Transforming Technologies
CC2695P Series
Dual Wire Coil Cord with Parking Jack
The CC2695-P’s polyurethane coil insulation and
strain relief molding offers excellent coil memory and
endurance. The molded snap head provides a convenient parking jack for the cord when not in use.
Two female snaps, a 3.5mm phono plug and 1 meg
resister are standard.
Dual wire wrist straps provide redundancy. When
used with resistive loop (dual wire) monitors, the
CC2695P wrist strap sets continuously verify resistance to ground.
Parking Jack
Product Specifications
Product Numbers
Coil Cord
Flex Life:
Item Number
5’ dual coil cord, parking jack, 4mm
10’ dual coil cord, parking jack, 4mm
20’ dual coil cord, parking jack, 4mm
Set, dual band, 5’ cord, parking jack,
4mm, 1meg
Set, dual band, 10’ cord, parking jack,
4mm, 1meg
Set, dual band, 20’ cord, parking jack,
4mm, 1meg
5’, 10’, and 20’ feet, extended
1 meg ohm
> 20,000 flexes
Blue, black
3.5mm phono plug*
*Compatibility with particular resistance monitors should be verified.
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