Thank you for purchasing The (original) Bike Shelf from Knife &

Thank you for purchasing
The (original) Bike Shelf from
Knife & Saw. I hope you and
your bike enjoy it.
In the Box
Step 1:
Remove the mounting cleat from The Bike Shelf by removing the bolt on the
top back of The Bike Shelf.
Find and mark wall studs where you want to hang The Bike Shelf. The
mounting cleat has 2 sets of holes at 16" apart.* If you are not able to hang
at this width, please attach one side to a stud and the other using drywall
anchors (found at a local hardware store).
*Standard is 16" (~406mm) apart on center in most countries
Step 2:
Using a level if possible, hold the mounting bracket up to wall at the desired
height and mark where the holes line up. Next, pre-drill your marked holes.
Step 3:
Using the screws provided, secure the mounting cleat to the wall.
Step 4:
Once mounting cleat is securely attached to the wall, slide The Bike Shelf
over and onto it so the opposing cleat on inside back of the shelf locks into it.
Step 5:
Once The Bike Shelf is all the way on the mount and against the wall,
re-insert the bolt and tighten it with the provided allen wrench.
Step 6:
Hang your bike and enjoy.
Tools Needed / Nice to Have:
1. (1) Bike Shelf
2. (1) Mounting Cleat
3. (1) Socket Head Cap Screw
4. (1) Allen Wrench
5. (5) #8 Pan Head Wall Screws
(in case you lose one)
1. Screw Gun / Drill
2. Phillips Head Screwdriver
3. Level
Knife and Saw LLC disclaims all liability for damage or injury resulting from the improper
installation or use of The Bike Shelf to the fullest extent permitted by law. The Bike Shelf is
intended to be secured to 2 wall studs. Weight limit for hanging bike is 40lbs. Do not ever sit on,
stand on, or hang from The Bike Shelf.