Xerox Document Centre 440
Xerox Document Centre 432
Xerox Document Centre 425
Imagine that.
The freedom to achieve . . .
Xerox Document Centre
Output Speed (printing and copying)
Letter/8.5 x 11"/216 x 279mm
Legal/8.5 x 14"/216 x 356mm
Ledger/11 x 17"/279 x 432mm
First-image-out time (8.5 x 11"/
216 x 279mm from platen)
40 images per minute (ipm)
24 ipm
20 ipm
3.9 seconds
Xerox Document Centre
Output Speed (printing and copying)
Letter/8.5 x 11"/216 x 279mm
Legal/8.5 x 14"/216 x 356mm
Ledger/11 x 17"/279 x 432mm
First-image-out time (8.5 x 11"/
216 x 279mm from platen)
32 images per minute (ipm)
24 ipm
20 ipm
3.9 seconds
Xerox Document Centre
Output Speed (printing and copying)
Letter/8.5 x 11"/216 x 279mm
Legal/8.5 x 14"/216 x 356mm
Ledger/11 x 17"/279 x 432mm
First-image-out time (8.5 x 11"/
216 x 279mm from platen)
25 images per minute (ipm)
24 ipm
20 ipm
3.9 seconds
Get more work done faster . . . and better.
With Document Centre 440/432/425.
Digital Copier
Print/Copy/Fax Print/Scan/E-mail/Copy
Designed to be digital from the ground up, Document Centre
440/432/425 offers outstanding performance to smaller workgroups
and offices. It gives you the features you need to improve productivity,
and wraps them all up in a compact but powerful package.
Give your people the freedom to achieve with a system to match
their capabilities.
From a digital copier to a fully configured multifunction system,
Document Centre 440/432/425 uses intelligence to deliver unmatched
productivity in its class, saves time and money, and frees your people
to create more value for your company.
Document Centre 440/432/425 integrates paper and digital documents
effortlessly, so you can share them quickly and easily around your office
or around the world. Multifunctional and multitasking, Document Centre
gets more work done because it can do more than one thing at a time,
producing job after job with virtually no time in between. It’s easy to
install and maintain in your network environment. And you can consolidate single-function assets to save on supplies and maintenance costs.
With its SMart network controller, Document Centre 440/432/425 is
so intelligent that it can manage input, output, and on-board queuing
concurrently to minimize the load on your network and increase effective
print speed. The result: cost-crunching productivity gains.
Document Centre grows with you and saves money, too.
An uncompromising design and ongoing enhancements deliver superior
services: print, scan, e-mail, copy, fax. Its modular and upgradeable
design means you can tailor a system to meet your current requirements,
while laying the foundation for your future.
Network Printing
SMart Network Controller
System Disk
Printer Languages
(auto switching)
Intel® Celeron 300 MHz
64 MB RAM, uses system disk for virtual memory
4.5 GB
Adobe PostScript 3
PCL 6 (PCL 5e)
600 x 600 dpi
Macintosh Print Utility
Job Tracking Utility (Conductor)
Secure print
• Watermark
Delay print
• Fit to new paper size
Sample set
• Cover selection
Booklet creation
• Transparency interleave
Paper selection by attribute • Multi-up
Banner sheet enable/disable
Ethernet 100BaseT/10BaseT, 10Base2, 10Base5 via adapter
IEEE 1284 Parallel (compatibility mode)
Token Ring (optional)
Microsoft Windows 2000, NT 4.0, Millennium (Me), 98, 95
Novell NetWare 3.2, 4.1x, 5.x • MacOS 8.x, 9.x, OS X
Solaris 2.5.1, 2.6, and higher • HP-UX 10.2, 11.x
IBM-AIX 4.2 and higher
• SGI 6.2 and higher
SCO UnixWare 7.0.1
DEC Alpha True64 and higher
Linux Intel:
- Red Hat
- Caldera
- Mandrake (LPRNG printing infrastructure)
- Corel (i386)
- TurboLinux (i386)
- SuSE (i386)
Linux Power PC
- TurboLinux Server 6.0.2
TCP/IP: Internet Printing Protocol, LPD, Raw Socket Printing,
AppleTalk: EtherTalk
Adobe PostScript 3: 136 Adobe PostScript Type 1 fonts
PCL 6: 45 MicroType fonts
Printing via CentreWare
CentreWare Services
Printing Features
Print Protocols and Networks
Network Operating
Systems (verified)
Network Protocols
Administration Protocols
SMart Network Controller
More processing power for faster
system performance. Uses system
disk for 128 MB virtual memory.
Page description language auto
sensing and switching.
through third-party transforms.
Printing via CentreWare
Easy-to-use Xerox CentreWare
software lets users manage each
step of the document cycle from
the desktop.
Provides direct submission of
TIFF and PDF files without the
need to open the file, increasing
Highest quality image output—
text, photo, or mixed. Or superior
image grayscale.
Print Protocols and Networks
Compatible with all commonly
used networks and the most
commonly used operating
systems. Seamlessly integrate
Document Centre into your
network environment.
Print Drivers
Adobe PostScript 3
Enhanced and Standard**
Enhanced and Standard
Print Submission Tools
Solaris 2.5.1, 2.6, and higher
SCO UnixWare 7.0.1
SGI 6.2 and higher
HP-UX 10.2 and higher
DEC Alpha True64 and higher
IBM-AIX 4.2 and higher
LPRNG printing infrastructure
Linux Intel and Linux Power PC
Windows 95/98/Me/
NT 4.0/2000
Submission Tool only
Submission Tool with
full feature set (includes
administration, GUI/TTY
print driver, and software installation)
Submission Tool for any TIFF or PDF file
* Enhanced: An icon-based custom print driver
** Standard: A traditional printer description-based print driver
Print Processing
Concurrently receives, RIPs, and
prints jobs. RIPs once, prints many
in 1-N order.
Print Features
Hold up printing confidential documents until you release them.
Schedule off-hour printing of large
documents for maximum machine
Proof complex jobs before
committing to a full run.
Create signature booklets with a
watermark, automatically.
Print at the Document Centre from
a floppy disk for convenience or at
times when the network is down.
For the complete list of print driver
support, visit
Windows 95/98/Me
(WHQL certified)
Windows NT 4.0
(WHQL certified)
Windows 2000 (WHQL certified)
Windows NT 4.0 DEC Alpha
Macintosh System 8.x, 9.x
Document Centre for
Macintosh, Windows
CentreWare Internet Services
Submit and monitor print jobs
and machine status from
anywhere—from your intranet
to the World Wide Web.
CentreWare Internet Services
Device Status
Print Queue Viewing
Device Administration
Browsers (verified)
Job Submission
Network Scanning (optional)
Network Scanning (optional)
Seamlessly bridges the gap
between paper and digital with a
true, multifunctional architecture.
Scan directly to the network via
the embedded SMart controller.
Experience scanning technology
that’s faster, more precise, and as
easy as copying.
Transform paper originals into live,
editable documents via a simple
drag-and-drop interface.
Maximum Scan Area
Secure Access
Network Protocol
File Formats
Scan Destinations
Scan to applications such as
DocuShare, Lotus Notes/
Domino.doc, FlowPort,
Documentum, and many others.
Scan to file servers with up to six
user-defined metadata fields.
E-mail Features (optional)
Directly send hard-copy originals
to any e-mail address, across
corporate intranets or anywhere
in the world over the Internet.
Distribute documents quickly,
reliably, and securely using your
existing network.
• Scan while the system is printing copy or network print jobs,
or while it is transferring scan-to-network or fax jobs
• 600 x 600 dpi
• 400 x 400 dpi
• 300 x 300 dpi
• 200 x 200 dpi
• 100 x 200 dpi
• 11 x 17"/279 x 432mm
• Device login with network user name and password
• Supports Kerberos (Windows/UNIX), SMB (Windows/
NT 4.0), NDS (Novell NetWare)
• Novell (NCP via IPX/SPX)
• FTP via TCP/IP
• Single- or multiple-page TIFF 6.0 with G4/MMR compression
• PDF (image only)
• Scan to network server
• Scan to e-mail via CentreWare Scanning Services using
MAPI-32 bit compliant e-mail client
• Scan to application (workflow, EDMS)
• Scan to Microsoft Exchange Public Folders
• Scan to PC Desktop™
- CentreWare Network Scanning
- ScanSoft PaperPort
- ScanSoft TextBridge
- Document Centre Image Retriever
E-mail (optional)
Maximum Scan Area
Network Protocol
Broadcast to distribution lists in
one simultaneous operation.
Secure access capability requires
network user ID and password for
Web server embedded on SMart network controller
Tray status/contents
Consumable status
Personal job print queue management—hold,
release, and delete
Promote, release, and delete
Print-ready files
Output feature selection
Device install, site settables, configuration options,
and remote reset
Windows 2000/NT 4.0/Me/98/95: Netscape Navigator
4.0/4.5/4.6/4.7, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x/5.x
Macintosh 8.6/9.0: Netscape Navigator 4.0/4.5/4.6/4.7
Solaris 2.5/2.6/2.7 (SunOS 5.5/5.6/5.7): Netscape Navigator
4.6/4.7, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x/5.x
Solaris 8 (SunOS 5.8): Netscape Navigator 4.0/4.5/4.6/4.7,
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x
Directory Access
File Formats
Direct e-mail from the device
600 x 600 dpi
400 x 400 dpi
300 x 300 dpi
200 x 200 dpi
100 x 200 dpi
11 x 17"/279 x 432mm
SMTP, MIME encoded
Optional secure device login with network user name
and password
Kerberos (Windows/UNIX)
SMB (Windows)
NDS IPX/SPX (Novell NetWare)
Optional PIN-based guest login
Corporate address list via LDAPv3
Downloaded address list (comma-separated file format)
Single- or multiple-page TIFF 6.0 with G4/MMR compression
PDF (image only)
Sides (input:output)
Digital Imaging
Copy Pre-collation Memory
Special Features
Foreign Device Interface
RS-232 Port (optional)
1:1, 1:2, 2:2, and 2:1
1 to 999
600 x 600 dpi x 8 bit
Original type selection (text, auto, photo)
Auto rotation (90° or 270° when needed)
• Image shift
Edge erase
• Auto centering
• Lighter/Darker
Background suppression
• Contrast
Dedicated 2.1 GB disk storage
Variable zoom from 25% to 400% in 1% increments
Anamorphic zoom
Six customer-programmable percentages
Auto paper select
Auto reduction/enlargement to fit selected paper size
Auto registration
Auto tray switching
Automatic job recovery
Booklet creation
Multi-up—4 to 1 maximum for 8.5 x 11"/216 x 279mm
Transparency dividers (blank or printed)
Annotation (position, start on page N, large/small fonts)
Covers insertion (front and back, blank or printed)
Build Job
Store and recall job programming
Job interrupt
Bound document copying
Sample set
Mixed-size originals
• Standard interface to third-party access control devices
• PC interface for upload/download of internal auditron data
Copy Features
“Trayless” duplex means no limit
to the number of two-sided output
Scan once, print many saves wear
on originals and produces multiple
copies at rated speeds.
Xerox-patented AutoIQ® (automatic
image quality) optimizes capture of
mixed text, graphics, and photos.
Shift images up to 2.0" (50mm) in
0.05" (1mm) increments, and erase
top, bottom, left, and right margins
up to 2.0" (50mm) in 0.05" (1mm)
Anamorphic zoom adjusts vertical
and horizontal reduction/enlargement separately to fit copy pages.
Factory pre-set reduction/enlargement at 200%, 154%, 129%, 78%,
64%, and 25%, plus 100%.
Create signature booklets
Build Job feature enables special
programming for different pages
in one document.
Scans mixed-size originals.
Fax Send Features
Fax Receive Features
Fax Reports
Fax Receive Mailboxes
Auto Dialing
Network (LAN) Faxing
• ITU (CCITT) Group 3 quality/resolution of 400 x 400,
300 x 300, 200 x 400, 200 x 200, 200 x 100 dpi
• V.34 modem: 33,600 bps. Less than 4 seconds per page transmission time. ISDN via third-party adapter
• Auto fax transmission reduction
• Page-by-page job status at the machine
• Fax from platen
• Automatic cover sheets
• Delay start
• Priority send
• Automatic memory resend
• Broadcast
• One-sided cover sheet with two-sided fax
• Choices of paper and finishing options same as network fax
• Reduction at reception to fit available paper
• Junk fax prevention
• Activity report
• Transmission confirmation
• Broadcasting
• Pending fax
• Dial directory
• Up to 200 password-protected mailboxes
• 10 group send allowing up to 20 recipients per group
• Total of 200 speed dials
• Batch send
• Auto redial
• Fax phonebook for individuals and groups
• Cover page with sender and recipient information
• Resolutions of 400 x 400, 200 x 200, or 200 x 100 dpi
• Confirmation report
• Force 4,800 bps speed
Network Fax Server Integration (optional on ST)
Document Scanner
Secure Access
Fax Send Features
Fax Print Features
Supported Network
Fax Vendors
Duplex Digital Document Scanner with 50-sheet capacity
Optional user login and password
One- or two-sided scanning • Phone number entry
Add to send list (50 numbers maximum)
Delay send (specific time)
Resolution selection (fine, standard)
Image quality selection (normal, text, halftone, photo,
background suppression, 7 levels of contrast, 7 levels of
One- or two-sided printing
• Number of copies
Staple on/off
• Collate on/off
Secure print on/off
Finisher output tray selection (top tray or main tray)
Captaris RightFAX, Omtool, Biscom, and SpectraFAX
(others pending Xerox certification)
Embedded Fax (1 or 2 lines)
Convenient embedded fax
enables faxing from a standalone Document Centre.
Fax at machine-rated speeds, up
to 50 sheets at a time.
Fax concurrently while copying or
printing; with two phone lines,
send and receive concurrently.
Secure Fax Receive prevents
printing until authorized release.
Send or receive one- or two-sided
faxes (up to ledger/11 x 17"/
279 x 432mm), and print them
on special paper, stapled. Use
the secure feature for faxes that
are for your eyes only.
Network Fax Server Integration
Provides hard-copy capture for
fax (with custom user interface
for walkup programming) and
hard-copy output of fax when
integrated with a Xerox certified
network fax server.
Embedded Fax (optional)
Administrative Tools
Xerox has gone to great lengths
to simplify the tasks of the network administrator who installs
and manages Document Centre
products. A variety of applications, tools, and snap-ins is
available for each connected
model. You can use tools
developed by Xerox especially
for Document Centre or, if
preferred, you can use a number
of industry-standard device
management tools alone or in
combination with Xerox software.
Xerox CentreWare Admin
A suite of Xerox-developed
software tools designed to ease
network installation, configuration, and administration is
provided with every connected
Document Centre. Designed to run
on Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, and
2000 clients, CentreWare includes
the Device Install Admin Wizard
and the Device Discovery Wizard.
Xerox Web-based Services
CentreWare Web is a Windows
2000 server-based solution
enabling the management of
a fleet of Document Centres
across a corporate intranet using
standard browsers. CentreWare
Web works in concert with
CentreWare Internet Services,
the HTTP server that is embedded
in every Document Centre network controller. Through most
browsers you can set up or
change configuration options,
as well as monitor device status
and properties.
Network Operating System
Native Tools
Xerox provides compatibility
with administrative tools and
environments available with the
most popular network operating
systems. Document Centres can
be managed through both
Microsoft Management Console
and Novell Enterprise Print
Service, eliminating the need
to install and learn how to use
a separate application.
Third-Party Applications
Xerox has also developed an
array of snap-ins for widely used
administrative applications provided by other vendors. If you
have already invested in current
software provided by Computer
Associates, IBM, or HP, you can
continue using those applications
to manage Document Centres.
Management Support
CentreWare Administration
(gateway for Document
Xerox PrinterMap (TCP/IP
and NetWare IPX/SPX)
Xerox CentreWare for
Unicenter TNG
Xerox CentreWare for
Tivoli NetView
Xerox CentreWare MC for
Microsoft Management
Console (MMC)
Xerox CentreWare for
HP OpenView
Xerox CentreWare Web
Xerox Plug and Print 2000
• SNMP Version 1 and SNMP Version 2c trap
MIB access (IETF-MIB II RFC 1213, Host Resources
MIB RFC 1514, Printer MIB RFC 1759)
• Device Discovery Wizard
• Device Administration Wizard
• Font Management Utility
• Server gateway application: Centralized management
tool provides streamlined installations via printer agents,
automated printer driver installation and downloads, printer
and job configuration, configurable event notification
• Desktop application: Provides enterprise printer management
with a proactive, single view topology map to manage
multiple vendors’ printers; view printers by attribute, model,
or other administrator-defined group
• Provides added identification to the general discovery
performed by Unicenter TNG and the ability to see the
Document Centre under a Unicenter TNG Business Process
View. Provides full integration with event management and
the choice to integrate with problem management and
advanced Help Desk
• Provides for the identification of Xerox N Series printers
and Document Centre multifunction devices in the general
discovery performed by Tivoli NetView. Also provides the
ability to see the discovered Xerox printers/devices in a
Xerox Printers SmartSet in addition to the Printers SmartSet.
Finally, provides full integration with the NetView and Event
Browser and Tivoli Enterprise Console (TEC)
• CentreWare MC Snap-in supports printer discovery and
management via a Microsoft Management Console (MMC)
link to an embedded web server in NT and Windows 2000
environments. It is a general-purpose management display
framework for hosting administrative tools
• Provides for the identification of Xerox N Series printers
and Document Centre multifunction devices in the general
discovery performed by HP OpenView. Also provides the
ability to see the current status of discovered Xerox printers/
devices under a Xerox Printer Map and IP Map via colorcoded icons. Finally, provides traps and message updates
to the OpenView alarm browser and the ability to launch
CentreWare for Internet Services for device management
directly from OpenView
• A Windows 2000 server application for network administrators that permits web browser-based device management
from any workstation, whether running Windows or UNIX
or any other operating system. It provides help with device
discovery and installations, health checks and troubleshooting, and device upgrades, as well as basic accounting and
asset management. It includes device and queue views as
well as preconfigured and customizable groups
• Plug and Print 2000 (PnP2000) is an administrative service
program that simplifies enterprise-wide printer installs and
relocations for Windows 2000 environments. The product
discovers devices, automatically installs devices, enables
sharing printers to users, and provides install reports—all
through a user-friendly interface
ERP SAP R/3 Output Management Solutions
Xerox Device Types for
SAP R/3 Environment
Xerox SAP R/3 Intelligent
Barcode Utility
• Simplifies printing in SAP R/3 environments by providing
users of SAP R/3 v4.6C, 4.x, and 3.x ERP applications with
enhanced Document Centre printing functionality
(Adobe PostScript and PCL):
- Simplex or duplex printing
- Finishing—single or dual stapling
- Tray Pull Location from six different trays
- Print security via PIN ID capability at the Document Centre
• Provides built-in process intelligence that allows the printing
of barcodes on any appropriately configured Adobe
PostScript printer on the SAP R/3 4.x (or higher) network.
Used in conjunction with Xerox Device Types for SAP R/3
Environment and Xerox Font Center Barcode Fonts. Utility
automatically calculates check sum, placement of start/stop
characters, and encoding of data string
Duplex Automatic Document Handler
• 50 sheets
• 40/32/25 images per minute (ipm) 8.5 x 11"/216 x 279mm
long edge feed (LEF)
Paper Sizes Sensed
(North America)
• Statement/5.5 x 8.5"/140 x 216mm LEF or short edge
feed (SEF)
• Letter/8.5 x 11"/216 x 279mm LEF or SEF
• Legal/8.5 x 14"/216 x 356mm SEF
• Ledger/11 x 17"/279 x 432mm SEF
• 16 to 32 lb./60 to 120gsm
Front-Loading Paper Trays
• Up to four
• 500 sheets each
• Adjustable from statement/5.5 x 8.5"/140 x 216mm to
ledger/11 x 17"/279 x 432mm
(5.5 x 8.5"/140 x 216mm in Tray 1 only)
• 16 to 24 lb./60 to 90gsm (Tray 2 capable of 28 lb./105gsm)
• Letterhead
• Preprinted forms
• Labels
• Transparencies
• Hole-punched
• Card stock
• Recycled paper
Envelope Tray (optional)
• 70 envelopes at 24 lb./90gsm
Envelope Sizes
• 6.5 x 3.9"/165 x 99mm to 10 x 7"/254 x 178mm
Envelope Weights
• 16 to 24 lb./60 to 90gsm
Bypass Tray
• 50 sheets
Paper Sizes
• 4.13 x 5.83"/105 x 148mm to ledger/11 x 17"/279 x 432mm
• 16 lb. bond to 110 lb. index/60 to 200gsm
High-Capacity Feeder
• 2,000 sheets
Paper Size
• Letter/8.5 x 11"/216 x 279mm LEF
• 16 lb. bond to 110 lb. index/60 to 200gsm
Total Paper Capacity*
(with bypass and HighCapacity Feeder)
• 4,050 sheets
Offsetting Center Tray
Left Catch Tray
Finisher (optional)
Staple Capacity*
Staple Paper Sizes
Convenience Stapler and
Work Surface (optional)
• 500 sheets
• 4 x 6"/102 x 152mm to 11 x 17"/279 x 432mm
• 200 sheets
• 4 x 6"/102 x 152mm to 11 x 17"/279 x 432mm
• 1,000 sheets
• 5.5 x 8.5"/140 x 216mm to 11 x 17"/279 x 432mm, in 16 lb.
bond to 110 lb. index/60 to 200gsm weights
• 50-sheet staple capacity
• 8.5 x 11"/216 x 279mm to 11 x 17"/279 x 432mm (excluding
8.5 x 14"/216 x 356mm)
• Staples up to 50 sheets
Accounting with Third-Party
• Up-to-the-minute data on how the Document Centre is
Server Applications (optional)
being used; comprehensive usage tracking and reporting;
print, scan, e-mail, copy, and fax
Electronic Auditron
• Tracks copy and embedded fax use only; supports up to
2,000 user accounts (count and limit by service)
• Option to upload user account data via direct connected PC
using Windows-based software
*Paper capacities are based on 20 lb./80gsm stock; capacities will vary with different weight stocks.
Paper Handling
Handles either one- or two-sided
originals, automatically.
Throughput versatility of sizes,
weights, and media types enables
more applications and a more
profitable bottom line.
Large paper capacity means
fewer interruptions on long runs
for greater productivity.
Empty paper trays may be
reloaded while the machine
is printing for maximum
Automatic tray switching
prevents job interruption
for reloading.
Settable tray properties
(color, size, type).
The Power of Simplicity
Document Centre products have
simple paper paths and a minimum of moving parts. There is
very little that can go wrong. Most
components that wear over time
can be replaced in a snap by you
without a service call. You’re up
and running again without delay.
One-piece customer replaceable
toner unit, which contains all
image-producing components, is a
no-mess, time-saving feature that
slides in cleanly and efficiently.
Responsible to the Environment
All Document Centre models are
environmentally friendly. In support of Xerox’s leadership goals,
the models which appear in
this brochure are either newly
manufactured or remanufactured
and contain both new and recycled
components that are reconditioned. Document Centre products
are designed to use recycled
papers and conform to an array
of global energy conservation
standards. We are working with
our customers to help preserve
the planet.
Accounting (optional)
Manage machine usage with more
detailed and accurate cost analysis
capabilities. Compatible with thirdparty applications—Equitrac
OfficeTrac, Control Systems Xtrak,
and others.
Paper Handling
440/432/425 Product Configurations
Printer, Scan to Network, E-mail, Copier, Walkup Fax, LAN Fax
Printer, Copier, Walkup Fax, LAN Fax
Printer, Copier
Copier, Fax
Recommended Average
Monthly Volume
Duty Cycle
Up to 120,000
• 200,000
Electrical Requirements
• Sole use of a 115/230 volt, 15 ampere, 50/60 Hz circuit
Power Consumption
Low-Power Recovery
Up to 100,000
Up to 80,000
1,380 watts (running)
100 watts (standby)
70 watts (low-power mode)
4 minutes
Less than 30 seconds
Environmental Considerations
Required Temperature Range
Required Relative Humidity
Noise Emission
• 50° to 90°F/10° to 32°C
• 15% to 85%
• <38 dBA standby; <51 dBA operating; 71 dBA impulse
Order Number
Dry Ink Cartridges
(in United States only)
(in Canada only)
Staple Cartridges
40"/1,030mm, 51.2"/1,300mm with optional HCF
216 lbs./98 kg (Document Centre with DADF, Duplex Module, and 2 Trays)
232 lbs./105 kg (Document Centre with DADF, Duplex Module, and 4 Trays)
42 lbs./19 kg (Finisher)
Expected Yield
26,300 per cartridge at 6% area coverage
Metered CRU
Sold Environment Partnership CRU
Sold CRU
Metered CRU
Sold Environment Partnership CRU
Sold CRU
5,000 per cartridge (3 cartridges per box)
Energy Star (U.S.)
FCC Class B Compliant (U.S.)
DOC Class B Compliant (Canada)
Environmental Choice (Canada)
Novell Tested and Approved
Genuine Adobe PostScript
Features, configurations and options may vary by location.
For more information, contact your local Xerox sales representative; call 1-800 ASK XEROX; or visit our Web site at
For Xerox supplies, please visit
All Xerox Document Centre products on a Xerox Warranty or Xerox Maintenance Agreement are backed by our Xerox Total Satisfaction
Guarantee. With Xerox, you decide if you’re satisfied. Certain restrictions apply. Make sure to ask your Xerox representative for more details.
XEROX®, The Document Company®, CentreWare®, FlowPort, Document Centre®, Document Centre Image Retriever, DocuShare, AutoIQ®, 440, 432, and 425 are trademarks of
XEROX CORPORATION. Xerox Canada Ltd. is a licensee of the trademarks. EQUITRAC® and OfficeTrac are trademarks of Equitrac Corp. Xtrak is a registered trademark of Control
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a registered trademark of Documentum Inc. Lotus Notes® and Domino® are trademarks of Lotus Development Corp. Novell®, NetWare and the Novell® NetWare logo are trademarks
of Novell Inc. Adobe®, Adobe PostScript® and the Adobe PostScript® logo are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems, Inc. Computer Associates, IBM and HP are registered trademarks. ENERGY STAR® is a U.S. registered mark. As an ENERGY STAR® Partner, Xerox Corporation has determined that these products meet the ENERGY STAR® guidelines for
energy efficiency. Terra Choice Environmental Services, Inc. of Canada has verified that this Xerox product conforms to all applicable Environmental Choice EcoLogo requirements
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