GE Inspection Technologies
Krautkramer DM4 and DM4 DL
Thickness Gauges for Corrosion Inspection
GE Inspection Technologies
“D-Meters” have user preferred features for
general-purpose and corrosion thickness gauging applications
Inspection preferred features:
Built to last
Simple, reliable operation
Don’t let the small size and few keys fool
you. The DM4 and DM4 DL are powerful
measurement tools with MODE SELECT to
activate the following features:
The DM4 and DM4 DL are designed for
dependable performance in harsh industrial
environments. Reliability and low, infrequent service costs are ensured by a sealed
membrane switch keypad, impact-resistant
housing, gasket seal, single printed circuit
board, and a full two-year warranty on parts
and labor.
• Automatic Probe Zero for fast calibration
and simple use. Probe Zero is continuously updated during use to ensure
reliable measurements by compensating
for probe wear, expansion, or contraction. No action is required of the user
and probe zero blocks are eliminated.
• DIF, Differential mode displays the +
difference between the actual thickness
reading and a user set nominal value.
• THK, Normal Thickness Measurement
and 1-Point calibration mode displays
and holds measured thickness reading
until another measurement is made.
Fast, 1-Point thickness calibration is
performed in THK mode.
• 2-Pt, Two Point Calibration mode allows
calibration to two known thicknesses of
the material to satisfy special application requirements.
• VEL, Material Sound Velocity mode
enables display of the instrument’s
current calibrated velocity and simple
calibration when a material’s velocity is
• MIN, Minimum Capture mode displays
the minimum thickness detected in a
series of readings.
• Backlight mode allows the user to
select OFF, ON, or AUTOMATIC to suit
inspection area lighting conditions.
• GAIN mode allows the user to manually
adjust the operating gain of the instrument by selecting automatic (AUTO),
low (LO), medium (MED), or high (HI)
to satisfy the application.
• HI/LO Alarm Limits mode alerts the
user when a thickness reading is less
than or greater than a user set minimum/maximum thickness value.
The batteries are contained in a gasket
sealed, isolated battery compartment eliminating contamination or physical damage
to the electronics from moisture, dirt, or
battery leakage.
Small, comfortable
and convenient package
• Fits comfortably in the palm of the
hand for one-thumb operation.
• Lightweight 9 oz. (255 g) - no operator
fatigue for tireless use.
• Rubber Field Case provides extra protection and practical options for user comfort
and convenience.
• Only 5 keys (DM4) and 9 keys (DM4
DL) control all functions.
• Standard AA alkaline batteries provide
up to 200 hours of use. No special
battery packs or battery chargers are
• Big digits on high-contrast backlit display
are easily read from any angle under all
lighting conditions.
• Instrument features can be tailored
(activated/deactivated) to meet the
requirements of the job and preference
of the user from the front panel keypad.
• Single key press “DUAL-MULTI” mode
key for measuring equipment with protective coatings. Measure and display
only the base material.
• Works with a wide variety of dual element
thickness gauge probes designed to
solve the widest variety of applications.
• Low frequency probes for hard to
penetrate materials.
• High frequency probes for thin materials
• WR “wear resistant” probes for
abrasive surface conditions.
• Small contact diameter probes for OD
pitted areas and complex geometries.
The DM4 and DM4 DL thickness gauges
provide testing even through coated materials
The DM4 and DM4 DL are capable of
measuring through coatings (paint) without
the coating layer being included in the
digital thickness reading. Simply press the
DUAL MULTI key and read the remaining metal thickness without the time and
expense of removing protective coatings
and reapplying. The DUAL MULTI, dualelement/multiple echo measurement mode
is “unique” to the DM4 and DM4 DL handheld digital thickness gauges. The same
dual-element probes that provide best
results on internally corroded/eroded structures and general thickness applications
in the standard thickness mode are used.
No special probes, switching of probes, or
complicated operation or interpretation is
If multiple backwall echoes are not possible
on your application, the coupling indicator
will not illuminate, the display will blank,
and the red LED will flash. Then, a simple
press of the DUAL MULTI key will return the
instrument to the standard thickness mode.
Whether or not to remove paint is then a
decision that will need to be made.
Measure on rough and corroded surfaces
The DUAL MULTI mode is also a good
method to use to overcome coupling prob-
lems and errors encountered when measuring on rough and corroded surfaces.
The heavier couplant layer that is typically
required to obtain measurements on rough
surfaces is not included in the digital thickness reading. Surface preparation is eliminated or minimized.
DUAL MULTI through coating
thickness measurement
Dual Element
First metal backwall echo
(timing starts)
Second metal backwall echo
(timing ends)
Intelligent transducers to handle wide range of applications
• DIALOG Intelligent Transducers are
automatically recognized by the instrument for the benefits of quick setup,
best performance, and test documentation. These new probes have an internal
memory chip which is programmed
with performance parameters, documentation information (probe model
and serial number), and in some cases
application specific information to solve
special measurement needs.
• HT400 High-Temperature Probe
provides Stable Readings on Hot Surfaces for inservice inspection of steam
and process equipment up to 400° F
(204° C) without cooling the probe. An
armored probe cable with protective
stainless jacket for high-temperature applications and quick-change extension
tubes for reaching through access-holes
in insulation are available options.
• General-Purpose Probes for most
frequently encountered applications (i.e.
process piping and equipment, tubular
goods, plate, boiler tubes, pressure vessels, storage tanks, ship hulls, etc.)
• Remote SEND Probes with built-in
membrane switch SEND key for quick
and easy data logging.
• Thin Materials Probes for thin-wall,
small diameter tubes and sheets, plus
detection of pitting corrosion and extreme wall loss.
• High-Penetration Probes for coarsegrain or highly attenuative materials (i.e.
castings, non-metals like plastics, FRP
& rubber,).
• Small 3mm and 5mm Footprint Probes
to measure in the bottom of external
pits, small diameter piping and tubing,
and areas of limited access.
• Wear-Resistant Probes provide longer
service life on small diameter curved
parts, rough surfaces, and with the Minimum Capture Mode of DM4/DM4 DL.
GE Inspection Technologies
Powerful and flexible
inspection data management
Fast, error-free
data logging and reports
• 5390 reading sequential data logger onboard the DM4 DL
• Multiple files - data can be stored in 1 to
999 user selectable files
• Obstruct (OBST) can be stored to identify inaccessible locations
The DM4 DL and UltraMATE® software
empowers the user to easily manage
stored data within the DM4 DL, transfer it
to the computer, view, manage and print
comprehensive reports. The simple copypaste capability gives the user the ability
to take data directly to any Windows™
spreadsheet application for customization
and further analysis.
• Fast direct printing of DM4 DL data files
in 80-column format using serial printers. File header information and basic
statistics are selectable for the report
• User selectable BAUD rate for flexible
RS232 communications
• UltraMATE® Lite Software simplifies
transfer of stored data to a PC
• Exports data in ASCII delimited format
for use with spreadsheet programs for
further analysis and calculations
• DM4 DL is compatible with our Thickness Data Management software programs
Data as displayed in UltraMATE®
• No loss of memory when batteries are
removed - 10 year memory retention
• UltraMATE® Windows™ 95/NT
Software provides color reports, histograms, copy & paste to MS-Word and
EXCEL, compare files, and an autoconnect feature
Data as displayed in MS Excel
Printed report direct from UltraMATE®
We reserve the right to technical modifications without prior notice.
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