Avaya E129 SIP Deskphone - Headset

Avaya E129 SIP Deskphone
The first in the
new Avaya E100
Series of devices,
the Avaya E129
SIP Deskphone
packs all the
essential call
handling features
you’d expect in an
affordable, yet
highly functional
SIP phone.
Cost-effective SIP deskphone provides
essential call handling features and superior
audio quality
Ideal for use in location-based
situations – such as in lobbies,
waiting rooms, warehouses,
classrooms and retail spaces –
the E129 SIP Deskphone
delivers basic SIP telephony
capabilities, enabling
enterprises to replace older
analog or digital phones with
today’s technology.
The Avaya E129 deskphones
enable users to transfer, mute,
forward and place calls on
hold as well as initiate ad-hoc conferences with the press of a button.
This phone includes three context sensitive soft keys, five hard
buttons for basic functions, including conference, speaker volume
and directory access for up to 500 entries. The full duplex
speakerphone allows for hands-free conversations, and its Power
over Ethernet port offers convenient access to the company network.
The Avaya E129 SIP Deskphone has the right calling capabilities and
is both affordable and attractive.
SIP Telephony*
Get today’s basic Session Initiation
Protocol (SIP) communications
technology at an affordable price,
allowing features such as full duplex
speakerphone quality, access to call logs
and address books, and visual message
waiting indicator. Administrators prefer
SIP phones for their built-in redundancy
The Features You Value Most
For certain situations, such as phones
used in office lobbies, waiting rooms, or
retail stores, key phone features are
needed. The Avaya E129 phone provides
all the basic call handling capabilities
you’ll need, and then exceeds those
needs with such features as
programmable softkeys, full duplex
speakerphone, and dual Ethernet ports.
and survivability and the dual Ethernet
10/100 port allows PCs to connect to
the network.
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Built For Your Business
price; best choice for location-based
You expect the best from Avaya, and the
communications situations
E129 SIP Deskphone delivers. It’s a high
quality deskphone with a modern, sleek
design that offers the right features at
the right price.
Ease of use: Simplified user interface
enables walk-ups, visitors, and
occasional users to communicate
quickly and with ease
Exceptional value: Includes the most
frequently-used call handling features
Reduced costs: Get the right
communications capabilities at the right
with the quality you expect from Avaya
• G.722 wideband audio
• Full-duplex speakerphone
Call Handling
• Basic SIP
• Single line, 2 calls/line operated with “flash” key
* Mute/Unmute
* Last number redial
* Transfer
* Forward
* 3-way ad-hoc conferencing; supports basic, generic, open-standards SIP features above (no Avaya Aura® Advanced SIP Telephony features are supported)
User Interface
• Monochrome 128x40 pixel display (2¾” x 1”), with three rows
• Three context-sensitive softkeys
• Status indicators
Software compatibility
• Avaya Aura® platform R6.2 Feature Pack 3 and above
• Avaya IP Office 9.0.3 and above
• Dual 10/100 Ethernet ports
* Headset jack (RJ9 connector)
Power Requirements
• For customers requiring AC power, international AC power adapters sold separately.
About Avaya
Avaya is a global
provider of business
collaboration and
solutions, providing
unified communications,
contact centers,
networking and related
services to companies
of all sizes around
the world. For more
information please visit
• Compatible with Power over Ethernet (PoE); requires PoE Class 1 settings
Support for the following languages**:
English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese,
Spanish, Russian, and Simplified Chinese
* The Avaya E129 SIP Deskphone does not provide Avaya Aura® SIP Telephony. The SIP technology provided is open, standards-based Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).
**Currently, the administrator documentation and web user interface are available in English only.
Learn More
To learn more and to obtain additional information such as
white papers and case studies about the E100 Series of
devices, please contact your Avaya Account Manager
or Authorized Partner, or visit us at www.avaya.com.
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