Color Internet Keyboard with Multimedia Keys Access the

Internet Keyboard with Multimedia
Access the Internet, your e-mail, or
Media Player functions through onetouch buttons.
The Belkin Internet Keyboard provides one-Touch access to the Internet
and control of multimedia functions with specially designed hot keys
centrally located on your keyboard. Now you can search the Web, view
e-mail, launch Windows applications, and control CD/DVD media
functions-all with the
- Reduces the noise level as you work with our QuietType™ technology
- Features 18 Internet, multimedia, and application program keys, and
104 standard keys
- Accesses the Web and e-mail with one-touch Internet keys-Forward,
Back Key, Stop, Refresh, Activate Search, Open Favorites, Go to
Home Page, Launch E-mail
Controls Media Player functions with one-touch multimedia keysDecrease Volume, Increase Volume, Previous Track, Stop,
Play/Pause, Next Track, Mute Sound, Launch Media Player
Lets you launch Windows® applications with one-touch shortcut keysMy Computer and My Calculator
Comes with a Belkin Lifetime Warranty
Part #F8E837-USB