3100_personal slimline electronic scale

Elektra Care Personal Slimline Electronic Scale
Your new Elektra™ Care Electronic Scale has been designed to
accurately measure your weight, and should provide many years of
trouble free use if operated and maintained correctly.
Read these instructions before use and keep them safe. If you pass the
appliance on, pass on the instructions too. Remove all packaging, but
keep it until you are satisfied.
Do not use with wet feet.
Do not use when the surface of the scale is wet.
The surface of the scale is extremely slippery when wet.
To avoid injury, ensure that the surface of the scale and your feet are dry
before stepping on to the scale.
Large LCD display
Tempered glass
Automatic zero re-setting
Automatic switch-off
Overload indicator
Low battery indicator
1 x CR2032 Lithium battery, included.
Maximum capacity – 150KG/330LB
Division: 0.1kg/0.2lb
Power Supply
1 x CR2032 Lithium battery, included.
Replace the batteries only when "LO" appears on the LCD display.
Directions for use
1) Place the scale on a hard, flat surface (avoid carpeted floors).
2) To switch on the scale, tap the front centre of the platform with your
foot and wait a few seconds until the zero appears on the display.
3) When the zero appears the scale is now ready for weighing.
Step on the scale.
4) Stand still on the scale with your weight evenly distributed, and
wait while the scale measures your weight.
Your weight will then be displayed.
1) If you step on the scale before the zero appears on the display, the
message "Err" will be displayed. If this happens, step off the scale
and wait until it has switched itself off before repeating step two.
2) To ensure the most accurate reading:
Always weigh yourself on the same scale placed on the same floor
surface. Please note that uneven floors may affect readings.
Weigh yourself without clothing and footwear, before meals and
always at the same time of day.
Units of Measurement
Your Elektra Care scale can display your weight in kilograms, pounds
and stone. The selector switch can be found on the underside of the scale.
The smallest units of measurement are 0.1kg/0.2lb
Automatic Switch Off
When you step off the scale it will automatically switch off after approximately 5
Overload Indicator
When the scale is overloaded, i.e. over its maximum capacity, the message
"O-Ld" will appear on the screen.
Low Battery Indicator
When the battery needs replacing, the message "LO" will appear on the
To change the battery remove the battery cover on the back of the scale and
carefully remove the battery from the battery compartment by drawing them
sideways out from under the contacts.
Do not bend the contacts back whilst removing the battery as they may break.
Please dispose of batteries in the correct manner.
Care Instructions
Clean your scale with a damp cloth but do not allow water to get inside the
The top of this scale becomes slippery when wet - please take care when
weighing yourself.
Do not use chemical cleaning agents.
Do not allow your scale to become saturated with water as this can damage
the electronics.
Keep your scale in a cool dry place.
Keep your scale in the horizontal position when storing it.
Remove the battery if the scale is not going to be used for a long period of
Do not jump on or drop the scale.
This product can only be used with static pressure. Avoid breaking the
glass by striking, shocking or dropping.
Children should only use the scale whilst under adult supervision.
After Sales Service
The appliance is not user-serviceable. If it is not working properly check:
1. You have followed the instructions properly.
2. The battery is the correct battery and has charge.
3. The battery is making contact with terminal.
If the appliance still does not work, contact the Service Centre.
TEL: 011 393 1328
FAX: 011 393 1501
EMAIL: technical@sp-africa.com
Any defect affecting the functionality of the appliance which becomes apparent
within one (1) year of its purchase, will be corrected by free repair or
replacement, provided that the appliance has been used and maintained in
accordance with the instructions, and has not been altered/modified, abused or
misused in anyway, and is accompanied with a Proof of Purchase to validate
the age of the appliance.
Model: 3100
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Kempton Park, South Africa, 1610
Tel: 011 393 – 1328
Fax: 011 393 – 1501
Email: info@sp-africa.com