Epson WorkForce 1100
Bulk Ink System Chip Reset Instructions
The SubliJet QuickConnect, ChromaBlast QuickConnect and ArTainium EasyFlow for the Epson
WF1100 use a Bulk Cartridge System in place of the individual Epson (OEM) cartridges. The Bulk
Cartridge System has a single chip that will need to be reset periodically. The exact reset frequency
will depend upon the number of images printed, the size of the images, and the print settings selected.
Once the printer ‘recognizes’ that the Bulk Cartridge System needs
to be reset, it will cease to print, and the orange ink out light will
start to flash.
On the Epson printer panel, press the ink out button until the
ink carriage moves into the far right position.
2. On the Bulk Cartridge System, Press the reset button for approximately 10-15 seconds.
3. On the Epson printer panel, press the ink out button to initiate
the cartridge recognition cycle. The printer will begin to reset
and recharge. After the printer has completed the recognition
cycle, the orange ink out light will turn off. At this point, the Bulk
Cartridge System has been successfully reset, and the printer
is again ready for use.
NOTE: If the reset process described does not reset your bulk ink
system, please contact Technical Support:
Phone: (888) 253-1679
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