1. T-Bar (limited to one
4. Ear Cushion
8. Headset Cable
5. Click-Stop Turret
9. Clothing Clip
2. Adjustable Headband
6. Boom
10. Quick Disconnector
3. Adjustment Rod
7. Microphone
11. RJ9 Modular Connector
receiver product)
The headset is equipped with a quick disconnector. Users can connect the
headset to a special adapter to connect to your IP phone.
The headset is fitted with a standard modular connector.
To use the headset mode, simply insert the modular connector into the
headset port of a compatible telephone.
To adjust the headband, lengthen or shorten the adjustment rod until it fits
comfortably. The click-stop feature keeps the headband securely adjusted.
Position the headset receiver so that the foam cushions sit comfortably over
the center of your ears.
On models with only one receiver, position the T-bar above your ear.
Hold the receiver securely against your ear with one hand. With the other
hand, use the boom to adjust the microphone to about one finger distance to
your lips.
The clothing clip helps to keep the headset properly positioned and free from
the cord's weight. Attach the clothing clip at a comfortable level to liberate
your hand.
The Yealink YHS32 is compatible with all of the Yealink IP phones. We will take Yealink SIP-T28P IP
phone as an example to make a brief description.
1. When an incoming call arrives to your extension, press the HEADSET key to answer it by the
headset mode.
2. During a conversion, press the HEADSET key or pick up the handset, the conversion will switch
between the headset mode and the handset mode.
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