Is your network security device doing only part of its job?

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Is your network security device
doing only part of its job?
Today's network security devices
ought to balance Security, Connectivity &
Productivity in your network.
An intelligent network makes it easier for users to work together. It lays the ground for easy collaboration among employees,
partners, vendors and customers - enhancing productivity. By implanting technologies like Virtual Private Networks, videoconferencing, Unified Communications, the cloud and by utilizing business applications like Salesforce and ERP, a reliable network
offers connectivity that enables employees to access critical information and tools leading to increased productivity and ROI.
By playing their roles correctly, network security devices enhance connectivity and productivity in organizations by keeping their
networks secure from threats. However, most of these security devices lack flexibility and granularity in policy making, which
deprives organizations of connectivity and productivity benefits. A peek into a few scenarios will give an understanding on how
organizations are losing out due to an imbalance between Security, Connectivity and Productivity in their networks.
Scenario 1: Focus on Security over Connectivity
An organization keeps away from extending its network resources to traveling
employees and third-party users like partners, suppliers and customers due to
fear of security breach and complexity of configuring a VPN. This results in
interrupted business operations due to lack of updated information with
traveling employees, suppliers, and partners and delayed service delivery to
customers, bringing huge businss loss.
Scenario 2: Focus on Security over Productivity
An organization restricts access to Instant Messengers to ensure data security
and security against IM threats. However, this results in curbing a useful tool for
instant and real-time exchange of information for its employees - affecting their
productivity and work efficiency. It also slows down decision-making and team
work in the organization.
Network security devices that select security and sacrifice connectivity and
productivity in the process, disturb the Security-Connectivity-Productivity
balance and put organizations behind in the race for business growth. A state of
equilibrium among each of the S-C-P elements can bring process optimization
and greater efficiencies to a business.
“Equilibrium among SecurityConnectivity-Productivity elements
can bring process optimization and
greater business efficiency.”
A network security appliance that integrates multiple security features on a
single platform is better equipped in achieving the S-C-P balance by bringing
together required features on the appliance.
Balancing Security, Connectivity and Productivity
Organizations can achieve a balanced growth with a network security appliance that offers policy controls over its features
to help achieve security, connectivity and productivity, without compromising any one of them. The network security
appliance should be able to:
Give as much or as little access to their network
resources as they want, based on an employee's
identity and work requirements
Secure their network from unauthorized access through
strong authentication based on combination of- User/ Password/ Multi-Factor Authentication
- IP Address
- MAC Id
- Session Id
Have the flexibility to give secure network access to
users, anywhere in the world, anytime
Control inappropriate use of network resources by
applying user identity-based policies for network
access based on- Duration of access
- Schedule of access
- Data transfer limit
- Bandwidth availability
Get identity-based reports for each user's activity in
the network
Cyberoam assures Security, Connectivity, Productivity
Network Security
- Firewall
- Intrusion Prevention System
- Wireless security
Content Security
- Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware
- Anti-Spam
- HTTPS/SSL Content Security
Administrative Security
- Next-Gen UI
- iView- Logging & Reporting
Network Security
Network threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated as blended
threats like malware, intrusion attempts, DDoS attacks and insider
threats like data leakage and loss, identity theft and more are targeting
organizations' networks. Stateful Inspection Firewall, IPS and Wi-Fi
security features on Cyberoam Network security appliance's keep the
organizational networks secure even from newly emerging threats.
Content Security
Protecting sensitive corporate data and preserving customer data
privacy are the foremost needs of most organizations. Cyberoam
network security appliances stop misuse or unauthorized use of
sensitive data moving over emails, web mail, Instant Messengers and
HTTPS/SSL protocol through its Gateway Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware,
Gateway Anti-Spam and HTTPS/SSL Content Security features.
Administrative Security
Easy set-up of security policies and real-time reporting of network
activities is required to eliminate security lapse due to administrative
loopholes. Next-Gen GUI and on-appliance reporting on Cyberoam's
Network security appliances (UTM, NGFW) ensure administrative
security in organizations.
Business Continuity
- Multiple Link Management
- High Availability
Network Availability
- 3G/WiMAX Connectivity
Future-ready Connectivity
- “IPv6 Ready” Gold Logo
Business Continuity
Network failures or sluggish networks can cripple business operations
and hamper the speed of doing business in organizations, resulting in
financial loss and even loss of business and customers. Multiple Link
Management and High Availability connectivity features on Cyberoam
network security appliances ensure an immediate failover
arrangement for an 'always-on' network connectivity and high
performance of networks.
Network Availability
Constant network availability is critical for efficient performance of
employees, partners and customers. VPN feature and support for
3G/WiMAX connectivity on Cyberoam Network Security appliances
offer continuous network availability through wireless WAN
connectivity even in places where wired connectivity is not available.
Future Connectivity
To build a robust network, organizations need a timeless security
solution that can provision to accommodate future technologies. As
IPv4 technology gets replaced with IPv6 technology, IPv6 Ready Gold
logo on Cyberoam network security appliances gives assurance to
organizations about its ability to identify and process IPv6 traffic for
uninterrupted Internet services.
Employee Productivity
Lack of internet access controls can lead to unproductive surfing and
Internet threats whereas rigid Internet access controls take away the
productive use of the Internet from employees. Web & Content
Filtering and Instant Messaging Archiving & Control features on
Cyberoam Network security appliances offer flexible access policies
based on user, group, work function, web categories, duration and time
of the day and more, to maximize employee productivity yet maintain a
secure network.
Employee Productivity
- Web & Content Filtering
- Instant Messaging Archiving & Controls
IT Resource Optimization
- Bandwidth Management
- Traffic Discovery
- Application Layer 7 Management
Administrator Productivity
- Next-Gen UI
IT Resource Optimization
Organizations continue to add bandwidth and still face frustrating
network congestions and interruptions due to lack of bandwidth
management and controls over users, applications and websites.
Cyberoam's Bandwidth Management, Traffic Discovery and
Application Layer 7 Management together ensure optimal use of IT
resources to provide assured QoS of business-critical applications and
services in the network.
Administrator Productivity
GUIs that are difficult to navigate can lead to security errors while
setting up network policies and also demand rigorous training to
administrators. Next-Gen GUI on Cyberoam Network security
appliances employs Web2.0 technology advantages to offer easy
navigation, custom controls and an intuitive interface that enhance
administrator productivity in keeping the network secure. It reduces
security errors and shortens the learning curves.
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