Care, Use and Installation booklet

Care, Use and Installation booklet
Care, Use and Installation booklet
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Warnings and Safety Instructions, 2
Important safety instructions
Grounding instructions
Dryer Descriptions, 3
To open door
The features
Control panel
Start and Programs, 4-6
Choosing a program
Table of programs
The controls
Laundry, 7-8
Sorting your laundry
Wash care labels
Special clothing items
Drying times
Maintenance and Care, 9
When to switch off the electricity
Clean the filter after each cycle
Check the drum after each cycle
Cleaning the dryer
Troubleshooting, 10
Spare parts
Installation, 11-12
Where to put your dryer
Stacking kit
Warranties, 13
Warnings and Safety Instructions
! The appliance has been designed and built
according to international safety standards.
These warnings are given for safety reasons and must
be read carefully.
Important safety instructions
To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or injury to
persons when using your appliance, follow the basic
precautions, including the following:
Read all instructions before using the appliance.
Do not dry articles that have been previously cleaned in,
washed in, soaked in, or spotted with gasoline, dry-cleaning
solvents or other flammable or explosive substances, as they
give off vapours that could ignite or explode.
Do not allow children to play on or in the appliance.
Close supervision of children is necessary when the
appliance is used near children.
Before the appliance is removed from service or
discarded, remove the door to the drying compartment.
Do not reach into the appliance if the drum is moving.
Do not install or store this appliance where it will be
exposed to the weather.
Do not tamper with the controls.
Do not repair or replace any part of the appliance or
attempt any servicing unless specifically recommended in the
user-maintenance instructions.
Do not use fabric softeners or products to eliminate static
unless recommended by the manufacturer of the fabric
softener or product.
Do not use heat to dry articles containing foam rubber or
similarly textured rubber-like materials.
Clean the lint filter before and after each load (see
Keep the area around the exhaust opening and adjacent
surroundings free from the accumulation of lint, dust and dirt.
The interior of the appliance and exhaust duct should be
cleaned periodically by qualified service personnel.
Do not place items exposed to cooking oils in your dryer.
Items contaminated with cooking oils may contribute to a
chemical reaction that could cause a load to catch fire.
This tumble dryer has been designed for home, and not
professional, use.
This dryer must be used by adults, and the instructions in
this booklet should be followed carefully.
Do not touch the appliance while barefoot or with wet
hands or feet.
The appliance must be installed correctly and have
proper ventilation. The air intake at the front of the dryer
and the rear vents behind the machine should never be
obstructed (see Installation).
Check to see if the dryer is empty before loading it.
The back of the dryer could become very hot.
Never touch it while in use.
Do not use the dryer unless the filter and condenser are
securely in place (see Maintenance).
Clean the condenser unit at regular intervals (see
Do not overload the dryer (see Laundry for maximum loads).
Do not load items that are dripping wet.
Tumble dry items only if they have been washed with
detergent and water, rinsed and been through the spin
cycle. It is a fire hazard to dry items that have not been
washed with water.
Carefully check all instructions on clothing labels (see
Do not tumble dry large, very bulky items.
Do not tumble dry acrylic fibres at high temperatures.
Complete each program with its Air Fluff phase.
Do not turn off the dryer when there are still warm items
Never climb on top of the dryer. It could result in damage.
Comply with specified electrical requirements (see
Always buy original spare parts and accessories (see
Grounding instructions
(see Installation)
Improper connection of the equipment-grounding
conductor can result in a risk of electric shock. Check
with a qualified electrician or service representative or
personnel if you are in doubt as to whether the
appliance is properly grounded!
In the event of malfunction or breakdown, grounding
will reduce the risk of electric shock by providing a
path of least resistance for electric current. This appliance
is equipped with a cord having an equipment-grounding
conductor and a grounding plug. The plug must be
plugged into an appropriate outlet that is properly
installed and grounded in accordance with all local
codes and ordinances.
DO NOT modify the plug provided with the appliance:
if it will not fit the outlet, have a proper outlet installed
by a qualified electrician or exchange the cord with an
appropriate one rated for the dryer.
CURRENT REQUIREMENTS (see diagram for location).
The dryer should be connected to the mains supply
via a suitable socket which is accessible after
installing your dryer. This dryer must be connected to
For full details see Installation Instruction sections of this
Dryer Description
To open the door
The features
Rating plate
Press and release the front
panel in position shown
Door latch
Door catch
Air intake
Condenser cover
Condenser cover handle Filter
(Pull to open)
Control panel
Programs Guide
Filter Care
Progress or Delay
The START/CANCEL button starts a selected
program. When you press this button there will be one
beep and the progress lights will flash to confirm the
action. If you have not set a program, the buzzer will
beep four times. When a program is running, holding in
this button cancels the program and stops the dryer
(see Start and Programs).
The Clean Filter light gives a reminder before every
program, that it is essential to clean the filter every
time the dryer is used (see Maintenance and Care).
The OPTION buttons select available options for your
selected program (see Start and Programs).
The ON/OFF button: If the dryer is running and this
button is pressed, the dryer stops. Press again, the
dryer restarts.
The Option lights indicate that the option has been
selected by the button to the left of the appropriate
The Programs Guide gives you a guide to the
available programs.
The On/Off indicator light signals that your dryer is in
use or ready to select a program. If this light flashes it
indicates there is a fault (see Troubleshooting).
The Progress or Delay lights show you the status of
the program, or the delay time when they flash.
During a delayed start the lights will flash to show the
delay selected. When (not flashing) they show each
stage of the program by the corresponding light
turning on (see Start and Programs).
The PROGRAMS knob sets the program: rotate it until
the indicator is pointing to the program you want to select
(see Start and Programs).
Start and Programs
Choosing a program
1. Plug the dryer into the electrical socket.
2. Sort your laundry according to fabric type (see
3. Open the door and make sure the filter is clean
(see Maintenance).
4. Load the machine and make sure items are not
in the way of the door seal. Close the door.
5. If the On/Off light is not lit: Press the ON/OFF
6. Choose a program by checking the Programs Guide
(see Programs) as well as the indications for each
type of fabric (see Laundry).
- Select a program by rotating the PROGRAMS
9. Press the START button to begin.
During the drying program, you can check on
your laundry and take out the items that are dry
while others continue drying. When you close
the door again, press the START button in order
to resume drying.
10. During the last few minutes of Drying Programs,
before the program is completed, the final AIR
FLUFF phase is entered (fabrics are cooled), this
phase should always be allowed to complete.
11. When the program is complete. The buzzer will
sound if the Alarm option was selected.
Open the door, take your laundry out, clean the filter
and replace it (see Maintenance).
If the Post Creasecare option has been selected
and you do not take the clothes out immediately,
the clothes will tumble occasionally for 10 hours or
until you open the door.
12. Unplug the dryer.
7. Set a delay time and other options if necessary.
8. If you wish to select the buzzer, to sound at the
end of the program, press the ALARM Option button.
Easy Iron Program
Easy Iron is a short 10 minute programme (8 minutes of heat followed by a 2 minute Air Fluff period) which fluffs
the fibers of clothing that have been left in the same position/location for an extended period of time. The cycle
relaxes the fibers and makes them easier to iron and fold.
! Easy Iron is not a drying program and should not be used for wet articles of clothing.
For best results:
1. Do not load more than the maximum capacity.
These numbers refer to the dry weight:
Maximum load
Regular Cotton and Regular Cotton mix
5.5 lb / 2.5 kg
Permanent Press
4 lb / 2 kg
4 lb / 2 kg
2. Unload the dryer immediately after the end of the program, hang, fold or iron the articles and put them away.
Should this not be possible, repeat the program.
The Easy Iron effect varies from one fabric to the next. It works very well on traditional fabrics like Regular
Cottons or Regular Cotton mix, and less well on acrylic fibers.
! If the On/Off light is not lit; Press the ON/OFF button and then select program.
What it does...
Sensor Dry
Dries your clothes on HIGH heat 1. Position the PROGRAMS knob
setting, ready for putting away.
2. Select any options, if required.
3. Press the START button.
Options available:
Alarm, Delayed Start,
Post Creasecare.
Dries your clothes on LOW Heat 1. Position the PROGRAMS knob
setting, ready for putting away.
2. Select any options, if required.
3. Press the START button.
Options available:
Alarm, Delayed Start,
Post Creasecare.
Dries wet clothing that you wish
to dry on LOW Heat or small
loads (less than 2 lb / 1 kg).
Options available:
Alarm, High Heat, Delayed
Start, Pre-Creasecare,
Post Creasecare.
Regular Cottons
Cupboard dry
Sensor Dry
Permanent Press
Cupboard dry
Timed Drying
(160, 140, 120,
100, 80, 70, 60,
50, 40, 30 or 20
Air Fluff
Fabric Care
Can be used with HIGH Heat
option if you prefer to use a
timed programme.
How to set it...
1. Position the PROGRAMS knob on
the desired time: 160, 140, 120,
100, 80, 70, 60, 50, 40, 30 or 20.
2. Select any options, if required.
3. Press the START button.
Consult ‘suggested drying
times’ (see Laundry).
The last 10 minutes of these
programs is the Air Fluff
phase (see below).
Brief program (approximately 10 1. Position the PROGRAMS knob
on .
minutes) that cools fibers of
2. Select any options, if required.
3. Press the START button.
Options available:
Brief program (approximately 10 1. Position the PROGRAMS knob
minutes) that softens fibers of
any options, if required.
clothing that is ready for ironing.
3. Press the START button.
! This is not a drying
program (see previous
Easy Iron
Options available:
Start and Programs
The Controls
! Warning, if after pressing the start button, the
programs knob position is changed, the new position
will NOT change the program selected.
! Position 0, turning the programs knob to position 0
resets and cancels a program.
OPTION buttons / lights
These buttons are used to customize the selected
program to your requirements. A program must have
been selected on the programs knob before an option
can be selected. Not all options are available for all
programs (see Start and Programs). If an option is not
available and you press the button, the buzzer will
beep four times. If the option is available there will be
one beep and the option light next to the button lights
to confirm the selection.
Progress (Drying, Air Fluff, Post Creasecare) /
Delay (3hr 6hr 9hr 12hr) Lights
When the light next to the delay button is on, these lights
flash to indicate the delay time is selected. During other
programs they indicate the progress of the dryer, each
one comes on as the corresponding phase starts.
Time Delay
The start of some programs (see Start and Programs)
can be delayed for up to 12 hours in 3hr steps.
When a delayed start is in progress the light next to the
delay button will be on and the selected delay period
light will flash (after the start button has been pressed).
To set a delayed start, press the Time Delay button,
and the light next to the button will come on together
with the 3hr delay light. Pressing the button again will
advance the delay setting to 6hr, the 3hr light goes
out and the 6hr light is on. Each time you press the
button the delay setting advances 3 hours, as indicated
by the corresponding light. If the 12hr light is on,
pressing the button again will cancel the delay.
You can also cancel the delay by turning the programs
knob to 0, wait for the buzzer to beep and then turn
back to your selected program.
Pre Creasecare
When a delayed start has been selected, the clothes
are tumbled occasionally during the delayed period to
help prevent creases developing.
High Heat
When available this button selects high heat. Press this
button and a high heat setting is selected and the light
next to the button comes on. Timed programs have a
default to low heat. If the light alongside the button is
on then pressing the button selects a low heat setting
and the light goes out.
Available on all programs and allows the buzzer to
give a signal at the end of the drying cycle, to remind
you that the clothes are ready to be removed.
Press the button and the light will show that the option
is selected.
Post Creasecare
The clothes are occasionally tumbled after the end of
the drying and air fluff cycles to help prevent creases
developing should you not be available to remove the
load immediately the program is complete.
Door Opening
Opening the door during a program will stop the dryer
and have the following effects:
● All 3 progress lights and the 3hr delay light come
● During a delay phase the delay will continue to
count down. The start button must be pressed to
resume the delay program.
One of the delay lights will flash to show the
current delay setting.
● The start button must be pressed to resume the
program. The progress lights will change to show
the current status.
● During the air fluff or post creasecare phase of a
drying program and anytime during an Airing or
Air Fluff program, the program will finish. Pressing
the start button will re-start a new program at the
● Changing the programs knob will select a new
program, after you press the start button. You can
use this to select the Air Fluff program to cool the
clothes, if you find them dry enough.
If you have a power outage, switch off the power or
remove the plug, press the START button and the
program will resume.
Sorting your laundry
Wash Care Labels
Check symbols on clothing labels to make sure
that the articles can be tumble dried.
Sort laundry by fabric type.
Empty pockets and check buttons.
Close zippers and hooks and tie loose belts and
Wring out each item in order to eliminate as much
excess water as possible.
Look at the labels on your garments, especially when
tumble drying for the first time. The following symbols
are the most common:
May be tumble dried
Do not tumble dry
Tumble dry at high heat setting
! Do not load dripping wet clothes into the dryer.
Tumble dry at low heat setting
Maximum load size
Do not load more than maximum capacity.
These numbers refer to dry weight:
Natural fibres: 7 kg max (15 lb)
Synthetic fibres: 3 kg max (6.6 lb)
What not to tumble dry in your dryer:
! DO NOT overload the dryer as this could result in
reduced drying performance.
Typical weights
150 g
100 g
500 g
350 g
700 g
1000 g
300 g
200 g
125 g
5 oz
3 oz
1 lb 2 oz
12 oz
1 lb 6 oz
2 lb 3 oz
10 oz
7 oz
4 oz
Household Items
Duvet cover
Large Tablecloth
Small Tablecloth
Tea Towel
Bath Towel
Hand Towel
Double Sheet
Single Sheet
1500 g
1000 g
700 g
250 g
100 g
700 g
350 g
500 g
350 g
3 lb 5
2 lb 3
1 lb 6
9 oz
3 oz
1 lb 6
12 oz
1 lb 2
12 oz
10 Diapers
At the end of a drying cycle, cottons could still be
damp if you grouped cottons and permanent press
items together. If this happens simply give them an
additional short period of drying.
Articles that contain rubber or rubber-like materials
or plastic film (pillows, cushions, or PVC rainwear),
any other flammable objects or objects that contain
flammable substances (towels soiled with hair spray).
Glass fibres (certain types of draperies).
Items which have been dry cleaned.
Items with the ITCL Code (see Special clothing
. These can be cleaned with special
at-home dry cleaning products. Follow instructions
Large bulky items (quilts, sleeping bags, pillows,
cushions, large bedspreads etc). These expand
when drying and would prevent airflow through
the dryer.
Special clothing items
Times are approximate and can vary depending
Blankets and Bedspreads: acrylic items (Acilan,
Courtelle, Orion, Dralon) must be dried with special
care on LOW heat setting. Avoid drying for a long
period of time.
Amount of water retained in clothes after spin
cycle: towels and delicates retain a lot of water.
Fabrics: items that are the same type of fabric but
different textures and thicknesses may not have
the same drying time.
Quantity of laundry: single items or small loads
may take longer to dry.
Dryness: If you are going to iron some of your
clothes, they can be taken out while still a bit
damp. Others can be left longer if you need them
to be completely dry.
Heat setting.
Room temperature: if the room where the dryer is
located is cold, it will take longer for the dryer to
dry your clothes.
Bulk: some bulky items can be tumble dried with
care. We suggest that you remove these items
several times, shake them out, and return them to
the dryer until finished.
Pleated or creased garments: read the manufacturer’s
drying instructions on the garment.
Starched articles: do not dry these with non-starched
items. Make sure that as much of the starch solution is
removed from the load as possible before placing it in
the dryer. Do not over-dry: the starch will become
powdery and leave your clothing limp, which defeats
the purpose of starch.
Drying times
The table below presents APPROXIMATE drying times
in minutes. Weights refer to dry garments:
Regular Cottons
High (full) Heat
Drying times 800-1000rpm in washing machine
Half Load
2 lb
4 lb 7 lb
1 kg 2 kg 3 kg
30-40 40-55 55-70
Full Load
9 lb 11 lb 13 lb 15 lb
4 kg 5 kg 6 kg
7 kg
70-80 80-90 95-120120-140
Permanent Press
Low (gentle) Heat
Drying times on reduced spin in washing machine
2 lb
1 kg
Half Load
Full Load
4 lb
2 kg
7 lb
3 kg
Low (gentle) Heat
Drying times on reduced spin in washing machine
Half Load
Full Load
2 lb
1 kg
4 lb
2 kg
! Do not over-dry your clothes.
All fabrics contain a little natural moisture, which
keeps them soft and fluffy.
Maintenance and Care
When to switch off the electricity
Cleaning the condenser unit
! Unplug your dryer when not using it, when cleaning
it and during maintenance activities.
Periodically (every month) remove the condenser unit
and clean any build up of fluff from between the plates
by rinsing it under the tap with cold water.
This should be done with cold water from the rear of
the condenser.
To remove the condenser:
1. Unplug the dryer and open the door.
2. Pull open the condenser cover (see diagram).
Release the three catches by turning 90˚ counterclockwise then pull on the grip and remove from
the dryer.
3. Clean the surface of the seals and replace, making
sure that the catches have been secured.
Clean the filter after each cycle
The filter is an important part of your dryer:
it accumulates lint and fluff that is formed while drying.
When finished drying, clean the filter by rinsing it
under running water or with your vacuum cleaner.
Should the filter become clogged up, the airflow inside
the dryer will be seriously compromised: drying times
lengthen and you will consume more energy. It may
also damage your dryer.
The filter is found in front of the dryer trim (see diagram).
Removing the filter:
1. Pull the plastic grip of the filter upwards (see diagram).
2. Clean the filter and replace it correctly.
Ensure the filter is fully located flush into the tumble
dryer trim.
! Do not use the dryer without replacing the filter.
Check the drum after each cycle
Turn the drum manually in order to remove small items
(handkerchiefs) that could have been left behind.
Cleaning the dryer
External parts in metal or plastic and rubber parts
can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
Periodically (every 6 months) vacuum the front air
intake grille and vents at the rear of the dryer, to
remove any build up of fluff, lint or dust. Also to
remove accumulation of fluff from the front of the
condenser and filter areas, clean occasionally with
a vacuum cleaner.
! Do not use solvents or abrasives.
! Your dryer uses special bearing components which
do not need lubrication.
! Have your dryer checked regularly by authorized
technicians to ensure electrical and mechanical safety.
Cleaning the drum
! Do not use abrasives, steel wool or stainless steel
cleaning agents to clean the drum.
A coloured film may start to appear on the stainless
steel drum, this may be caused by a combination of
water and, or cleaning agents such as fabric conditioner
from the wash. This coloured film will not affect the
dryer performance.
Condenser unit
Condenser cover
Air Intake
Before you call our Customer Care Department, go through the following troubleshooting suggestions:
Possible causes / Solution:
The dryer won’t start.
The plug is not plugged into the socket, or not making contact.
There has been a power outage.
The fuse has blown.
The door is not closed securely?
The PROGRAMS knob has not been set properly (see Start and Programs).
The START button has not been pressed (see Start and Programs).
Drying cycle will not begin.
You have set a delayed time (see Start and Programs).
Its taking a long time to dry.
The filter has not been cleaned (see Maintenance).
The temperature setting is not ideal for the type of fabric you are drying
(see Start and Programs and see Laundry).
The condenser needs cleaning (see Maintenance).
The correct drying time has not been selected for the load (see Laundry).
The air intake grille or rear vents are obstructed (see Installation and see
The items were too wet (see Laundry).
The dryer was overloaded (see Laundry).
Programme finishes and
clothes are damper than
! For safety the dryer has a maximum program time of 3 hours. If an
automatic program has not sensed the required final moisture in this time
the dryer will complete the program and stop. Check the above points and
run the program again, if the results are still damp, contact our Customer
Care Department.
The ON/OFF light flashes to
indicate a fault.
Note down the other lights that are on and contact our Customer Care
If you still have a problem call our Customer Care Department on: 1 888 426 0825
Spare Parts
This dryer is a complex machine. Repairing it yourself or having a non-authorized person try to repair it could
cause harm to one or more persons and to the machine, and could invalidate the spare parts warranty.
Call an authorized service center if you experience problems while using the machine.
Contact number: 1 888 426 0825
Installation Instructions
Read these instructions with care.
These instructions are provided for use by qualified
installers, in addition the installation must comply with:
In the United States, in accordance with the
National Electric Code ANSI/NFPA70 - latest edition
and any State, Municipal or local codes.
In Canada, in accordance with the Canadian
Electric Code C22.1 - latest edition and any
Provincial, Municipal or local codes.
7. Connect the L1, N and L2
On flat cords the center wire
is the Neutral conductor, fit to
the terminal marked ‘N’.
On round cords the Green or
White conductor should be
fitted to the terminal marked ‘N’.
8. Fully tighten the terminal block screws and ground
connection nut, position the cord, finally fully tighten
the strain relief.
9. Refit the cover to the box.
The dryer comes with a four-wire power supply cord
fitted with a 14-30P (plug), a receptacle should be
fitted in a location accessible after the dryer is
installed. The four wire dryer wire cord assembly fitted
must be used when the appliance is installed in a
location where grounding through the neutral is
prohibited. Grounding through the neutral is prohibited
for; new branch-circuit installations; mobile homes,
recreational vehicles and areas were local codes do
not allow grounding through the neutral conductor.
If a 10-30R (receptacle) is installed a locally obtained
3 wire dryer cord kit minimum ratings 240V, 30A, 95C
and marked for clothes dryers (ring terminals) should
be fitted
To fit a 10-30P dryer cord assembly follow the steps
1. Make sure the dryer is not plugged into a power
2. Remove the cover from the cable junction box
located on the rear of the dryer.
3. Remove Green link wire from ground terminal.
4. Loosen the nut securing the cable bush, disconnect
and discard the existing cable and bush.
5. Fit one end of the Green link to the ground terminal
using washer and nut. Position the link wire to the
Neutral terminal (N), but do not fit securing screw at
this stage.
Green link wire.
6. Follow any instructions provided with the kit and fit
the cable using the strain relief supplied with the
kit, do not fully tighten the strain relief at this stage.
Some local codes may require a separate ground. In
such cases the required ground wire, clamp and
screw must be purchased separately.
NEVER ground the dryer to plastic plumbing lines,
gas lines or water pipes.
Where to put your dryer
Check local codes before choosing a location. Some
codes do not permit installation in a garage, closet,
mobile home or bedroom.
DO NOT install the dryer in an area where gasoline or
other inflammable materials are kept or stored.
When operating the dryer, there has to be adequate
ventilation. Make sure you put the dryer in an
environment that is not damp and has proper air
circulation throughout. Airflow around the dryer is
essential to condense the water produced during
washing, the dryer will not operate sufficiently in an
enclosed space or cupboard. If installed in a closet
we recommend that you leave the door open when
the dryer is in use.
! If using the dryer in a small room or cold room some
condensation could be experienced.
Minimum installation clearances:
3/4" (15mm)
1/2" (10mm)
3/4" (15mm)
3/4" (15mm)
Under counter
1/2" (10mm)
3/4" (15mm)
not applicable
If installed in a closet it must have the following
dimensions and have two ventilation openings each
having an area 72 sq.ins. (450 located 6"
(150mm) from top and bottom of the door. It must
NEVER be installed in a closet with a solid door.
The dryer has adjustable height feet, use these to
level the dryer after fitting into its final position.
Installation Instructions
Water drain
Stacking kit
Your dryer needs a drain to discharge the water
condensed during the drying process.
Simply fit the hose provided into this drain, if the dryer
is stacked onto or installed next to a washing machine
it can share the same drain. The drain must be less
than 3' (1 m) above the bottom of the dryer.
The dryer is provided with a stacking kit, which allows
the dryer to be fitted to the top of an Ariston washing
Model AW125NA
Model AW129NA
Model AW149NA
! Make sure that the hose is not squashed or kinked
when the dryer is in its final location.
The kit contains all the necessary brackets and screws.
Tools needed:
No.2 Philips Screwdriver
2mm drill, power or hand drill
Door reversal instructions
(only if stacked on top of washing machine).
Door catch
The door of your dryer is reversible and can easily be
changed. Exchange diagonally the hinge brackets
and blanking plugs. Exchange the door latch and
catch with their opposite blanking plates (see above
For personal safety, DO NOT try to fit the dryer on
top of the washing machine on your own. A second
person should help to lift the tumble dryer onto the
washing machine and to relocate the stacked
washer and dryer.
1. You will need to get to the sides of the washing
machine to fit the stacking kit and dryer. If necessary
pull the machine away from its location to gain
access to the machine to fit the stacking kit and
2. Follow the instructions provided with the stacking
Statement of Warranties
Ariston Clothes Dryer
The warranties provided by (Ariston) in this statement of warranties apply only to Ariston Clothes Dryer sold to the
first using purchaser by Ariston or its authorized distributors, dealers, retailers or service centres in the United
States or Canada. The Warranties provided herein are not transferable.
Length of Warranty
2 Years Full Limited Warranty from the date of installation*
Ariston will repair or replace, free of charge, any component part that proves defective in conditions of normal home
use. Shipping and labor costs included. Warranty repair service must be performed by an authorized Ariston
service center.
3rd - 5th Year Limited Warranty on Electronics from the date of installation*
Ariston will repair or replace, free of charge, any microprocessor or circuit board that proves defective under
conditions of normal home use, 3rd year through 5th year, from the date of original installation, labor charges excluded.
3rd - 5th Year Limited Warranty on Motor from the date of installation*
Ariston will repair or replace, free of charge, any motor or component part of the motor that proves defective under
conditions of normal home use, 3rd year through 5th year, from the date of original installation, labor charges excluded.
Lifetime Limited Warranty against Stainless Steel Rust Through from the date of installation*
Ariston will replace your Clothes Dryer, free of charge, with the same model or a current model that is equivalent or
better in functionality if the dryer drum should rust through under conditions of normal home use, labor, shipping
and installation charges excluded.
10 day Warranty after purchase on cosmetic damages detected
Ariston will replace any cosmetic parts, free of charge - including service call, which are detected damaged within
10 days after purchase. Any damages deemed caused by improper handling, shipping or installation will not be
covered under this clause.
* Date of installation shall refer to the earlier of the date the Clothes Dryer is installed or ten business days after
delivery date.
This warranty does not cover repair or service calls to correct the installation, to provide instructions on the use of
your product, to replace house fuses or correct plumbing or the electric wiring in your home. In addition any repair
to the products that’s use was in a manner other than what is normal for home use is void of any warranty claim. The
warranties exclude any defects or damage arising from accident, alteration, misuse, abuse, improper installation,
unauthorized service work, or external forces beyond Ariston control, such as fire, flood and other acts of God, or
installation not in accordance with local electric or plumbing codes. Labor, shipping and installation charges
incurred in the repair or replacement of any product after a period of one year from the date of installation shall not
be covered by this warranty. Any and all replaced or repaired parts shall assume the identity of the original for the
purposes of the applicable warranty period. To the extent permitted by law, this warranty is in lieu of all other
express and implied warranties, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.
Ariston does not assume any responsibility for incidental or consequential damages.
To obtain warranty services call 1-888-426-0825, or write to:
Ultra 8 International, 2505 Anthem Village Drive, Suite E - Box 562, Henderson Nevada 89052
Be sure to provide; model number, serial number, purchase date and the sellers name and address.
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