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40 lb.Fryer
Tubes provide up to 80%
more heat transfer area
Burner jet
injection provides
fast, even heating
Large “cool zone”
11/4" drain
Model # IFS-40
Elite tube-fired heating system - 105,000 BTU
Standard Features
40 lb. Fryer
Imperial provides as standard many of the optional
upgrades normally offered at a premium on other
fryer lines. The new look features a stainless steel
front, door, sides, and basket hanger as standard.
To complete this professional look, Imperial welds
the stainless steel seams and edges so the Elite
Fryer looks as good as it performs.
■ Stainless steel front, door, sides and stub back.
■ Plain or stainless steel frying vessel with 40 lb.
oil capacity.
■ Large “cool zone” helps capture food particles,
prolong oil life and reduce taste transfer.
■ Three high efficiency cast iron burners totaling
105,000 BTU/hr.
■ Snap acting thermostat has a 200oF - 400oF
The Imperial Elite Fryer has more BTU’s in it’s tubefired heating system than any fryer in its price
range. It provides a large heat transfer area that
rapidly heats oil to the desired temperature and has
a faster recovery than an open pot fryer. The three
tube heating system heats the oil quickly resulting in
less absorption and a better tasting product. It also
reduces scorching for longer oil life. The large “cool
zone” captures food particles keeping them from
carbonizing in the fry zone. This feature reduces
flavor transfer and prolongs oil life.
■ 100% safety shut-off.
■ Millivolt temperature control circuit.
■ Includes two large nickel-plated wire mesh fry
baskets with vinyl coated heat resistant handles.
Rear gas connection.
11/4" ball valve drains oil quickly.
Also available in a range match model.
One year parts and labor warranty.
Limited warranty on fry tank:
Stainless steel tank is 5 yrs. pro-rated
Plain steel tank is 1 yr.
■ AGA and CGA design certified and NSF listed.
40 lb. Fryer
40 lb. Fryer
Tank Style
Plain Steel Vessel
Stainless Steel Vessel
Oil Capacity
40 lbs.
40 lbs.
Ship Weight
(Kg)__ (Lbs)
IRF-40P Range Match
IRF-40SS Range Match
Plain Steel Vessel
Stainless Steel Vessel
40 lbs.
40 lbs.
Crated Dimensions: 35" (889mm) H x 36" (891mm) D x 18" (461mm) W
Standard Exterior Finish
■ Stainless Steel: Front, door, sides, stub back and
basket hanger. Welded and finished stainless steel
■ Legs: Chrome plated with adjustable feet.
■ Dimensions: 15 1/2" wide x 30" deep x 45 1/2" high.
Fry Tank
■ Vessel: All welded vessel is made of heavy 14 gauge
cold roll steel. Large foam area prevents overflow.
■ Capacity: 40 lbs. of oil. Produces 72 lbs. of
potatoes per hour. Fryer vessel is designed to allow
most of the fry basket to be immersed when cooking.
■ Heat Transfer Tubes: Three fully immersed heat
transfer tubes for maximum efficiency. Burners
provide 105,000 BTU/hr. Heat retainer baffles inside
of tubes are easily removed.
■ Cool Zone: Large cool zone beneath tubes captures
food and breading particles and keeps them out of the
frying area to improve food taste and prolong oil life.
■ Basket Hanger: Stainless steel hanger is easily
removed for cleaning.
■ Crumb Screen: Removable fine mesh crumb
■ Drain Pipe and Clean Out Rod: Includes removable
drain pipe and clean out rod.
Optional Items
Stainless steel frying vessel; portable oil filter unit; fryer
drain station with a storage cabinet; quick disconnect
hose and restraining device; stainless steel strip to
cover between fryers; various size fry baskets; swivel
casters (front two casters are locking); stainless steel
Restaurant range match fryers are available.
Fryer Filter Systems: Pre-packaged systems with
matching cabinet and built-in filter and pan, stainless
steel dump station and food warmer are available.
System options include solid state thermostat control,
computer fry control and basket lifts.
Manifold pressure is 4.0" W.C. for natural gas or 11.0"
for propane gas. Manifold size 3/4" NPT. 3/4" pressure
regulator supplied with equipment to be installed at time
of connection. Specify type of gas and elevation if over
2,000 ft.
For use only on non-combustible floors. Legs or casters
are required for non-combustible floors; or 2" overhang
is required when curb mounted. Provide 0" clearance
from non-combustible surfaces and 6" from combustible
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