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Hydroguard ESP TM Infrared Sensor Shower
for Single and Multiple Shower Applications
Form PS 447S v3
The Powers ESP (Electronic Sensor Plumbing) Touchless Shower System uses solid
state electronics to deliver tempered water to a single shower head. Hydroguard ESP
infrared shower systems rely on infrared technology to sense the presence of a user
and to immediately turn on the water supply, all with hands free operation. The shower automatically shuts off when the bather steps out of the invisible infrared beam, or
when the maximum shower runtime has been reached.
The Benefits of Electronic Sensor Plumbing
• Hygiene: With today’s concern about communicable diseases comes demand for
plumbing fixtures operational without being touched. With no buttons to push or
handles to turn, users can shower without having to touch any plumbing fixtures at
all, thereby minimizing the potential for disease or germ transmission.
• Reduced Water Use: Water shortages and concern for the environment has
sparked concern for minimizing water use and waste. With electronic sensor
plumbing technology, the water runs only when actually needed by the user. You
save not only water usage, but the energy used to heat the water and the sewage
costs to remove the water too!
• Reduced Maintenance: Traditional metering valves are often prone to high
maintenance and mechanical failure, because of their small orifices. Electronic
products are much more reliable with the use of proven solenoid valves, solid state
electronic technology and vandal resistant sensors.
Series 447-1-00-00-K1-0-0
Box transformer
This shower system utilizes infrared technology to emit an infrared beam into the
bathing area. When the bather steps into the invisible infrared field, the sensor
sends a signal to the modular junction box, which then transfers the signal to the
solenoid, which opens and sends water to the showerhead. The shower will
continue to operate as long as the bather stands in front of the sensor, to the
maximum shower time.
Showerhead &
Piping supplied
by others
junction box
The sensor assembly is housed in a rugged brushed stainless steel plate, which
is easily mounted onto the shower wall or can be mounted to a standard size
electrical box behind the wall. The sensor also features two field adjustable
potentiometers, to allow easy adjustment of sensor sensitivity (from 2”–48”) and
maximum shower run time (from 0–14 minutes).
The shower system also features a rugged brass solenoid.
Solenoid valve
Electrical box
(supplied by others)
All components feature unique modular jack connections, similar to those found on
your telephone, to make installation a virtual snap.
CL of electrical box:
41″ to finished floor
All showers are supplied complete with the sensor assembly, transformer (plug
in or box, as specified), 24 VAC solenoid valve, modular junction box and
appropriate mounting hardware.
Figure 1: Typical Shower Installation
• Dramatically reduced water consumption, since water is
running only when bather is in shower.
• Easily set potentiometers allow adjustment of sensor sensitivity
(2”-48’) and maximum run time (0–14 minutes).
• Safe low voltage system with simple modular jacks that can
typically be installed by plumbing trades.
• The infrared sensor is pre-assembled behind a water- and
vandal-resistant, brushed stainless steel faceplate, designed
for surface mounting on the shower wall or assembly onto a
standard electrical box behind the wall.
• Solid state electronics offer all the benefits of metering valves
without the maintenance and repair hassles. With few moving
parts and no mechanical metering devices, this unit is ideal for
high use applications.
• Modular readily available components allow easy repair and
replacement to minimize downtime.
• Commercial grade solenoid valve.
• A unique modular plug-in system reduces installation time and
assures years of dependable service.
• Box mount transformer can power up to eight solenoids.
A plug in transformer is also available as an option.
Shower control shall be electronic and operate on 24V AC. Shower shall be activated by an infrared sensor, which responds to the presence of a
bather in a shower and allows “hands free” activation. Sensor shall be waterproof, housed behind a rugged 304SS surface mount plate and feature both sensor sensitivity adjustment of 2”– 48” and maximum shower time adjustment of 0–14 minutes. Sensor assembly shall also feature an
LED through the sensor lens to indicate sensor activation. Shower system shall include a commercial grade solenoid valve. All sensor and solenoid electrical connections must be accomplished using modular plug type connectors. Transformer shall be Class 2 type UL and CSA listed,
operate on 120VAC, 60 Hz and 24VAC secondary coil, and be of the (box) (plug in) type. Transformer shall power up to eight solenoids, to operate
up to eight showers.
Sensor Construction: Brushed Stainless Steel Plate over
Polyurethane Housing, with two adjustable potentiometers for
sensor sensitivity and maximum shower run time.Sensor Plate is
4-1/2” x 4-3/4” Brushed 304SS with two 11/4” (6–32) screws.
Cable Length: Sensor to Modular Junction Box: 24”, with modular plug connector for easy installation into junction box.
Solenoid Valve to Modular Junction Box: 24”, with modular plug
connector. Maximum allowable cable extensions (optional): 100 ft.
Operating Temperatures: 32°F (0°C)–131°F (55°C)
Control Circuit: Solid State, 21 to 28 VAC,
Adjustable Run Time: 0 to 14 minutes
Modular Junction Box: Plastic with Plug In Connections for sensor and solenoid valve; 2-1/4” x 2”
Sensor Range: Factory preset to 18”; field adjustable from 2”–48”
Shower Time: Maximum shower time is factory preset to maximum time of 14 minutes; field adjustable from 0–14 minutes
Solenoid Valve: Non-metallic, 24VAC, 60Hz, 1/2” solenoid NPT
inlet/outlet connections, with manual override and straight
through flow path. Maximum operating pressure 125 psi.
Maximum fluid temperature: 140°F.
Transformer: Box Type and Plug In Type available. UL listed and
CSA Certified Class 2 Transformers. Primary: 120V 60Hz,
Secondary 24 VAC. Can power up to 8 solenoids.
Componentsr:Infrared Sensor Assembly, Modular Junction Box,
Solenoid Valve, 24 VAC Transformer (box or plug in, as specified),
power cord and mounting hardware.
ADA compliant
447 –
– 0 0 –
Order Code
Transformer (Order separately-See below)
Control Box
Adj. Brass/Arm and Flange (141-377)
Adj. Brass/Arm and Flange (141-376)
Institutional (141-381)
Institutional (141-868)
Institutional (141-903A)
Institutional (141-903B)
Hand Shower
Deluxe (141-163)
Standard (141-827)
Concealed (141-600B)
Transformer (Powers up to 8 solenoids)
Box (444-119)
Plug (444-118)
Box (220V) (444-117)
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