Condensed Specifications
(Contact XiTRON for complete specifications.)
Amplitude: 0.05% + 0.005%/kHz for any single
input and for matching between any inputs
multiply by 2 for voltages in excess of 300Vpk
Phase: 0.05° + 0.005%/kHz between A and B
on same range, + 0.0025°/kHz per range when
differing ranges, + 0.05°/kHz between unpaired
inputs, multiply by 2 for voltages in excess of
Noise: 20nV + 0.00001% of full-scale range/√Hz
of measurement bandwidth
DC Offset: 100μV + 0.03% of full-scale range
Distortion: -80dB at any harmonic
Voltage Range: 10mV to 1000Vpk full scale
(10Vrms max for 50Ω input) in 3:1 steps. Fixed or
auto range
Trigger Level: Zero, TTL, ECL, CMOS, or Variable.
1% of input range accuracy Bandwidth: >2.5MHz
or user-defined upper limit in the range of 5Hz to
100kHz (-3dB)
Configuration: Balanced Differential BNC input
pairs with separate Guard binding posts. DC + AC
or AC only coupling (0.1Hz cut off). Guard may be
externally driven or internally connected to either
input Lo
Impedance: 600kΩ to Guard from each input
node, selectable 50Ω input impedance, in parallel
with less than 35pF
Common Mode: Guard isolated from ground
(100MΩ | | 1000pF) for voltages <1000Vpk. Inputs
may have voltages to Guard of up to the larger of
the range full-scale value or 10V. CMRR referred
to Guard is >80db for frequencies up to 10kHz,
decreasing linearly to >60dB at 100kHz. CMRR
referred to ground is >140dB at DC to 10kHz,
decreasing linearly to >100dB at 100kHz
Current inputs are as voltage inputs with an
internal current shunt, yielding full-scale current
ranges of up to 300mA peak in 3:1 steps.
Maximum burden is 250mV External shunts may
optionally be used on the voltage inputs to extend
the current ranges up to 20A RMS
Power: 80 – 265 Vrms autoselect, 40 – 400 Hz @
25VA max
Size: 7”h x 17”w x 14”d
Weight: 20 lbs
Operating Range: 0°C to 50°C, less than 85% RH
at 40°C (non-condensing)
Storage Range: -30°C to +65°C, less than 95%
RH at 40°C (non-condensing)
Two Years
Two-Input Phase Angle Voltmeter
12 Channel Analog Output, 16 ChannellDigital Output
Rack Adapter Kit
Additional 6250 Operating Manual
All 6250 instruments have IEEE488, RS232 and
Parallel Printer Interfaces as standard.