Briefing.
All machines that crash during practice & / or subsequent races will be delivered to the Machine Examiners for re-examination prior to re-entering the circuit.
If circumstances do not permit full inspection then machine examination will occur randomly during the race event.
10 A) Machines are to be set up up to the standard for their relevant Classes as specified in MNZ Manual of Motorsport (Road), Chapters 14-17, and Appendix
A to I.
Hyosung GT250-R Cup machines must comply with MNZ 250 Production rules (Appendix H in the Manual of Motorsport) .
Machines set up for the former Streetstock Class, please see Supplementary Regulations Appendix A at the end of this form.
Machines that are found to be in breach of any MNZ rules, or are deemed to be unsafe will be instantly excluded from the meeting.
10 B) All competing machines must have a clearly visible Race Number(s) in accordance with the requirements of your specific class as outlined in the
Motorcycling New Zealand Inc. Manual of Motorcycle Sport – please refer to 10 A) above.
10 C) Any machine fitted with an internal “Cartridge” type oil filter is to have its oil filter cover / housing secured with nylock type locking nuts, where bolts are
employed to secure this cover they are to be mechanically retained with a suitably approved locking wire
11, Riding gear: Examination will be conducted by the Motorcycling New Zealand steward(s). Helmets will be checked prior to Riders’ Briefing and riding
gear will be checked while waiting on the Dummy Grid.
Leathers strongly recommended to be one piece. If 2 piece, must zip together at least 75% around waist.
11 A) Please note that back protectors are compulsory safety equipment – no back protector, no racing, no exceptions...
12, Noise emission: Rule 10.6.d (MNZ Manual of Motorsport, Road) will be enforced.
13, Entry to and from the Pits: Entry: Move to the right hand side of the circuit. Clearly indicate your intention to leave the circuit by raising either the
left arm or foot.
As riders proceed through the first section of the pit lane run off area, they will reduce speed to a maximum of 40 kph and proceed to their pit area in an
orderly fashion.
Exiting: Exiting the pits will be via the DUMMY GRID only. All riders exiting from the pits are under the control of H.M.C.C officials & must at all times follow
their direction(s).
An H.M.C.C official will indicate to the rider when it is safe to proceed down the track entry “Slip Road”, when safe to do so accelerate hard, staying to
the outside of the circuits “blend line”. DO NOT HEAD ON TO THE RACING LINE until up to racing speed - this allows you, the rider to exit safely at high
14, Pit lane & Parc Ferme: There is to be NO riding the wrong way up or down pit lane. Any competitors found to be doing so will be immediately
excluded from the meeting. There are to be no animals bought into the Pit or Parc Ferme areas by any competitors, pit crews or members of the public at
any time during the course of this meeting. Anybody found to have done so will be immediately asked to leave the venue
Track crossing: No Pedestrian access to the infield is available.
15, Licence / Logbooks: All competitors must produce their licence/log book at sign on or be excluded from the race meeting.
*** Don’t forget to collect them again at the end of the meeting... ***
If you don’t have a Log Book, and are using a One Event Licence, present that instead
16, Pit lane entry line: Any competitor crossing the pit lane entry line and Not entering pit lane will be immediately excluded from the race.
MNZ One Event licences will be available to competitors at meetings held at Taupo Motorsport Park
Sign on, machine inspection and gear check *** (In this order) *** will commence at 7.30 a.m
17, Rubbish: Please ensure that you leave your pit area tidy by collecting all rubbish and disposing of it in the bins provided.
If you have any problems or questions, please ask an H.M.C.C official during the meeting at the Documentation Room.
The Hamilton Motorcycle Club is here to help you get the most from your days racing…
*** Please pay your Entry Fee’s online using the following information… ***
Payee: Hamiton Motorcycle Club Inc
Bank: Westpac
Branch: Hamilton
Account #: 03 1555 0063886 00
( * for non HMCC members please insert N-HMCC in place of membership # )
If you are not able to pay on-line, post Entry form and cheque to HMCC, POBox 416, Hamilton
*** Please note if entering on the day the following pages must accompany you to Riders Sign On ***
2017 WINTER SERIES ~ ROUND ONE - TAUPO – May 14th 2017
2017 WINTER SERIES ~ ROUND TWO - TAUPO – Sept 10th 2017
Entry Form V1
Name:_______________________________________________________________ MNZ Licence no. ____________________
for R2
and R3?
Competitors E-mail ________________________________________________________________________________________
Phone: (0 )___________________________________________Mobile _____________________________________________
Bike #
Model & CC rating
Please note there must be a minimum of 8 entries for the class to proceed or consolidation of classes will occur at the CotC’s discretion
If sufficient numbers are entered in any category, there may be seperate trophies e.g. 6 or more Hyosung Cup bikes within Junior Class.
However, the less classes run, the faster the day will go – remember short winter days!
Tick which of the following classes you want to enter:
RACE (tick which applies)
590cc & over three and four cylinder
751cc & over twins and singles
250cc & over GP two strokes
Note that clear numbers front and right side are
essential for lap timing, as transponders are not
being used. You may need to modify your usual
INTERMEDIATE RACE (tick which applies)
- 391-590cc four cylinder (610 if pre-89)
- 391-600cc triples
- 391-750cc twins and singles (also up to 400 Production 2 strokes eg NSR, RGV250)
JUNIOR RACE (tick which applies)
- Liteweight (per MNZ rulebook)
Are you 23 years of age or under, and ONLY
- 250 Production incl.Hyosung Cup Bikes & Streetstock 150’s
entering this class? If so, half entry fee applies.
- F4 Buckets
Supermoto (all classes as per MNZ Manual)
Post Classic Senior
Post Classic Junior
Classic (Will be raced with Posties and scored seperately if not enough entries)
Clubmans B – Smaller capacity / newer riders
NOTE: Cross Entry not possible between Clubman and Race Classes
Clubmans A – Modern large capacity / faster riders NOTE: Cross Entry not possible between Clubman and Race Classes
Pre-race Entry fees per round: Fee per round
< 23
JUN only
HMCC Member - Membership # $150.00
Non - HMCC Member
Extra class(es) – list here
Round 1 Round 2
14/5/17 10/9/17
Round 3
I wish to become a Member or HMCC, or Renew my Membership $40.00
Transponder Hire (Mylaps or X2 car/bike)
Entry on Day or Entry Fee not banked Wednesday before Round at $50.00 per class entered
Cheque attached
Internet on ................ (date paid)
Postal entries must be received by the Race Secretary no later than Monday before Race Day
Post entries to Race Secretary,
Hamilton Motorcycle Club Inc,
PO Box 416, WMC, Hamilton 3240;
or, email info@hamiltonmcc.org.nz
*** If for any reason a meeting should be cancelled, Force Majeure will apply ***
DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY: To Hamilton Motorcycle Club, and Motorcycling New Zealand Inc.
1. I have read the Supplementary Regulations for this Competition (overleaf) and agree to be bound by them and the Manual of
Motorcycle Sport, the MNZ Constitution, and the MNZ Code of Conduct.
2. I am aware that the sport of Motorcycle Competition might a) cause me injury; serious or otherwise b) damage my property.
3. I wish to take part in the HMCC Winter Series despite the above risks.
4. Neither I, or anyone associated or connected with me will make any claim against you or your officers, employees or agents in
respect of: a) any injury suffered by me; or b) any damage to any of my property regardless of how the injury or damage occurs.
5. I will indemnify you against all claims, damages or losses (including costs) which you incur as the direct or indirect result of any
injury to me or damage to my property.
6. I am physically fit and there is no health or other reason why I should not participate in the sport of Motorcycle Competition.
7. I am aware that this disclaimer will not affect any legal obligations you have to me which you cannot contract out of under NZ Law.
8. I agree that in this disclaimer “my property” includes any property owned by me or in my possession or under my control.
9. I agree that this disclaimer will be binding on my family, my heirs, my legal assigns and my administrators and executors.
10. I accept that stripping and re-assembly for Technical Checks are at my cost.
11. I consent to the details contained in this form being held by the Hamilton Motorcycle Club for the purpose of the promotion and
the benefit of the race meeting concerned, and Motorcycling in general. I acknowledge my right to access and correction of this
information. The consent is given in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.
12. MNZ supports the FIM/IOC Charter on drugs in Sport. MNZ uses the services of Drug Free Sport NZ and other agencies to
professionally carry out the testing. I acknowledge by signing this form I maybe subjected to a drug/alcohol test at any time. I agree
to such testing. I further agree that my name can be published by MNZ as having taken part in a drug/alcohol test together with the
results of that testing.
13. I confirm that my machine complies with any technical rule(s) set out in the Manual of Motorcycle Sport and/or the Supplementary
Regulations and that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, it is in safe working order and fit for competition.
Signature of rider: ____________________________________________
Where a rider is under 16 years of age, a parent or legal guardian must countersign this entry and be present on race day.
Name: ______________________________________________
Relationship to Rider: _________________________________
Signature: ___________________________________________
/ 2017
Streetstock shall be a restricted class of road racing, under the following conditions:
The maximum size is 150cc; re boring to Maximum over size of 0.50mm is allowed. The motorcycles are mass produced road/sports
models and are not 125GP bikes
SS2 Streetstock is open to any street type road registerable mass production machine up to 150cc of any make available or sold or on sale
in New Zealand, in standard specification, except for carburetor jetting and external gearing. 2 strokes stock standard, 4 strokes some
modifications are permitted “Original camshaft may be ground, proprietary carburetor kit may be fitted” and exhaust pipe upgrade
(see Chapter 10 for noise emission).
This class will exist for production-based machines to be raced in a competitive environment, with some freedom for machine set up
but within the confines of rules to suit the New Zealand market conditions.
SS3 Preparation of Motorcycle
Street stock road races are to be prepared in accordance with Chapter 10. In instances of wear and tear damage or failure, parts may
be replaced but must not derive a performance advantage.
SS4 Brake lines and brake pads: May be replaced with after-market items.
SS5 Fuel: Refer to rule 10.21a
SS6 Machine Specification
All items not mentioned in the following article must remain as originally produced by the manufacturer.
Frame Body and rear sub frame. Additional seat brackets may be added but none may be removed. Bolt on accessories to the sub
frame may be removed.
All motorcycles must display the manufacturer’s vehicle identification number on the frame.
SS7 Suspension: The inner and outer front fork stanchion must remain standard. Only springing an oil may be changed. No emulator
valves or modifications to damping mechanisms are permitted. Rear shock and all linkages must remain standard
Wheels: The speedo drive may be removed and replaced with a spacer.
Tyres open.
Tyre warmers are not allowed.
SS9 Items that may be replaced but maintain original dimensions and fitment points
Footrests/foot controls, Handle bars, Hand controls, Clutch and brake levers
SS10 Fairings: Fairing, front guard, windscreen and bodywork must retain the original shape as produced by the manufacturer, but these
parts can be replaced with an exact cosmetic copy.
Carbon fibre is restricted to the reinforcing parts only, carbon fibre cannot be used elsewhere. Small plastic cones/knobs may be
added to the machine to minimize accident damage.
All exposed edges must be rounded.
SS11 Seat and seat base and associated bodywork may be replaced with parts of similar appearance as the original shape; the top portion
of the seat may be modified to create a solo seat.
SS12 Fuel Supply: Fuel lines may be replaced Quick connectors or dry break quick connectors may be used. Fuel line vents may be replaced
fuel filter may be fitted.
SS13 The following item may be replaced Base and head gasket with Standard parts, must retain original thickness.
SS14 The following may be removed Licence plate brackets and guard toolbox speedometer.
SS15 The following must be removed or altered. Horn, licence plate bracket, Tool box, speedometer, passenger footrests, passenger grab
rail, passenger footrest mount brackets, Chain guard.
SS16 Fasteners: Fasteners may be drilled for safety wire only. Fairing fasteners may be changed for quick disconnect type.
Titanium/aluminium fasteners may not be used.
SS17 The following items must be altered or removed. Motorcycle must be equipped with a functional ignition kill switch or button
mounted on the handlebars (with in reach of the hand while on the hand grips) that is capable of stopping a running engine. Throttle
controls must be self-closing when not held by the hand.
Safety bars, centre and side stands must be removed (fixed/welded brackets must remain)
Headlamp, rear lamp, blinkers must be removed.
Where Breather or overflow pipes are fitted they must discharge via existing outlets. The original closed system must be retained; no
direct atmospheric emission is permitted fitted.
SS18 Additional equipment not on the original motorcycle may not be added, except for an aftermarket temperature gauge
SS19 Rims may be changed but must be production bike rims. No aftermarket or GP rims allowed