SMP 111
Multipurpose Adaptable Platform
for Recording and Streaming
AV Presentations
AA Process live, high resolution HDMI
video and audio with metadata
AA Stream and record simultaneously
AA High quality scaling with aspect ratio
control, size, and position
AA Produces MP4 media files that are
compatible with virtually any media
AA Automatic file uploading
AA RTMP streaming protocol supports
popular third party hosting services
The convergence of AV and IT continues to create new opportunities
to their IT policies. Lastly, the media must be published in a format
for AV integrators. The scale, flexibility, and reach of IP networks
that can be easily delivered and consumed.
offer an incredible opportunity to extend live presentations to
individuals unable to attend an event due to time, distance, or other
physical barriers. Streaming and recording are effective ways that
organizations can use to communicate and educate, by capturing
the presentation experience and delivering that same information
and insight to viewers anywhere.
Extron Streaming and Recording
The SMP 111 is a high performance recording and streaming
processor for capturing and distributing AV sources and
presentations as live streaming and recorded media. The
SMP 111 accepts an HDMI signal with embedded audio and an
analog audio signal. Extron high performance scaling and flexible
Streaming Solutions Require Flexibility
signal processing enable superior display of content of varying
Any organization with a network and an AV presentation system can
resolutions from computers and HDTV sources. The SMP 111
enjoy the benefits of streaming. Today’s streaming systems must
supports extensive streaming capabilities. It can record and stream
be compatible with high resolution source signals, including high
simultaneously, with independent resolutions and bit rates using
definition cameras. They must reliably present video that enhances a
a range of transport protocols and session management options.
user’s insight into the live experience. Streaming products must also
Recording with the SMP 111 provides easy capture of live HDMI
conform to different network policies and operating requirements by
signals to internal flash storage and external USB drives. Requiring
supporting multiple transport protocols and session management
no licensing fees, the SMP 111 is a compact, flexible, and cost-
methods. Additionally, the ability to record at a high resolution
effective solution for streaming and recording content.
while streaming at a lower resolution or bit rate addresses network
bandwidth requirements.
The SMP 111 is complemented by Entwine™ Enterprise Media
Platform. This platform is used to administer users, groups, and
Recording Requirements for Presentations
recordings produced by the SMP 111. Entwine EMP also processes
To efficiently produce, manage, and distribute recorded
the recorded media into file packages that provide a data-rich
presentations, a variety of requirements must be met. Effective
playback experience using the Entwine VideoLounge™ player, a
systems record media that can be easily processed and transferred
browser-based media player that can be operated from virtually any
to a variety of storage formats. The recorded media must be
computer or mobile device.
efficiently processed with rights-managed user access, operating
within an organization’s standard network services and conforming
A Cost-Effective Solution
Comprehensive control and configuration features make the
SMP 111 integration-friendly and easy to control and operate.
Requiring no recurring licensing fees, it has a low cost of ownership,
making it a cost-effective solution for delivering presentations to a
larger audience.
Many Applications Benefit from Streaming and Recording
The SMP 111 is ideal for applications that require simple recording
of a single video signal with audio and metadata. It provides MP4
or M4V file format recordings integrated with metadata, chapter
and event marking. It is also ideal for applications that require
live streaming to remote participants, hosting services, or local
confidence viewing. The SMP 111 can be adapted to many
applications, documenting virtually any meeting, conference, or
activity that uses an AV source as a reference. The SMP 111 is ideal
for use in corporate, education, government, and rental and staging
Presentation Recording & Streaming
Signal Processing Simplifies Setup and Operation
from 512x288 through 1920x1080, including 480p, 720p, or
Like many other Extron AV products, the SMP 111 offers
1080p, supporting a variety of storage, and playback requirements.
comprehensive digital and analog signal processing features
Recordings can include metadata such as: Title, Creator, Subject,
that make it easy to connect with various presentation sources.
Description, Publisher, Contributor, and Date, making searching,
EDID Minder automatically manages EDID communications to
indexing, and managing multiple recordings more efficient.
ensure sources power up properly and a reliable output signal
Chapter marks can be set during recording sessions, providing
is provided. Auto-Image automatically adjusts source sizing,
highly efficient searching and scanning during file playback. JPEG
centering, and filtering and Auto Input Memory saves the size,
thumbnail images are captured periodically and for specially marked
position, and picture settings of incoming signals, ensuring that
events, and the thumbnail image size is selectable. Extron recording
sources present properly. Comprehensive picture, aspect ratio, size,
packages include thumbnail images, chapter marks, metadata, and
and position controls provide quality images.
the recorded video and audio. The combination of a high resolution
Highly Adaptable FlexOS Platform
FlexOS is Extron’s flexible, embedded operating system that
manages and controls additional functions within the SMP 111.
FlexOS makes the SMP 111 easily-adaptable to new requirements
over time for a multitude of streaming, recording, processing,
control, and presentation applications.
Flexible System Control Options
Many different control capabilities are available from the SMP 111.
The front panel buttons and LED indicators provide a simple
interface to manage, monitor, and control the unit for a wide variety
of applications. The SMP 111 also features an RS-232 port and an
Ethernet port to interface with remote devices and control systems.
AV signal, on-screen data, metadata, thumbnail images, and chapter
marks make navigation of SMP 111 recordings highly efficient and
effective. MP4 recordings can be saved to internal flash storage, a
USB storage device, or a defined network storage directory. USB
storage devices connect easily to the SMP 111 from the front or rear
Content Management and Publishing Options
The SMP 111 produces MP4 or M4V media files with chapter
marks, JPEG thumbnail images, and metadata supporting a datarich playback experience from content management systems. It
can be configured to integrate directly with Extron’s Entwine EMP
enterprise media platform for lecture capture and distribution, or the
Opencast Video Solution. It also integrates with the Kaltura Hosted
A mini USB control port is available on the front panel of the
Video Platform. SMP 111 AV recordings can be automatically
SMP 111 to support direct configuration from a PC. Alternatively,
transferred to network shares or FTP servers for a simplified
a USB port on the rear of the unit is available for connection to a
workflow. Recording packages may also be manually uploaded
keyboard and mouse, to serve as the interface for the embedded
to third party content management systems such as iTunes-U,
web browser. The browser can be viewed from the HDMI output
Blackboard LMS, SharePoint, CaptionSync, YouTube, Moodle, and
connection and serves as a convenient method to access network
setup and control.
Extensive Streaming Capabilities
Powerful Tools for Monitoring and Management
The SMP 111 offers flexible encoder settings to allow for high
Simple Network Management Protocol – SNMP traps, email, and
resolution, high bit-rate recordings while also offering the ability to
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol – SMTP can deliver messages to
stream at a lower resolution and bit-rate to reduce network impact.
support staff or monitoring systems when signal errors or encrypted
Bit rates can range from 200 Kbps to 10 Mbps for video and
sources are detected, or when storage nears capacity, allowing for
80 Kbps to 384 Kbps for audio. Push and pull streaming sessions
proactive service. Operational system data is logged continually,
are supported, offering a range of streaming transport protocols and
detailing recording sessions, storage directory use, file names,
session management methods. These capabilities provide flexibility
metadata, and storage capacity. This information provides valuable
to stream from the SMP 111 to a variety of devices in different
data for evaluating usage patterns and operating concerns.
system configurations and network conditions.
Recorded Media Enhanced with Data
The SMP 111 produces an MP4 or M4V container format
compatible with virtually any media player. It records at resolutions
Process live, high resolution
HDMI video and audio with
Stream at resolutions from
512x288 to 1080p/30
Audio mixing and DSP
Combines high quality video and audio with
supporting data for cataloging and indexing
to produce an enhanced presentation
High resolutions deliver superior quality
images for overflow applications and lower
resolutions are more efficient for streaming
distribution and confidence viewing
Produces a quality audio experience
without requiring the use of external mixing
and DSP equipment.
Stream and record
Supports HDMI with embedded
and analog audio
Document presentations, view confidence
streaming, or extend live media to overflow
destinations without the need for a
computer or additional equipment.
High quality scaling with
aspect ratio control, size, and
Configurable aspect ratio control allows
selection of FILL, FOLLOW, or FIT modes
as well as zoom and position settings.
Produces MP4 media files that
are compatible with virtually
any media player
Use recordings produced by the SMP 111
directly with any software media player,
computer or mobile device.
Automatic file uploading
Manage the transfer of recordings
automatically using defined workflows to
Hosting Services, FTP, Secure FTP, and
CIFS network shares.
RTMP streaming protocol
supports popular third party
hosting services
Supports RTMP push streaming
with stream name or key, and user
authentication for services like YouTube
Live, Wowza Streaming Cloud, Facebook
Live, Ustream, and more.
Works with these hosting services
Supports source resolutions
up to 1920x1200, including
HDTV 1080p/60
The SMP 111 supports a wide range of
input resolutions, from standard definition
up to the resolutions commonly used for
computer video and HDTV.
Facilitates the mixing of embedded
AV audio with analog stereo audio for
compatibility with AV presentation systems.
Records audio, video and data
to a media folder
Recordings contained within the folder
include a standard MP4 or M4V audio
and video recording, as well as metadata
including data fields such as Title, Subject,
Description, Presenter, Date etc. The
folder provides a complete package of all
captured elements.
Save recordings to internal
storage, external USB storage,
or network storage
Configure the SMP 111 to save recordings
to internal storage and external USB drives
simultaneously. Permits the creation of both
an archive copy, and a portable USB copy.
HDMI output with audio
Presents a preview of the presentation with
mixed, HDMI-embedded stereo audio.
Mark Chapters for quick
Events or chapters can be marked, both
periodically, time based, or manually by
front panel, or a control system. Chapter
marks permit directly jumping to those
indicated points of the recording during
Capture thumbnails
Thumbnails are captured at native
resolution or set to 848x480, defined by the
archive encoder settings. Periodic capture
of images during the recording facilitates
rapid scanning to desired visual section
during playback.
Record at 512x288 thru
1920x1080, including 480p,
720p, or 1080p
Use standard video resolutions or computer
resolutions based on the desired content or
viewing requirements.
Directly compatible with
Entwine EMP, Opencast, and
Kaltura Hosted Video Platform
Configure to automatically send recordings
to content management systems for
processing and posting of content.
Compatible with third-party
content management systems
Manually upload recordings to systems
such as iTunes-U, Blackboard LMS,
SharePoint, CaptionSync, YouTube,
Moodle, and RSS feed.
RS-232 and Ethernet control
The SMP 111 interfaces with AV control
systems via serial or Ethernet using Extron's
SIS™ - Simple Instruction Set command
USB remote control port
Configure communication settings using
a keyboard and mouse while viewing
the embedded webpage, or connect the
optional RCP 101 remote control panel
for extended front panel operation and
convenient thumb drive access.
Standards-based H.264
/ MPEG 4 AVC video
The SMP 111 supports use of the Baseline,
Main, or High Profiles at Levels 4.x, or
3.x providing the ability to optimize video
coding for use with various types of
applications and decoding devices.
Auto Input Memory
The SMP 111 automatically stores size,
position, and picture settings based on the
incoming signal. When the same signal is
detected again, these image settings are
automatically recalled from memory.
Encoding presets for quick
recall of compression settings
The SMP 111 provides 16 customizable
presets for specific encoding and streaming
parameters. Users can quickly switch
between these encoder presets to support
different applications.
License-free operation for to a
low cost of ownership
With no licensing or support fees, the
SMP 111 is a cost effective solution for AV
streaming and recording.
Front panel recording controls
Alarm LED
Front-mounted USB port
Configurable visual indication
when an alarm is triggered.
Front-panel USB port makes connecting
portable storage devices easy for "capture
and carry" recording sessions.
Start, stop, and pause recordings using the front panel
transport controls. Identify notable events using the Mark
button to aid the search, playback, and review of recordings.
SMP 111 - Front
Configuration port
The front panel USB port provides
convenient access to control the
unit directly from a PC.
HDMI LED indicates when an active
input signal is present while the
HDCP LED provides visual feedback
of HDCP encrypted content.
Audio LED indicators
Internal flash storage
Discrete level indicators for
HDMI audio, analog audio input,
and audio output provide a
visual reference for signal level
and aid in troubleshooting.
Save recorded contents to internal
flash storage and reliably transfer
media files to USB or network
USB control port
Rear USB storage port
USB port provides no-fuss connection
to rack-mounted storage devices.
RS-232 serial port
Control and manage the unit from AV
control systems and serial RS-232
devices in real-time.
Rear panel USB port and power output provide
convenient connections for extending recording
transport controls and USB storage to an optional
RCP 101 Series remote control panel.
SMP 111 -Back
HDMI input
Analog audio input
HDMI output
Ethernet port
HDMI video and embedded audio
support for compatibility with
commonly used AV sources and
camera signals.
Stereo line level input for recording
analog stereo audio sources. Audio
source is user selectable: analog only,
embedded HDMI audio, or analog audio
mixed with embedded HDMI audio.
Provides a local preview of the
streamed output.
Multi-purpose Ethernet port for
streaming transport and transfer
of recordings to network storage
directories. It also serves as the
interface for AV control systems and
the embedded web interface.
Embedded Web Interface
The embedded webpage allows easy access to configuration settings, as well as monitoring of video and audio signals
Intuitive Interface for Configuration
Efficient Signal Management and Operation
The SMP 111 has an embedded web interface, which makes it
The embedded web page interface presents the controls for
simple and easy to navigate and configure a wide array of signal
managing input and output signals. It identifies signal presence,
processing, recording, streaming, and automated functions. The
mute, audio level, and recording status. User controls are
embedded web page provides all of the detailed settings in a tabular
provided for transport functions and chapter marks during
format organized by function. It is used to configure publishing and
the recording process. Additional processing controls are
file transfer parameters and provides valuable tools for managing,
provided for: aspect ratio management, audio mixing and level
monitoring, and troubleshooting. The embedded web page makes it
adjustment, as well as full encoder configuration and presets.
easy for AV support staff and IT departments to control and manage
A small preview window in the embedded web page decodes
the streaming processor.
a live view of the encoder process. Changes in settings and
parameters are applied immediately with no restarting or
loading required.
RCP 101 Series - Remote Control Panels for SMP Series
Extron RCP 101 Series remote control panels feature backlit transport controls for
remote operation of Extron SMP Series products. A USB port provides convenient
access to a thumb drive or external portable storage. RCP 101 panels have status
and alarm indicator lights with an audible buzzer. A 15 foot (4.5 meter) USB cable is
included. RCP 101 panels may be used with Extron USB Extender Plus Series twisted
pair extenders to support distances up to 330 feet (100 meters). Available in decoratorstyle, MK, and EU versions; the EU version is compatible with Flex55 enclosures or
EU junction boxes. RCP 101 Series panels include black and a white faceplates to
RCP 101 D
RCP 101 EU
compliment a wide range of environments. MK model is available in white only.
Instructors, trainers, athletic departments, and media centers benefit from the SMP 111 Streaming Media Processor, and are able to record
and stream their sessions with ease. Providing a flexible platform to record to both the internal flash storage and provide a duplicate copy on
a USB drive, makes the process of documenting an event very efficient. Coupled with the ability to automatically upload the recordings to
content management systems after the session, and provide a live stream to services such as YouTube, and Facebook Live all at the same
time, makes this a complete system in a very small package. Supporting an HDMI source, such as a camera, computer, or an entire upstream AV system, the input scaling engine manages resolution changes and matches the desired recording and separate streaming resolutions.
Adding a microphone or auxiliary audio source in addition to the HDMI source audio is easily configured, and the two audio sources can be
mixed together. Flexible streaming presets allow for rapid adjustment of streaming configurations to serve multiple tasks, such as streaming to
an overflow room before switching the stream to a hosting service.
Live Stream
Remote Viewer
Content Delivery Networks
Watch on any device
Confidence Monitor
Recorded Content
SMP 111
50-60 Hz
Tx Rx G
1.0A MAX
Content Management System
SMP 111
Overflow Room
Stream to a remote location
RCP 101
Remote Control
1.0A MAX
SMD 101
Tx Rx G
SMD 101
Media Decoder
Number/signal type1 HDMI digital video (HDCP content not supported)
Resolution range480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 640x480 to
*reduced blanking
FormatRGB and YCbCr digital video
USB configuration port1 front panel female mini USB B
Mouse and keyboard portConnect via any USB ports on SMP 111.
USB control portConnect to optional accessory RCP 101.
USB standardsUSB 1.1, USB 2.0, high/full/low speed hosts
Serial control
Serial control port1 bidirectional RS-232, rear panel 3.5 mm captive screw
connector, 3-pole
Remote power(1) +12 VDC power on 3.5 mm, 2-pole captive screw
connector 1.0 A max
Ethernet control
Ethernet host port1 female RJ-45
Ethernet data rate10/100/1000Base-T, half/full duplex with autodetect
Maximum Transmission Unit68-1500 MTU, adjustable
StreamingPull: RTP/RTCP (RFC 3550), RTSP (RFC 2326), Interleaved
RTSP (RTP/RTSP), RTP/RTSP tunneled through HTTP
unicast or multicast
Push: MPEG2-TS/UDP* (ISO/IEC 13818-1), MPEG2-TS/
RTP* (RFC 2250, IPTV-ID-0087, ETSI TS 102 034), Direct
RTP (RFC 3984), SAP (RFC2974), SDP (RFC4566), unicast
or multicast, RTMP
TransportTCP, UDP, multicast IGMPv3 (RFC 3376) or unicast
All supportedIGMPv3 (RFC 3376), IP, UDP, SSL, DHCP, HTTP, HTTPS,
RTP, RTSP, SNMP V2 (RFC 1213), SAP (RFC2974), SDP
(RFC4566), QoS (RFC 2474), NTPv4 (RFC 4330)
Digital sampling8-, 10-, or 12-bits per channel, 165 MHz pixel clock
Digital processing4:2:2, 8-bits per color
CompressionH.264/AVC (ITU H.264, ISO/IEC 14496-10) 4:2:0, 8-bit
Encoding profiles: High, Main, Baseline;
Encoding levels: 4.1, 4.0, 3.2, 3.1, 3.0; configurable GOP
Bit rate200 kbps to 10 Mbps
Bit rate controlSelectable (variable, constrained, or constant)
Latency130 msec* (encode), 600 msec* (encode/decode)
*Indicates minimum latency. Encoder, decoder, and
network dependencies apply.
Number/signal type1 H.264/AVC digital video over Ethernet
1 HDMI digital video
Scaled resolutionHDMI output/record: 480p, 720p, 1080p, 512x288,
1024x768, 1280x1024
Stream: 480p, 720p, 1080p, 512x288, 1024x768,
Frame rateUp to 30 fps for all output rates
FormatsH.264/AVC (Profile type: High, Main, Baseline. Profile level:
4.1, 4.0, 3.2, 3.1, 3.0)
File system for USB storageFAT32, NTFS, VFAT long file name extensions, EXT2, EXT3,
File typesH.264 and AAC in an MP4 container, M4A, JPEG, JSON,
File transfer protocolsFTP, SFTP, CIFS
Network file share protocolsCIFS/SMB, NFS
Internal storage capacity32 GB SDHC
External USB ports1 (front panel), 1 (rear panel), USB 2.0
(max. current 1.5 A)
Font file format(TrueType) TTF, (OpenType) OTF
Number/signal type1 stereo (balanced or unbalanced)
Number/signal type1 stereo, digital de-embedded from HDMI
Power supplyInternal
Input: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Power consumption23 watts typical
Thermal dissipation50 BTU/hr
Enclosure dimensions1.66" H x 8.68" W x 9.5" D (1U high, half rack wide)
(4.2 cm H x 22.1 cm W x 21.6 cm D)
(Depth excludes connectors.)
Regulatory compliance
SafetyCE, c-UL, UL
EnvironmentalComplies with the appropriate requirements of RoHS and
SMP 111
Version Description
Single Channel Recorder –­ 32 GB
Part number
Sampling rate16 bit, 48 kHz or 44.1 kHz sampling
CompressionAAC-LC MPEG-4 (ISO/IEC 14496-3:2005)
Bit rate80 kbps to 320 kbps, stereo
Number/signal type1 stereo, HDMI (re-embedded audio)
1 AAC-LC digital audio over Ethernet
For complete specifications, please go to www.extron.com
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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