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Product Description
Account information
Using RCloud™
Placing RCloud™
Connecting RCloud™
Starting RCloud™
Connecting RCloud™ to the web portal
Connecting RCloud™ to RStone™
1 Introduction
RCloud™ is an optional device available for the Plus and Pro versions of the
professional RStone™ sensors line, by RSens™.
The RCloud™ module is able to query, via wireless connection, the RStone™
devices installed nearby and send measurement data to a web portal. By
logging into the web portal you can view, in real time, all the parameters of
the current measure and previous ones. Data are collected every hour and
updated on the web site, that is constantly available anywhere, via web
browser or mobile application, available on AppStore (RCloud-Remote Radon
2 Product Description
1. Ethernet Plug
2. Power Supply Jack (10 Vdc)
3. Ventilation Holes
WARNING: Do not cover ventilation holes during
operation of RCloud™. The heat generated during
operation may damage the device.
RCloud™ has an Ethernet plug for the internet network connection and a
power supply jack for the power grid connection. To ensure a good
connection it is recommended to use a standard category-5 Ethernet cable.
In order to avoid possible device damages it is recommended to use only the
adapter provided in the box.
ATTENTION: The device needs to be connected to the power grid in order to
operate. In case of power failure RCloud™ stops its operations. To restore
RCloud™ operation is necessary to restore the connection between the
module and the RStone™ with the appropriate procedure described below.
ATTENTION: If RCloud™ is purchased together with RStone™ you will be
provided with two equals power adapters foundable in the box. It’s possible to
use both the power adapter, for both the devices without any difference.
Account Information
Information about your own RCloud™ and personal account webpage are
provided with RCloud™ purchasing. You can find all information inside the
box, at the end of this Quick Start Guide. The information are described here
1. Feed ID: Unique account number where data are sent.
2. Personal web page: Link to your personal web page. Measurement
data are sent and visible here.
3. RCloud™ Product Number: Your RCloud™ unique product number.
4. MAC Address: Physical network identifier of your device.
5. Api-Key: Personal cryptographic key to save/write data on your
account. (Not necessary for basic user)
3 Using RCloud™
Placing RCloud™
RCloud™ should be placed near the RStone™ device that you want to collect
measurement data from. The communications between RStone™ and
RCloud™ is provided by a wireless module integrated within the device, so
you do not need any physical connection (cable or similar).
WARNING: To avoid connection errors between RStone™ and RCloud™,
due to possible interferences and/or noise, it is recommended to place
RCloud™ at a distance of up to 1-2 meters from RStone™.
Connecting RCloud™
Before using RCloud ™ you must have a standard category-5 Ethernet cable.
Once you have the cable, connect the device to an Ethernet network socket
then connect the device to the grid using the power adapter provided.
Starting RCloud™
After grid connection, RCloud™ starts automatically. There is no power
button or similar.
If the device starts up correctly, and the network cable is properly connected
the LEDs under the Ethernet connector will blink.
If both LEDs flash asynchronously in order to confirm the proper functioning
of the device. If only one or none of the LEDs blink, a malfunction occurred.
See the table below for more information.
WARNING: RCloud™ needs that the network automatic assignment of IP
addresses is enabled (DHCP enabled). If this function is disabled, you must
enable it in your router / bridge settings or contact your network administrator.
• Ethernet cable is not correctly plugged into
one or both sockets.
• Wrong or damaged Ethernet cable
• No network enabled on the socket
• Power adapter jack is not properly plugged
• Power supply missing
• DHCP problem
• DHCP disabled
• Not assigned
The RCloud™ works well
Connecting RCloud™ to the web portal
Once the RCloud™ device has been connected to the grid and to the network,
it is able to communicate with the web portal and send the collected
measurement data without any further operation. However, especially at first
use or when you connect your device to a new network, you should verify that
the connection is active. This can be easily done by accessing your personal
area of the web portal.
In order to access into your personal area just open your web browser and
type the link shown on the RCloud™ technical sheet provided in the box.
Each device is programmed to send a packet of test data after 12 seconds to
the power-up as a connection test. The test data consist of a transmission of
zeroes. Basic users will read Concentration equal to zero, Pro users will read
also Temperature, Humidity and Pressure equal to zero.
Therefore, by accessing your personal area it is possible to verify that the test
data has been received a few moments after connecting RCloud™ to the grid
and the network. In order to verify that, the screen needs to be similar to the
example below and the “Last updated” indicator must be “a few seconds ago”
or few minutes ago.
WARNING: Carefully check the indication in the upper right part of the web
page. “Last updated” indicator tells you when the last RCloud™ data packet
has been received. If the last packet has been received in the last few
seconds or minutes the connection was successful.
Connecting RCloud™ to RStone™
Once that RCloud™ is powered on and the connection has been checked
(recommended in case of first connection ever or new network) it is possible
to turn on the RStone™ device and establish a connection with the RCloud™
To establish a connection with a RCloud™ device, simply use the same
procedure used to connect the RStone™ to the RKey™ in order to use it with
the control software. You just need to activate the wireless network on the
RStone™ through the device settings menu. Once you have done this the
RStone™ automatically recognizes the connection with the RCloud™ and set
itself up in measuring mode, sending periodically the data to the web portal.
WARNING: Data sending occurs with one-hour frequency, therefore, it is
necessary to wait at least one hour after the two devices connection in order
to see the first data appearing on the web portal.
To enable wireless connectivity on RStone™, simply enter the Settings menu
of the device and then confirm on “WIRELESS ON” (press the MENU button
3 times, press ENTER, press ENTER two times again). The wireless
activation procedure is described in the RStone™ user manual available at
WARNING: The RCloud™ device and the RKey™ communicate on
the same wireless frequency. It’s not possible to simultaneously
use RKey™ and RCloud™ within the same range. Before turning
on RCloud ™ and proceed to the connection with RStone™ make sure that
within the range there are no RKey™ powered and connected to any USB
ATTENTION: Simultaneous starting of a RCloud™ module and a RKey™
device in the same area causes a not-valid working status that may make
RStone™ to not work properly.
4 Summary
Using RCloud™
1. Place the RCloud™ nearby RStone™ device. (1-2 meter max).
2. Connect the RCloud™ at the power grid with the power adapter
provided and to the internet network with a common category-5
Ethernet cable. (If it is the first power-up or you are using a new
network ensure that the test packet -see page 15- is received)
3. Turn on RStone™.
4. Activate connection between RStone™ and RCloud™ by activating
wireless network on the RStone™ (enter SETTINGS ->WIRELESS ->
5. RStone™ automatically matches with the RCloud™ module (if it is
within the range) and starts measuring. It sends measurement data to
the web page each hour.
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