JP-DA/DV/DVF - Commercial Audio Solutions

Video Door Stations for the JP Series
The JP-DA is a surface mount plastic color video
door station. The JP-DV is an aluminum die cast
surface mount color video door station. The
JP-DVF is a stainless steel flush mount color video
door station. All of these units work with the JP Series
and connect to the master station using an 18AWG
2-conductor solid core cable. Each unit includes
a camera, microphone, speaker, and call button.
Tamper resistant screws are provided for mounting
the JP-DV and JP-DVF units.
Color video camera with audio intercom
PanTilt Zoom camera lens
2-way hands-free voice communication with JP
master/sub stations
Call button to initiate call to master(s)
White LED illuminator for low light conditions
Simple 2-conductor wiring
Surface (JP-DA, JP-DV) or flush mount (JP-DVF)
styles available
330’ wiring distance to Master on 18AWG 2
conductor cable
When the call button on the door station is pushed,
the inside master station(s) ring and the video
monitor comes on with the image from the door
station’s camera. The master station user will initiate
communication. The person at the door station
speaks hands-free.
The JP door stations can be located up to 330’
from the master monitor using 18AWG 2 conductor
solid core cable (Aiphone wire #871802). Additional
equipment is available to extend the wire distance up
to 980’ to the door (JPW-BA long distance adaptor
and 851602 cable).
JP-DA/DV/DVF Spec Sheet
0415 Pg.1
Camera Door Stations for the JP Series
[1] Camera
[2] Microphone
[3] Speaker
[4] Red locator LED (JP-DA only)
[5] Call button with LED illuminators
[6] Call button
[7] LED illuminator
[8] Directory Card (JP-DV & JP-DVF only)
Power Source:
Supplied from JP Series Master
Camera: CMOS
Min. illumination:
5 lux
Camera angle:
Wide (approx. 170°) with
digital PTZ
2-conductor, PE insulation, Aiphone wire #871802
Wiring Distance:
Operation Temp:
14~140° F (-10 ~ 60° C)
Dimensions (HxWxD):
5-1/16” x 3-13/16” x 1-3/16”
(129 x 97 x 30.5 mm)
6-13/16” x 3-7/8” x 1”
(173 x 98 x 25 mm)
8-1/4” x 5-5/16”
(209 x 135 mm)
JP-DA: 0.37lbs (170g)
JP-DV: 1.43lbs (650g)
JP-DVF: 1.26lbs (570g)
JP-DA/DV/DVF Spec Sheet
0415 Pg.2