Tactivo for iPad mini
& Tactivo for iPad Air
Work, Collaborate, and Share
Information Securely From
Your Mobile Device
By leveraging smart card credentials, Tactivo for iPad mini and Tactivo
for iPad Air allow you to move seamlessly from desktop to mobile device
while keeping networks and valuable data safe and secure.
Smart Card Authentication
Government and enterprise organizations can now
work, collaborate, and share information securely
in a mobile environment. With a smart card and
any number of Tactivo integrated apps, users
can move from their desktop to a mobile device
without compromising security.
Available for Virtually Any iOS App
The Precise iOS Toolkit enables developers to
implement self-contained authentication or
integrate with third-party identity managers and
service providers, so Tactivo can be used with a
virtually unlimited number of apps.
Tactivo Solutions Ecosystem
The growing Tactivo solutions ecosystem
includes a wide variety of apps to address your
mobility needs including secure email, browsing,
messaging, encryption, and and signing to name
of few.
Government Compliance
Supports U.S. smart card credentials including
Attractive Case Design
Tactivo for iPad mini and Tactivo for iPad Air have
a one-piece design, further improving the user
experience. Tactivo maintains access to the iPad
buttons and connectors, including the ability to
charge the iPad without removing the case.
The Smart Card is
inserted into the
back of the Tactivo
Precise Biometrics Inc: Precise Biometrics Inc., 11951 Freedom Drive, 13th Floor, Reston, VA 20190
Tel: 800.609.0578 sales_us@precisebiometrics.com
Product Features
iPad case with built-in smart card reader
One-piece design for optimal user experience
Designed to accomodate the iPad Smart Cover
Toolkit enables integration to other apps,
third-party identity managers and
service providers
>> Guardian Case (sold separately) is
available for added protection
Tactivo for
iPad mini
8.54” x 5.55” x 0.55”
4.13 oz
(217 x 141 x 14mm)
(117 grams)
Tactivo for
iPad Air
10.12” x 6.7” x 0.61”
6.67 oz
(257 x 177 x 15.6 mm)
(189 grams)
>> Supports iOS 7.0 or later
>> Connects to iPad directly through the
native Lightning connector
>> iPad charging through wall outlet with micro USB without removing case
>> Upgradeable firmware
>> Integration into 3rd-party apps using
Precise iOS Toolkit
>> Apps available through the Apps store and
various enterprise solutions. For more
information please visit our website at
iPhone, iPad and Smart Cover are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered
in the U.S. and other countries. iPad Air and iPad mini are trademarks
of Apple Inc.
Made in the USA
Smart Card Reader
>> Supports ISO 7816-4, T=0 & T=1, Class A & B
(5V and 3V)
>> Supports PIV, PIV-I, CAC, and TWIC cards
>> Supports embossed cards
>> Temperature: Operational 32-95° F (0-35° C),
Transport -4-113° F (-20-45° C)
>> Humidity: 5-95% relative humidity
Compliance and Certification
>> FCC (Part 15 Class B) and CE
>> FIPS 201-compliant for PIV and HSPD-12
>> GSA APL Government Services Administration
(GSA) Approved Products List (APL)
LACS Mobile Transparent Reader Category
>> RoHS and WEEE compliant
Related Products
>> Tactivo for iPhone 4/4S and Tactivo for iPhone 5/5S
>> Tactivo for iPad2/iPad (3rd generation)
and Tactivo for iPad (4th generation)
>> Tactivo mini for iOS
>> Precise iOS Toolkit
Guardian Case
Guardian Cases for Tactvio provide an extra layer of
ruggedized protection when you need it most. They are
perfect for military, field, and hospital use, or any situation where your Tactivo and iPad require extra protection.
Guardian Cases are sold separately. Avaliable for Tactivo
for iPad mini & Tactivo for iPad Air.
Precise Biometrics Inc: Precise Biometrics Inc., 11951 Freedom Drive, 13th Floor, Reston, VA 20190
Tel: 800.609.0578 sales_us@precisebiometrics.com
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