NPR1200 datasheet for MVP

Ericsson NPR1200
Network processor
The Ericsson NPR1200 is a highly flexible network processor designed to bridge the broadcast and IT
worlds in order to deliver linear TV content to connected devices using HTTP Adaptive Streaming
technology. It is an ecosystem integration point, bringing together ecosystem components for monetizing
multiscreen via targeted advertising and live-to-file catch-up TV asset generation.
Providing a highly efficient segmentation, encryption and publishing solution, the Ericsson NPR1200 ingests
the multiple profiles per service needed for HTTP Adaptive Streaming and segments them using the HLS
(HTTP Live Streaming) and Smooth Streaming formats. It can encrypt using a variety of DRM systems, and
can then publish onto multiple delivery networks, including an operator’s own on-net HTTP delivery network
or a global 3rd party CDN (Content Delivery Network).
The Ericsson NPR1200 is a core product of the Ericsson Multi-screen Video Processing solution. It also
perfectly complements the Ericsson SPR1200 Multi-screen Stream Processor, which offers market-leading
density and hence solves the inherent scaling issue that arises in the move from a world with a single
stream per service to one with multiple streams per service.
Available in two configurations, Base and High Throughput, the Ericsson NPR1200 is part of Ericsson’s
Multi-screen Video Processing solution for linear multi-screen TV delivery and more widely of Ericsson’s
Highly Integrated with the Multi-screen Ecosystem
HTTP Adaptive Streaming
Multi-screen is inherently about ecosystems. The Ericsson NPR1200
fits perfectly into Ericsson’s complete end-to-end multi-screen offering,
including content acquisition, delivery and back-office/portal
management. In addition, the Ericsson NPR1200 is integrated with a
diverse range of partners, such as DRM vendors and global CDNs.
HTTP Adaptive Streaming is a technology for delivering Linear
and VOD content over HTTP networks. Inherently such
networks have varying bandwidth availability, meaning video
used to have to rely on large buffers or very low encoding
quality to provide continuous playback.
Software-based Architecture for Responsiveness and
HTTP Adaptive Streaming overcomes this by generating
multiple profiles per service. Each profile represents a quality
level that corresponds to different encoding bit rates and
Every multi-screen system will be different, and the Ericsson
NPR1200’s software-based architecture enables the flexibility
necessary to adapt to every customer network architecture. In
addition, it allows new formats to be added without changing the video
processing head-end. The software architecture also perfectly
complements the high density, optimised hardware-based platform of
the Ericsson SPR1200 Multi-screen Stream Processor.
A Two-Box Solution for Adaptability to Any Network
Together, the Ericsson SPR1200 and Ericsson NPR1200 form a twobox multi-screen solution. This allows packaging to be at the optimal
point in the delivery network, for example decentralised from the
compression head-end, in order to support multicast-capable
networks or to mix national and regional content.
Each profile is generated by a multi-screen transcoder, such
as the Ericsson SPR1200. The set of profiles representing a
service must then be broken up into small (<10 seconds
duration) file segments, by a segmenter such as the Ericsson
NPR1200. Each client can then seamlessly jump between
quality levels as the local bandwidth availability varies, to
ensure an uninterrupted playback experience.
Monetize Multiscreen
Turning multiscreen from a cost into a revenue source is the next big
challenge. Ericsson is ready, and has a complete ecosystem for
enabling multiscreen targeted advertising and live-to-file conversion
for catch-up TV asset generation. Given all monetization routes are
inherently ecosystem deployment, Ericsson is uniquely positioned to
be able to offer and deploy such propositions due to its unique
systems integration heritage.
01-2013 v3
Ericsson NPR1200 Multi-screen Network Processor
Ericsson NPR1200 Base Platform
 Ingest multi-profile services using MPEG-TS
 Out-of-the-box compatibility with Ericsson SPR1200 Multi-screen
Stream Processor
 Segmentation boundaries marked using Ericsson Mezzanine
Format (EMF)
 Support for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Smooth Streaming and
 Closed Captions:
 Pass-through of closed captions
 Conversion of DVB teletext or closed captions into DFXP timedtext for insertion into an fMP4 sparse track (Smooth Streaming)
 Advertising
 Detection of SCTE35 within input streams
 Marking-up of HLS playlist files to tag advert insertion
 Integration with advertising ecosystem
Content Protection
 Support for HLS encryption and Microsoft PlayReady (including
internal key generation)
 External Key Management Servers: integration to wide variety of
partners (please contact Ericsson for the latest information)
 1RU Chassis
 Gigabit Ethernet (100/1000BaseT) on all interfaces
Standalone configuration
NPR12/BAS/AC, FAZ 101 0191/1
 Dual AC power supplies
NPR12/BAS/DC, FAZ 101 0191/2
 Dual DC power supplies
Redundant Pair 1+1 configuration
Pair of units for 1+1 active/active redundancy
NPR12/BAS/AC/R, FAZ 101 0191/5
 Dual AC power supplies
NPR12/BAS/DC/R, FAZ 101 0191/6
 Dual DC power supplies
Ericsson NPR1200 High Throughput Platform
 1RU Chassis
 Output interface upgraded to 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GBaseT)
 Optional licensable throughput extensions to increase throughput
capacity from 1Gbit/s to up to 3Gbit/s
Standalone configuration
 Throughput: max 1Gbit/s (Base Platform) or up to 3Gbit/s (High
Throughput Platform)
HLS manifest file manipulation to generate playlist variations
(example: limit HD to premium subscribers)
Support for multiple publication points to support parallel on-net and
off-net delivery models
Pre-integrated with all leading CDNs
Integrated origin server, supporting up to 1500 simultaneous
Linked 1+1 Redundancy mode for simplified integration with
delivery network redundancy schemes
NPR12/BAS/H/AC, FAZ 101 0191/3
 Dual AC power supplies
NPR12/BAS/H/DC, FAZ 101 0191/4
 Dual DC power supplies
Redundant Pair 1+1 configuration
Pair of units for 1+1 active/active redundancy
NPR12/BAS/H/AC/R, FAZ 101 0191/7
 Dual AC power supplies
NPR12/BAS/H/DC/R, FAZ 101 0191/8
 Dual DC power supplies
Control and Monitoring
 Web GUI for device set-up
NPR12/SWO/ADS, FAZ 101 0191/xxx
 Monitoring via nCompass Control by Ericsson
NPR12/SWO/ADS/R, FAZ 101 0191/xxx
 License to enable SCTE35 processing on one TV service
The Ericsson NPR1200 is a core component of the Ericsson
Multi-screen Video Processing solution. This solution is
applicable to multiple deployment scenarios, including digital
turnaround; as an extension to existing head-ends; and in
green-field applications.
The Ericsson NPR1200 forms part of the Multi-Platform
Stream Processors family that also features two high-density
transcoder products, the Ericsson SPR1200 Multi-screen
Stream Processor and the Ericsson SPR1100 Broadcast
Stream Processor.
01-2013 v3
Ericsson NPR1200 Multi-Screen Network Processor
Input Interfacing
Physical and Power
2x Electrical Ethernet (10/100/1000BaseT)
Dimensions (H x W x D)
CE marked
EMC Compliance
Output Interfacing
1.70 x 16.78 x 27.38 inches (4.32 x 42.62 x 69.53
cm) (without bezel)
1.70 x 16.78 x 28.02 inches (4.32 x 42.62 x 71.16
cm) (with bezel)
Safety Compliance
14.51 kg (31.00 lbs)
EN60950-1, IE60950-1, UL60950-1
Base Platform: 2x Electrical Ethernet
High-Throughput Platform: 2x Electrical Ethernet
CISPR 22; EN55022; EN55024; ICES-003;
CNS13438; GB9254; K22; K24; EN61000-3-2;
EN61000-3-3; FCC CFR47 Part 15B Class A
Input Voltage
100 VAC to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
-36 VDC to –72 VDC
Key Management Interfacing
4x Electrical Ethernet (10/100/1000BaseT) allowing
for two dedicated, redundant Key Management
(for simplicity, Key Management servers may also
be optionally connected via the Control network)
Input Power
750W (AC PSU) or 1200W (DC PSU)
Power Consumption
Environmental Conditions
Operating Temperature
2x Electrical Ethernet (10/100/1000BaseT)
10°C to +35°C (50°F to 95°F)
User management via web browser
Storage Temperature
nCompass Control by Ericsson for monitoring
alarms (optional)
-30°C to +60°C (-22°F to 140°F)
Relative Operating Humidity
10% to 90% (non-condensing)
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Ericsson maintains a policy of product improvement and reserves the right to modify the specifications without prior notice.
01-2013 v3
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