EHS Advanced
Wireless Headset Adapter
• Complete freedom of movement
• Signaling of ringtone
• Call acceptance on headset
• Call termination on headset
• Perfect integration of firmware
• Vendor-specific EHS protocols
• DHSG Standard
• No additional power supply
• Easy to connect
In addition to the corded snom headsets, wireless headsets are very popular in professional business environments where users often need to step
away from their desks or work stations
or where hands-free mobility is essential, like call centers for example.
The wireless headset adapter snom
EHS Advanced is an electronic hook
switch that enables you to connect
wireless headsets to your snom
phones and to accept and terminate
calls to your phone on the headset
without having to touch your phone.
It is the bridge between professional
VoIP telephony and professional
wireless headsets.
The snom EHS Advanced conforms
to vendor-specific norms as well as to
the DHSG standard, making it possible to accept calls on the headset
When the phone receives an incoming call, the original ring tone is signalled in the headset, and the call can
be answered and terminated on the
The snom EHS Advanced has been
developed specifically for snom
phones of the snom 3xx, snom 7xx, and
snom 8xx series (snom 300: devices
with MAC addresses 00041328xxxx
or higher).
Whether you are using the adapter
in large or small enterprises or in call
centers - the newly won freedom of
movement will pay off immediately.
The snom EHS Advanced was tested and is compatible with the following wireless headsets:
•Jabra PRO 9400 (9460-25-707-101, 9460-29-707-101,
• CS70N (39448-02)
• CS60 (36995-11)
•Jabra GO6400 (6470-15-207-501)
• CS351N (39986-02)
•Jabra GN9330 (9337-508-xxx)
• CS361N (39261-02)
•Jabra GN9350 (9356-607-xxx), Extended Interface and
• Voyager 510 System (72272-45)
GN Standard Interface
• Savi Office WO200 (79957-0x)
•Jabra GN9210 (9120-28-xx , 9120-30-xx , 9120-48-xx,
• Savi Office WO100 (79956-0x)
9129-808-111, 9129-808-101)
• HW251N/A - SupraPlus Wideband Monaural NC (P/N 36832-31)
•GN Ellipse (8837-90-xx)
• HW261N/A - SupraPlus Wideband Binaural NC (P/N 36834-31)
Technical Data
GENERAL Information
Phone firmware requirements
• Size, weight of product:
• snom 3xx: 7.3.30 + bootloader 1.1.3u and higher
70 x 41 x 23 mm, 32 g
• snom 7xx: and higher
• Size, weight of box with product and cables: :
• snom 8xx: 8.4.32 and higher
165 x 95 x 45 mm, approx.125 g
• Certifications: CE, FCC
• Product number: P/N 0002362
Available separately
Five cables for connecting the adapter to the phone and
Cable for connecting snom 7xx to EHS (PN 3383)
to the headset base station:
• RJ12-RJ12 (connecting snom 3xx*/snom 820 to EHS)
• Y-cable 3x RJ12 (connecting snom 320/snom 370 to
3xx Expansion Module and EHS)
• RJ45-RJ12 (connecting snom 821/snom 870 to EHS)
• RJ45-RJ45 (connecting EHS Advanced to
GN Netcom/Jabra base stations )
• 3.5 mm TRS connectors (connecting EHS to
Plantronics base stations)
* snom 300: with MAC addresses 00041328xxxx or higher
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