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Baby Monitor
Secure 710
User Guide
Always retain your proof of purchase in case of warranty service and register your product on line at:
AUSTRALIA: www.oricom.com.au
NEW ZEALAND: www.oricom.co.nz
Safety Information
Overview Of Functional Component Positions
Using the baby monitor
Need Help?
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Safety Information
1 Important Safety Information
• It is very important that you read the User Guide carefully
as it contains detailed information you will need to get
the most from your Oricom baby monitor. If you have
any issues setting up or using your Oricom baby monitor
please call our Customer Support team. Our dedicated
local team are more likely to be able to help you than the
retailer where you made your purchase.
• Your Oricom baby monitor is designed to be an aid and
should not be used as a substitute for responsible and
proper adult supervision of a child.
• The baby monitor has been designed to provide some
added reassurance in the form of sound transmission
for those times when you are not in the same room as
your baby provided you always stay within hearing range
of the baby monitor during use. Your baby monitor is
not a medical device, nor a device to prevent cases of
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) or "cot death",
and you should not rely on it for your baby's wellbeing.
It is important that you regularly check on your baby
• Make sure the baby unit, parent unit and mains adaptor
cables are kept out of reach of your baby and other
young children at all times, at least one metre away.
• Never place the baby unit or parent unit inside your
baby’s cot, bed or playpen.
• Never cover the parent or baby units with clothes, towels
or blankets or any other item. Never use or place your
parent or baby unit in or near moisture or water (e.g.
near bath or pool). Immersing in water could cause
electric shock and even death.
• The installation location plays an important role in
ensuring proper operation. Therefore, maintain a
distance of at least one metre from other electronic
equipment, such as microwave ovens or hi−fi devices,
otherwise they could cause interference. During continual
use the baby unit power adaptors may become warm to
the touch. This is normal and should not be a concern.
Risk of suffocation!
Keep all packaging materials and protective foils out of
reach of children.
Safety Information
Do not place the AC Adaptor cable in a high "wear and
tear" location. Never use a frayed or compromised cord.
Battery safety
• Batteries represent a hazard to health and the
• They contain toxic, ecologically hazardous heavy metals.
Do not dispose of batteries in a fire as they may explode.
Dispose of batteries according to local regulations, never
in your household rubbish.
• Do not dismantle, cut, open, crush, bend, puncture,
or shred cells or batteries. If a battery leaks, do not let
the battery liquid touch skin or eyes. If this happens,
immediately flush the affected areas with water, and
seek medical assistance.
• Do not modify, remanufacture, attempt to insert foreign
objects into the battery, or immerse or expose it to water
or other liquids. Batteries may explode if damaged.
• Use only the battery supplied with the product. Improper
use, or use of unapproved batteries may present a risk of
fire, explosion, or other hazard, and may invalidate any
approval or warranty.
• If you believe the battery is damaged, remove product
from the charger and stop using the product. Contact
Oricom for assistance. Never use a damaged battery.
Always dispose of your products at the end of their life in
accordance with your local waste disposal requirements.
Packaging materials all cardboard and paper packaging
should be recycled in accordance with your local council
waste regulations.
Overview Of Functional Component Positions
2 Your Baby Monitor
Parent Unit
Antenna (fold-out)
Sound level LEDs
Camera select
Power and display On/Off
Menu / zoom
Talk button
Lullaby On/Off and selector
Increase volume / menu options selection
Reduce volume / menu options selection
10 Power LED
11 Link LED
Overview Of Functional Component Positions
Camera unit (Baby Unit)
1 Night light
2 Light sensor
3 Camera lens
4 Antenna
5 Microphone
DC 5.9V
6 Power LED
7 ON/OFF switch
8 Socket for power adapter plug
9 Temperature sensor
10 The registration button
Check pack contents
1 camera
2 cameras
1 AC adaptor for the baby unit 2 AC adaptors for the baby units
1 parent unit
1 Li-ion Polymer rechargeable battery pack for the parent unit
1 Charging cradle with AC adaptor for the parent unit
If any items are missing contact Oricom customer support.
3 Getting Started
3.1 Baby unit power supply
(1)Connect the small plug of the power adaptor to the
baby unit and the other end to the electrical mains
power outlet.
(2)Switch the unit to the ON position. The power LED will
light up.
(3)To switch off the baby unit, slide the power switch to
the OFF position.
Only use the AC power adaptor supplied with the product
as other power adaptors could damage the product. This
product is designed for indoor use only.
3.1.1 Baby unit Batteries
be used as a backup, and removed from the unit when not
required. When powered by batteries, the unit can last up
to 2 hours, but will depend on the quality of batteries used.
During power failure, the Power LED on the baby unit will
flash. In this event, replace or insert 4 x AAA batteries (not
To install the batteries use a small screwdriver to open the
battery compartment on the underside. Insert the batteries
observing the correct polarity. Refer to the diagrams in the
battery compartment. Close the battery compartment again.
Please check and replace these batteries after each power
failure or every 12 months
3.1.2 Connecting and aligning the baby unit
Position the baby unit with a minimum distance of 1m to
other electronic devices, otherwise there is a risk of mutual
disturbance. Point the upper section of the baby unit towards
the baby or object you want to monitor. Check that the baby
or object is suitably displayed on the parent unit screen.
Ensure the antenna is extended vertically for optimum range.
3.2 Parent unit battery installation
In case of power failure the baby unit can be fitted with 4 x
AAA Alkaline Batteries (not supplied). Batteries should only
(1)Insert the wire tab of the rechargeable battery pack
into the contact slot and fit the battery pack into the
(2)Close the battery compartment.
(3)Press and hold < > key for 2 seconds to switch on the
parent unit. It will take a few seconds for the unit to start
up. The power LED will light up.
(4)Press and hold the < > key for 2 seconds again to turn
OFF the parent unit.
When the battery level is low, the power LED will flash
3.3 Charging the Parent Unit
(1)Plug in the power adaptor to AC socket. Place parent
unit into the charging cradle.
(2)The power LED will turn on to indicate power is being
supplied to the parent unit.
(3)If the parent unit is turned on whilst in the charging
cradle, the battery level indicator on the top right hand
corner of the screen will change to indicate the battery
charging status
The parent unit is powered by a rechargeable Lithium
Battery Pack. The amber Power LED lights up on the parent
unit when it is in the charger to indicate power is being
supplied to the unit. In the case of a low battery the amber
Power LED will flash. The parent unit should be returned
to the cradle to recharge. The amber light will always be lit
when the parent unit is in the charging cradle.
Attaching or removing the belt clip/desk stand
Prize the latch (see figure) with a suitable tool (such as a
small screwdriver) a little bit away from the chassis and
move the belt clip down simultaneously. To attach the belt
clip slide it into the guide towards the top until it snaps in.
To use as
a belt clip,
turn the clip
To use as a
desk stand,
turn the clip
Switching the Baby Unit on/off
Position the baby unit in a good position for the monitoring
task required and align the camera lens to the area to be
Slide the switch to ON, the Power LED lights up. The
baby unit is now ready to operate.
To switch the unit off, slide the switch to OFF.
In-use time and battery charging
Depending on the usage the parent unit will work for up
to 8 hours on a fully charged battery with the VOX feature
turned ON.
When the battery charge becomes low on the parent unit
the amber power LED will flash slowly. At this point you
need to return the parent unit to its charging cradle.
When charging, the battery status indicator on the parent
unit screen will change to the charging icon
To speed up the charging process, turn the parent unit off
when charging if it is not being used.
You can continue to use your parent unit to monitor your
baby even when the battery is low, provided it remains in
the charger cradle to recharge the battery.
•The parent unit can be kept on the charger even if it is fully
charged. This will not affect the battery life.
• The parent unit can be used on or off the charger cradle.
•When the parent unit is being used on the charger cradle,
charging time will be extended.
•We recommend that you TURN OFF the parent unit when it is
not in-use, to conserve battery power.
Battery Life
The rechargeable battery pack (supplied) can be charged
and discharged hundreds of times, however they will
eventually wear out and lose their ability to hold a full
charge. When the in use time becomes noticeably shorter
than normal, it is time to purchase a new battery pack.
How to purchase spare parts
You can purchase Battery packs (Model No: BPCK1500LI)
charging cradles and extra camera units from www.oricom.
Extra Charging Cradles
For added convenience you may wish to purchase
additional charging cradles online at www.oricom.com.au..
Optimisation of Range
Both the baby and parent units have fold out antennas.
The optimal range can be achieved if both the baby unit
and parent unit antennas are extended vertically.
3.4 Multi-Camera Registration
The parent and baby unit are pre-registered. If necessary
(for example, if you purchase an extra camera), registration
can also be completed manually: Up to 4 baby units
(cameras) can be registered to one parent unit.
To re-register your baby unit, or register a new baby unit,
follow the procedure below:
(1)Switch on the parent unit.
(2)O n monitor mode, press and hold < > key for 5
seconds, it will switch to registration mode.
] appears, press <▲> or < >
(3)After registration icon [
to select the camera channel [C1] or [C2] or [C3] or [C4]
that you want the baby unit to pair with.
(4)Press and release < > key to confirm which camera
number to be registered.
(5)The Link LED then flashes rapidly for 10 seconds.
(6)Switch the baby unit ON. Press the registration key
once (at the back of the camera).
(7)If registration is completed, camera feed appears on
LCD screen and returns to normal mode. The baby unit
will also return to normal mode.
(8)If the registration time is expired or registration fails, [Out
of Range] appears on LCD.
If a channel has a camera already registered then registering
another will overwrite the existing camera registration.
4 Using The Baby Monitor
Once the baby and parent units are switched on, the
display on the parent unit will show the video captured by
the baby unit.
Switching on the Parent Unit
Press and hold the power button until the Oricom logo
appears on the parent unit. The camera image will then
Press and hold the power button for approx. 1 second to
switch the unit off.
If you place the Parent and Baby units too close together
you will hear a high pitched noise called "feedback", this is
normal. The units are designed to be located in separate
To prevent feedback, do not take the parent unit into the
nursery/baby's room.
Do not press the talk button when the baby unit and parent
unit are positioned in the same room. Feedback will be
generated if the talk button is pressed when the baby unit
and parent unit are to close to each other.
4.1 Parent Talk function
ress and hold < > button on the parent unit to talk to your
baby through the baby unit loudspeaker. The talk symbol will
be displayed in the middle of the LCD screen.
The lullaby will stop playing if the Talk function is activated.
4.2 Adjusting the volume of the parent unit
Press <▲> and < > to adjust the volume of the parent
unit. [
] appears on the LCD display. (There are 5
4.3 Lullabies
You can remotely activate a lullaby to be played on the
baby unit.
(1)Press and release the < > button on the parent unit
to play the previous lullaby and [ X ] appears on the
LCD screen.
(2)W hen the music starts playing, within 8 sec, press
<▲> and < > keys to change lullabies. There are
5 lullabies available for selection, indicated by [ 1 ],
[ 2 ], [ 3 ], [ 4 ] and [ 5 ].
(3)Press < > again to stop.
(4)If you want to change to a different lullaby in the middle
of playing music, it is necessary to turn the music off,
then turn on again to resume. (the music will change
within 8 seconds).
Lullabies include:
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Silent Night
Minuet In G Major
Londonderry Air
Blue Danube
Lullabies will continue to play on the Baby Unit when the
Parent unit is turned OFF. To turn off the lullabies on the
baby unit turn parent unit back ON.
4.4 Out of range indication
When the distance between the parent unit and baby unit
is too far, [Out of Range] will display on the parent unit and
the link LED will flash. Move the parent unit closer to the
baby unit until the link is re-established. Both the parent
unit and baby unit antennas should be extended vertically
to achieve the best range.
4.5 Infrared sensitive camera for Night vision
The camera has high-intensity infrared LEDs for picking
up clear images in the dark. When the built-in photo
sensor detects a low level of ambient light, the LEDs will
automatically activate and the screen on the parent unit will
display in black and white.
4.6 Brightness
(1)When unit is in monitor mode or stand-by status, press
< > once [
] appears on the LCD screen.
(2)Press <▲> and < > to adjust the LCD brightness level
to 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.
(3)Press < > button to confirm the selection. And press
< > several times until no menu icon showing on LCD,
ie. back to monitor mode.
4.7 Temperature Display
User can set the high / low temperature warning trigger
values as following :
(1)Press < > repeatedly to go to [ Lo], then press <▲>
and < > to change the values to set low temperature
trigger point.
(2)Press < > key several times to return back to monitor
mode or just short press power key once to save the
(3)Similarly, press < > key to go to [ Hi] to set the high
temperature trigger point.
The Temperature sensor used in this Oricom baby monitor
is intended as a guide, to provide parents with an indication
of the room temperature in which the baby unit has been
1/ If the temperature goes above 27°C, [Hi ] appears
on the LCD display: A warning beep will be transmitted
periodically until the temperature returns to mid range.
2/ If the temperature goes below 19°C, [ Lo] appears on the
LCD screen. A warning beep will also transmit periodically
until the temperature returns to mid range.
4.8 Night Light
(1)Press < > repeatedly until the moon icon appears on
the LCD display.
(2)Press <▲> and < > to turn the baby unit night light
ON or OFF.
(3)Press < > button to confirm the selection. And press
< > several times until no menu icon shows on LCD,
ie. back to monitor mode.
The upper and lower room temperature settings for the
alarm are for guidance only and are not a substitute for
personal supervision.
In extreme temperature conditions during summer or winter
the upper and lower temperature settings for the alarm may
be exceeded and result in the room temperature warning
being activated.
Under such conditions appropriate actions should be taken
by the parent or guardian to ensure the health and safety
of the child and on the basis that the room conditions are
considered satisfactory then the temperature warning
option can be temporarily disabled.
4.9 Vibration
(1)Press < > repeatedly until the vibrator icon appears
on the LCD screen.
(2)Press <▲> and < > to turn the parent unit vibration
ON or OFF.
(3)Press < > button to confirm the selection. And press
< > several times until no menu icon shows on LCD,
ie. back to monitor mode.
When the vibration alarm is activated, the parent unit
vibrates when the sound in the room being monitored is so
loud that the red sound level LED's are activated.
4.10 Voice Activation
The sound detection sensitivity level (VOX) of the baby
monitor can be adjusted. If the baby is a quiet sleeper,
the sensitivity level can be increased so that minor
disturbances can be detected and transmitted to the parent
(1)Press < > repeatedly until [
appears on the LCD display.
(2)Press <▲> and < > to adjust the VOX level to 1, 2, 3, 4,
5 or OFF.
(3)When the VOX function is on (level 1 to 5), the LCD
display will switch off after a 1 min if the detected sound
is below the level selected.
(4)Press < > button to confirm the selection. And press
< > several times until no menu icon shows on LCD,
ie. back to monitor mode.
1/ Level 5 is the most sensitive and so will need to be the
quietest before the LCD will switch off.
2/ The LCD screen on the parent unit will be switched back
on when the sound level of the baby reaches the VOX
threshold or when any key on the parent unit is pressed.
3/ The VOX function is not active when in Camera Scan
4.11 Zoom Mode
The parent unit has x2 digital zoom view function.
(1)When the parent unit is in x1 viewing mode, press and
hold < > key for 2 seconds.
(2)The live viewing area will change to x2 zoom mode
immediately. At the same time four direction arrows will
appear in the middle of the display.
(3) Press <▲> and < > to move the display up and down.
(4) Press < > key to move the display to left.
(5) Press < > key to move the display to right.
(6)Press < > button back to monitor mode to save setting.
Switch back to x1 viewing mode
(1)When the parent unit is in x2 zoom mode, press and
hold < > key for 2 seconds.
(2)x1 magnification icon appears and the screen returns to
x1 viewing mode.
(3)Press < > button to return to monitor mode and save
the setting.
4.12 Selecting a Camera Channel or scan
(1)In monitor mode, press and release < > key, Current
active camera number will be displayed.
(2)Press and release < > key again, it will cycle through
camera 1 to 4 and scan mode.
(3)It only switches to registered camera numbers, for
example, if two camera units are registered, cam 1 and
cam 2, then every short press of the key will go to cam
1 → cam 2 → scan → cam 1 again.
(4)Press < > button to confirm the selection.
(5)In each of the four camera channels, you can set all
other features individually.
(6)If only one camera is registered, then a short press of
this key will have no response.
(7) If more than one camera is registered then when that
camera is selected if the UP/Down button is pressed it
will turn on (C√) or turn off (CX) the camera during the
scan mode.
4.13 Video On / Off
The display can be turned off, the audio will still be
available for the camera units.
(1)During video monitor mode, press and release <Power>
key, LCD is then turned off and receives sound from
camera (Audio only mode).
(2)During audio only monitor mode, if audio level on baby
unit is higher than VOX level then video turns on again.
(3)User also can turn the video on by pressing any key.
(4)If in scan mode audio will still be available for each
camera unit as it is scanned.
4.14 Scan Mode
When multiple cameras are registered to the parent unit,
the scan mode will cycle through each camera, displaying
the image for 10 seconds. The audio for the associated
image will be played, i.e. if camera 1 image is displayed,
you will receive the audio for camera 1. The parent unit
will continue to scan through all cameras connected. If
you need to view a camera for more than 10 seconds,
deactivate the scan mode.
5 Customer Support
Should you experience difficulties operating the SC710 please refer to the troubleshooting guide below. If you still
experience difficulties please contact Oricom Customer Support on 1300 889 785 for assistance.
Equipment does not function
“Out of Range” displaying on parent
Reception interference
High pitched noise from parent unit
- Feedback
−Check both parent unit and baby unit are turned on
Check parent unit is charged or placed in charger
Check baby unit is connected to power.
−Move the parent unit closer to the baby unit.
Try resetting your monitor to avoid busy channels:
1.Turn both Camera and Parent units off and remove the battery in the parent
unit. Leave unplugged for 5mins.
2.If you have Wi-Fi in the home, make it busy by streaming a video on YouTube
or similar.
3.Turn the camera back on wait for 30 seconds.
4.Ensure the antenna on both the parent unit and camera unit is in the vertical
5.Plug the battery into the parent unit and turn on.
If the display is still showing “Out of Range” please re-register the units as
instructed on page 8. When re-registering it is best to keep the camera and
parent units close together (within 1m) and keep clear of all other electronic
devices including mobile phones, tablets or computers.
−Move the parent unit closer to the baby unit.
Reposition the baby unit slightly.
Check for interference from other electronic devices such as Wi-Fi.
−Increase the distance between the parent unit and baby unit.
Reduce the volume on the parent unit.
Amber power LED flashing
Picture but no sound
Picture is in black and white
Picture on parent unit not displaying
Battery not charging
Parent unit beeping
No picture after 10 seconds
Picture changes every 10 seconds
−The battery level is low. Return the parent unit to the charger.
−Increase the volume on the parent unit.
−Night function is active. Increase the light level in the baby’s room if required.
−Switch off parent unit then camera unit. Wait 10 seconds. Switch on the camera
unit then parent unit (in that order)
−Check the battery is connected to the battery connection in the battery
−After a period of time, the battery may need to be replaced due to everyday
usage. Please visit www.oricom.com.au to purchase replacement batteries.
Move the parent unit closer to the baby unit until they are within the range.
VOX function is activated. Turn off VOX if required.
Scan function is on. Turn off the scan function.
6 Technical Specifications
Technical data
(baby unit)
Socket: 5.9 V DC
Sensor: 1 night light sensor
IR diodes: 6pcs
(parent unit)
Screen: 2.4" LCD display
Socket: 5.9 V DC
Battery Pack for Parent unit
Rechargeable Li-ion Polymer Battery pack 3.7 V 1500 mAh
Power supply (parent unit)
AC Power adaptor, input: 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 150 mA
Power adaptor plug, output: 5.9 V DC, 800 mA
Battery performance
Up to 8 hours of continuous operation when new battery is fully charged, with
VOX turned on.
Power supply (baby unit)
AC Power adaptor, input: 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 150 mA
Power adaptor plug, output: 5.9 V DC, 800 mA or 4 AAA Alkaline batteries
Up to 150 meters under optimum conditions.
Range is reduced in buildings through walls, doors etc.
Frequency range
2.4 GHz Digital FHSS
Permissible ambient temperature
0°C to 40°C
For a replacement battery pack or other spare parts please
contact Oricom.
Express Warranty (Australia)
This Express Warranty is provided by Oricom International
Pty Ltd ABN 46 086 116 369, Unit 1, 4 Sovereign Place,
South Windsor NSW 2756, herein after referred to as
Oricom products come with guarantees that cannot be
excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are
entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and
compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or
damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired
or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and
the failure does not amount to a major failure.
Oricom warrants that the product is free from defects in
materials or workmanship during the Express Warranty
Period. This Express Warranty does not extend to any
product from which the serial number has been removed or
was purchased outside of Australia.
Nothing in this Express Warranty excludes, restricts or
modifies any condition, warranty, guarantee, implied term,
right or remedy pursuant to the Australian Consumer Law
and which may not be so excluded, restricted or modified.
For such conditions, terms, guarantees and warranties that
cannot be excluded, restricted or modified, Oricom limits
the remedies available to extent permitted in the relevant
The Express Warranty Period will be 3 years from the date
of purchase of the product evidenced by your dated sales
receipt. You are required to provide proof of purchase as a
condition of receiving Express Warranty services.
You are entitled to a replacement product or repair of
the product at our discretion according to the terms and
conditions of this document if your product is found to be
faulty within the Express Warranty Period. This Express
Warranty extends to the original purchaser only and is not
Products distributed by Oricom are manufactured using
new materials or new and used materials equivalent to
new in performance and reliability. Spare parts may be
new or equivalent to new. Spare parts are warranted to
be free from defects in material or workmanship for thirty
(30) days or for the remainder of the Express Warranty
Period of the Oricom branded product in which they are
installed, whichever is longer. During the Express Warranty
Period, Oricom will where possible repair and if not replace
the faulty product or part thereof. All component parts
removed under this Express Warranty become the property
of Oricom. In the unlikely event that your Oricom product
has a recurring failure, Oricom may always, subject to the
Competition and Consumer Act 2010, at its discretion, elect
to provide you with a replacement product of its choosing
that is at least equivalent to your product in performance.
No change to the conditions of this Express Warranty
is valid unless it is made in writing and signed by an
authorised representative of Oricom.
Oricom will not be liable under this Express Warranty, and
to the extent permitted by law will not be liable for any
defect, loss, damage or injury arising out of or in connection
with a:
1.failure by you to adhere to the warnings and follow the
instructions set out in this user guide for the proper
installation and use of the product;
2.w ilful misconduct or deliberate misuse by you of the
3.any external cause beyond our control, including but not
limited to power failure, lightning or over voltage; or
4.modification to the product or services carried out on
the product by anyone other than Oricom or Oricom’s
authorised service provider.
How to make a claim under your Express Warranty
in Australia
Oricom has a simple warranty process for you to follow:
•Please call or email our Customer Support Team, 1300
889 785 or support@oricom.com.au.
•A Customer Support Team member will verify after
troubleshooting with you if your product qualifies under
warranty. If so, they will give you a Product Return
Authorisation number.
•We will then email or fax a Return Authorisation form
and a Repair Notice (if necessary), together with
instructions on how to return the goods for warranty
Please note that if a Customer Support Team member
advises that your product does not qualify for return, this
warranty does not apply to your product. Products that
are authorised to be returned to Oricom in Australia must
include all of the following:
• A completed Return Authorisation form
•A copy of your Proof of Purchase (please keep your
original copy)
• The faulty product, including all accessories.
Send the approved returns to:
Oricom International Pty Ltd
Locked Bag 658
South Windsor NSW 2756 Australia
Please note that this Express Warranty excludes expenses
incurred by you in returning any faulty product to us. You
must arrange and pay any expenses incurred (including
postage, delivery, freight, transportation or insurance of the
product) to return the faulty product to us, however, we will
arrange delivery of the repaired or replaced faulty product
to you.
Important Information
Repair Notice
Please be aware that the repair of your goods may
result in the loss of any user-generated data (such as
stored telephone numbers, text messages and contact
information). Please ensure that you have made a copy of
any data saved on your goods before sending for repair.
Please also be aware that goods presented for repair may
be replaced by refurbished goods or parts of the same type
rather than being repaired.