Even the fine print looks good.

Even the fine print looks good.
Even the fine print
looks good.
Technical specifications of the NEC VT 46
Lamp Life:
Minimum Image Diagonal:
Maximum Image Diagonal:
Throwing Distance:
Projection Factor:
Brightness (ANSI lumens):
Contrast Ratio:
Colour Reproduction:
Recommended Resolution:
Supported Resolutions:
RGB Signals:
Video Signals:
Video Compatibility:
Audio Functions:
Remote Control:
Dimensions (W x H x D):
Power Supply:
Power Consumption:
Fan Noise:
Shipping Contents:
Optional Accessories:
3 x 1.78 cm (0.7”) p-Si LCD-panel
160 W NSH*
3,000 hours
F = 1.7–2.0, f = 21.6–25.9 mm
53 cm
762 cm
0.7–10.9 m
16.77 million
15–100 kHz
800 x 600 with 60 Hz
1,600 x 1,200 (UXGA), 1,280 x 1,024 (SXGA), 1,152 x 900 (SGI, SUN),
1,152 x 870 (Macintosh), 1,024 x 768 (XGA) compressed format,
640 x 480 (VGA), 720 x 480 (NTSC-P), 720 x 560 (PAL-P)
Input: RGB: Mini D-Sub 15-pin, component signal (YPb Pr)
by RGB, Audio: 3.5 mm stereo chinch
Input: cinch, S-Video DIN 4-pin, Audio: 2 x stereo cinch
1 W monaural speaker
Vertical Keystone Correction up to ±30°, On-screen menu supports 19 languages,
Cabinet lock, aspect ratio Video/RGB, PC-VControl
Source select, picture adjustment, picture mute, aspect ratio
310 x 89 x 230 mm (without lens and feet)
2.9 kg
100–240 V/50–60 Hz
220 W, 7.5 W Stand-by
32 dB (A)
Projector: 3 years**
Lamp: 3,000 hours, max. 6 months
Projector, remote control, softcase, users manual (CD-ROM),
Mini D-Sub signal cable, power cord, lens cap
Hardcase, ceiling mount kit, lamp, SCART-RGB cable, YUV cable
*NSH = New Short arc High pressure lamp **Please refer to our warranty conditions under: www.necd.de
• Resolution: 800 x 600 (SVGA)
• max. possible 1,600 x 1,200 (UXGA) with
Advanced AccuBlend™ compressed format
• Brightness: 1,200 ANSI lumens
• Lightweight: 2.9 kg
• 16:9 aspect ratio
• Vertical Keystone Correction up to ± 30° with Advanced AccuBlend™
• On-screen menu supports 19 languages
• Silent fans only 32 dB (A)
• 3 years warranty**
Technical changes and errors excepted.
Printed in Germany.
Version: June 2003
NEC Deutschland GmbH
Reichenbachstraße 1
85737 Ismaning/Germany
Tel.: ++ 49/(0)89/96 27 40
Fax: ++ 49/(0)89/96 27 4-500
See more,
pay less:
Home Cinema by
VT46 – best in price-performance ratio:
A high contrast ratio of
400:1 for sharp images with
brilliant colour
High brightness of 1,200
ANSI lumens
Vertical Keystone Correction
up to ± 30°
16:9 format capability
Whisper quiet at 32 dB (A)
Supports high-grade
PAL-progressive signals
Get started straight away:
“Plug & Play”
VT46 – the affordable way to enjoy
cinema in the comfort of your home.
A perfect
fit: the
VT46 remote
NEC is the market leader in the area
of professional projectors and is usually a step ahead of the competition
when it comes to innovation. This
technical superiority is also apparent
in the home cinema market - the VT46
offers features that could previously
be found in expensive high-end projectors. This has a lot to do with its
legacy – we have done everything possible to ensure that it would be a worthy
successor to our VT45K, rated “top
class” by home cinema journals. Against
this background, you would be hard
pushed to find another projector that
provides such a good home cinema
experience at this price.
In the past, people who wanted a top
cinema experience at home usually had
to pay top dollar. The VT46 has changed
everything – during the development
process, we paid careful attention to its
exceptional technical features while keeping a close eye on costs. That’s how we
managed to achieve this extraordinary
price-performance ratio.
Contrast makes all the difference.
Home cinema fans know: a high ANSI
lumen value alone doesn’t guarantee a
fantastic picture – the contrast value
is the more important factor. This con-
trast value expresses how many times
lighter the projected white colour
appears as compared to black. This is
400:1 for the VT46, which means that
Great fun and a great picture.
1,200 ANSI lumens is one thing, the other is
the long service life of the lamp: the VT46’s
special Long Life lamp lasts for 3,000 hours.
Easily corrected.
If a projector isn’t positioned exactly
horizontal in front of the projection surface, the image is distorted at the edges.
And because the Advanced AccuBlend™
technology automatically adapts the
input signal to the optimal output resolution without sacrificing information,
± 30°
the-line DVD players. In this process,
images aren’t compiled in the usual lineby-line manner. Instead, all lines are
saved first and are then read out sequentially (progressively). As a result, it is no
longer possible to detect the line structure and flickering lines are a thing of
the past. In addition, it is possible to
make individual colour adjustments using
the Advanced Colour Correction feature
on the VT46: while most projectors only
allow you to adjust red, green and blue,
the VT46 makes it possible to make settings for compound colours, such as
yellow. This gives you greater flexibility
when adjusting the VT46 to various applications and sources of input. Moreover, the VT46 has 16:9 format capability,
which can be used to switch from 4:3
into the 16: 9 movie mode. As you can
see: the VT46 has everything you need to
bring the cinema to your home.
Vertical Keystone Correction
VT46 – the affordable start in your home cinema experience.
the brilliance of the colours is significantly increased and the contours of
the image replication are considerably
sharper. Thanks to the high brightness
levels of 1,200 ANSI lumens, you can
even enjoy the picture without having
to dim the lights.
In order to enjoy each and every minute of
viewing pleasure, the VT46 has a short objective focal length – this enables you to
project large images on the wall even in
small rooms: at a distance of approximately
3 metres, the diagonal width of the image
is a massive 2.3 metres.
Thanks to its Vertical Keystone Correction
feature, this isn’t a problem for the VT46.
This option corrects trapezoidal distortions in the projected image by ± 30° in a
matter of seconds. The result is an image
that is perfectly rectangular. The VT46
even adapts itself to the signal input –
using its Advanced AccuBlend™ technology. If you connect your computer,
for example, the image is automatically
displayed at the optimal resolution.
you can project input signals of up to
1,600 x 1,200 pixels (UXGA). In other
words: whether film, computer, games
console or another replay unit – the
VT46 automatically makes the most
of your images.
Offering you the freedom of choice.
Another interesting and exceptional feature: the VT46 can process PAL-progressive signals that are emitted by top-of-
Simply unpack, connect and get started.
The VT46 just wouldn’t be a VT46 if it
wasn’t a “Plug & Play” device. You can
also connect video or DVD players using
an optional SCART-RGB adapter. And last
but not least: you can access the easy-touse pull-down menu to operate all functions of the VT46 using an attractive remote control. Direct keys for RGB, S-Video
and video on the cabinet allow you to
project the right signal source by pushing
only one button – easy to use even the
first time. We just have one last thing to
say: enjoy your new home cinema!
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