Spectra's Deep Storage Story
Rethinking Storage
For nearly 40 years Spectra® has focused on innovation in storage systems and solutions.
The leaders in data intensive industries, government entities, and researchers rely on Spectra
solutions that are optimized to support their specific workflows. Spectra has a rich ecosystem of
leading solution providers combined with the only platform , BlackPearl®, that provides a single
interface to the industry’s leading tape and disk storage using cloud protocols.
Spectra’s Hybrid
Traditional File-Based Storage
Traditional Tape Storage
Object-Based Storage
Tape Libraries
Online Archive
Nearline Archive
Offline Tape
We work with customers to help them rethink their approach to storage.
“Spectra Logic’s hybrid storage
architecture automates the deep
storage process and provides a
cost-effective solution for long-term
data storage needs.”
- Jim Miller, senior analyst,
Enterprise Management Associates
• Massive Amounts of Data – Using cloud protocols to simplify application
development, access to, and management of massive amounts of data – both near
and long-term
• Hybrid Cloud – Deploying hybrid cloud efficiently
• Genetic Diversity – Using the right mix of media to make smart tradeoffs between
speed of access and overall cost of storage
• Digital Preservation – Designing in redundancy through a standard workflow that
includes a mix of media and offsite storage
Storage is a strategic part of how customers are protecting and preserving
their digital assets – maximizing the value they achieve from the data they
store and use to:
• Educate and entertain millions
• Prevent crimes
• Develop new cures
• Improve predictions
• Build new revenue streams
• Comply with regulations
Our ecosystem of leading partners in high growth industries – such as Media and
Entertainment, High Performance Computing, and Video Surveillance – provides
core workflow software and solutions. We work with these partners to develop,
sell, install and support a new generation of storage solutions based on
a deep understanding of the workflows and storage requirements by industry.
Organizations in many
industries use video
surveillance to improve
safety and security,
protect business assets,
meet legal requirements,
and much more. To
meet these demands,
organizations are installing
additional high definition
cameras and retaining
video for longer periods.
High Performance
Computing environments
require storage of massive
amounts of data forever,
with the ability to quickly
provide parallel access
across the complete
storage system to multiple
users in any location,
With a focus on instant
access of digital assets
and monetization of
content, one of the most
critical needs in the
Media and Entertainment
industry is to have access
to your content when you
need it.
As the true costs of public
cloud are realized, hidden
costs of public cloud
retrieval and unpredictable
access times to critical
content, organizations
with large amounts of
data are turning to private
cloud solutions.
Life sciences, genomics,
research, and biotech
organizations are
constantly creating data
and using that data to
conduct research. They
have no way of knowing
which piece of information
will be critical. As a result
of this a vast amount of
data must be captured
and immediately archived
in such a way that it
remains easily accessible
and quickly retrievable in
the long-term.
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Deep Storage Solution
Store Massive Data At Virtually No Cost
The Spectra® BlackPearl® Deep Storage Gateway provides a RESTful
S3 front-end interface to tape. The Spectra S3 interface allows simple
integration into any existing workflow using a Spectra Certified Client or our
Deep Storage Browser for simple access between file and object storage.
BlackPearl fully automates all aspects of deep storage with our Advanced
Bucket Management. This provides policy-based multiple copies on
both disk appliances and tape libraries without the need for expensive
middleware to operate the libraries or track metadata. BlackPearl includes
a large and fast cache so objects sent can be staged and streamed at high
speed to directly-controlled tape drives, as well as to internal flash-based
metadata storage, allowing fast response and indexing.
BlackPearl delivers seamless data management for large integrated workflows and simple manual moves to deep storage –
enabling hands-free, infinite retention, growth, and retrieval of data for pennies per gigabyte for the life of the data.
Advanced Bucket Management
BlackPearl uses internal management policies for different storage devices, enabling the system to write data intelligently to
different tape libraries, tape partitions, and now disk storage pools as well. This allows BlackPearl to control where and how
data is being written. BlackPearl also includes the intelligence of data policies. Using data policies, the BlackPearl can make
multiple copies of data on tape or disk. This provides a very flexible platform and storage management system, while protecting
an organization’s data with genetic diversity of media and storage devices. With Advanced Bucket Management, it’s possible to
have redundant copies of a file on IBM TS1150 tape, LTO-7 tape, SAS HDD, and SATA HDD.
What’s Inside
BlackPearl V Series
BlackPearl S Series
BlackPearl P Series
4 x 4 TB SAS HHD’s,
(Upgrade) 10 x 4 TB SAS HDD’s
10 x 4 TB SAS HHD’s,
(Upgrade) 10 x 4 TB SAS HDD’s
10 x 1,920 GB SSD
(Upgrade) 4 x 8 TB SAS HHD’s,
(Upgrade) 10 x 8 TB SAS HDD’s
(Upgrade) 4 x 8 TB SAS HHD’s
(Upgrade) 10 x 8 TB SAS HDD’s
(Upgrade) 20 x 1,920 GB SSD
2 SSD's = Up to 300 Million Objects
2 SSD’s = Up to 300 Million Objects
4 SSD's = Up to 650 Million Objects
4 SSD’s = Up to 650 Million Objects
6 SSD's = Up to 1 Billion Objects
6 SSD’s = Up to 1 Billion Objects
600 - 800 MBps to tape sustained
2.5 - 4 GBps to tape sustained
2 SSD’s = Up to 300 Million Objects
200 - 300 MBps to tape sustained
*Object database size estimate based on typical use, size may vary based on actual use.
It Took a Tape Company to
Release the True Potential of Disk
ArcticBlue® leverages BlackPearl’s hybrid storage architecture
and dense Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) media, creating
the first object storage based disk platform that delivers near the
maximum longevity, efficiency, and cost effectiveness with the
performance of nearline disk.
Drive Lifecycle Management, Spectra’s power management
technology, extends the life of your disk archive while delivering fast
access to deep storage. Engineered for data reliability and integrity,
local erasure coding combined with Spectra's unique implementation
of ZFS software brings new life to long-term deep storage disk.
“Spectra is an ideal partner due to its deep
storage expertise. Spectra’s BlackPearl product
ecosystem, including their family of tape libraries
and ArcticBlue disk products, will offer our
customers an easy-to-deploy model, fast access
to deep storage, and seamless scalability at a very
attractive cost per terabyte.”
– Steve Tuecke, Globus
ArcticBlue creates an on-premise cloud with an S3 interface to make
deep storage more accessible – all from a company that you want to
do business with.
BlackPearl Enabled: Industry standard S3 object storage interface
• Drive Lifecycle Management: Power management technology extends the life of drives
SMR: Leveraging this technology to its fullest by using sequential data writes from physical high speed cache increasing
performance, similar to writing to tape
Spectra’s ZFS Implementation and Local Erasure Coding: Unleashing the power of ZFS while eliminating the complexity
• Global Spare: Built in hot spare drives to ensure reliability
• Intelligent Rebuilds: ZFS architecture allows rebuilds based only on used capacity
Triple Parity: Statistically eliminates data loss through redundancy and automatic rebuilds when properly
monitored and maintained
Continuous Data Checksum: Statistically eliminates bit-rot and undetected bit error rate through continuous
data checking while in storage
End-to-End Checksum: Host can send and require end-to-end checksum, where BlackPearl verifies and
maintains the checksum for data integrity
Very Wide Bands: Maximizes system performance while providing maximum protection
ArcticBlue Nodes
RAW Capacity TB
384 TB
768 TB
1.5 PB
3.1 PB
6.1 PB
1 GB per Second
Power Consumption
750W (R/W), 210W Idle per Node
Drive Type
8TB SMR Drives
Tape-Based Solutions
TFinity ExaScale Edition
The World's Highest Capacity Storage System
Proven by the largest data users in the world, TFinity offers a highly
flexible hardware architecture and a revolutionary management
interface, helping you achieve the ultimate in data preservation.
Built upon Spectra’s history as the undisputed leader in tape technology
innovation, TFinity offers many advantages: component redundancy,
high-performance dual robotics, industry leading storage density, extreme
scalability, energy efficiency, ease of management, integrated encryption,
enduring reliability and service that keeps customers loyal.
Product Specifications
Minimum 3-frame Library Configuration
Throughput Per Hour
Max Slots
Max Drives
1,350 slots
24 drives
13.5 PB / 33.8 PB
31 TB / 61 TB/hr
1,800 slots
24 drives
10.8 PB / 27 PB
26 TB / 65 TB/hr
1,800 slots
24 drives
4.5 PB / 11.2 PB
14 TB / 35 TB/hr
1. Compressed at 2.5:1 for TS1150 Technology, LTO-7 and LTO-6
Maximum Scalability
TFinity ExaScale Library Complex
Future expansion includes joining
up to eight libraries in a single
complex with up to:
• 16 robots
• 352 frames
• 325,440 TS1150 slots: 8.1 EB
• >960 TS1150 drives: 2.4 PB/hr
As large as a 44-frame Library Configuration
Max Capacity1
Max Frames
Max Slots
TS1150 Technology
1 EB
801.6 PB
334.1 PB
Contact your
Spectra rep for
more details.
Spectra Exclusive!
Now Available with Oracle
T10000X Technology
We now offer the ultrafunctionality of tri-media.
LTO, TS11X0, and Oracle
T10000X all in the same
tape library. This provides
for maximum flexibility in
any environment and makes
migration of data easier
from one media to another.
1. Compressed at 2.5:1 for TS1150 Technology, LTO-7 and LTO-6
Spectra T950:
Enterprise Storage Without Compromise
Product Specifications
Base frame
max slots2
max capacity2
max slots
max capacity
7.4 PB
18.5 PB*
76 PB
190 PB*
5.5 PB
13.8 PB*
60.1 PB
150.3 PB*
3 PB
5.7 PB*
25 PB
63 PB*
Base frame
8 frame
8 frame
Spectra T950
With Bulk
2 With four drives installed
max drives
Base frame
Base frame max
8 frame
max drives
8 frame max
31 TB/hr
61 TB/hr*
156 TB/hr
302 TB/hr*
26 TB/hr
65 TB/hr*
130 TB/hr
324 TB/hr*
14 TB/hr
35 TB/hr*
69 TB/hr
173 TB/hr*
T950 Physical Characteristics (Base Frame)
H x W x D: 78.77" x 30.63" x 43.21" / 200 x 77.8 x 109.8 cm
Weight (loaded): 1850 lbs (LTO) / 839.2 kg
Min/Max Slots: 100 (expandable to 10,020 LTO slots)
Drives Supported: LTO-5, LTO-6, TS1140, TS1150
Interfaces: Fibre Channel – 4 Gb/s and 8Gb/s
*Capacity and throughput values calculated using compression:
LTO-6, LTO-7,TS1140 and TS1150 (2.5:1)
Base Frame
Spectra T950
The award-winning Spectra T950 library leads the field
with the lowest TCO of any tape solution—from the greatest
storage density and feature set to integrated encryption with
key management – in an automated library. T950 also offers
comprehensive media and hardware health monitoring inside our
easy-to-use, single management BlueScale® interface, giving you a
simple and secure system that eliminates the element of surprise.
Spectra T200, T380 & T680 Enterprise Libraries:
Enterprise Storage in a Smaller Footprint
Designed for enterprise growth and scalability, these Spectra libraries are
engineered to preserve your initial investment in storage. Investment
protection is realized by utilizing components which are
interchangeable among the T200, T380, T680, T950
and TFinity libraries, allowing you to seamlessly transfer
and scale (TranScale) library components between
libraries as your organization grows. Spectra’s
industry-first TranScalable architecture is designed
with your growth in mind and can meet your future
capacity, management and data protection needs.
Currently our T380 library can be configured
for LTO drives or TS1140 or TS1150 tape
drive technology.
Spectra T120 and T50e Mid-Range Libraries
Enterprise Feature Set and Performance
The Spectra T120 library provides more enterprise features and functionality than any
other mid-range library. T120 offers 30 to 120 slots, and up to 10 LTO tape drives in a
rack-mountable solution delivering enterprise-class features including encryption with
integrated key management plus media, drive, and library hardware health monitoring.
The T120 saves you time through ease of use with its unique, 8-tape TeraPack
magazine and lowers your costs through scalability and investment protection.
The Spectra T50e combines simplified management with proven
reliability in a tape library solution that gives you the confidence to let your
applications run unattended. Scalable from 10 to 50 slots, one to four tape
drives and offering customer replaceable components, the T50e is the
easiest library in its class to configure, manage and upgrade.
Product Specifications
Maximum Throughput
1.7 PB / 4.2 PB*
6.9 TB/hr / 17.3 TB/hr*
4 PB / 10.2 PB*
12.9 TB/hr / 32.4 TB/hr*
2.6 PB / 6.5 PB*
15.5 TB/hr / 30.2 TB/hr*
0.95 PB / 2.4 PB*
6.9 TB/hr / 17.3 TB/hr+
2.2 PB / 5.7 PB*
12.9 TB/hr / 32.4 TB/hr*
500 TB / 1.3PB*
4.6 TB/hr / 11.5 TB/hr*
2 PB / 3 PB*
8.6 TB/hr / 21.6 TB/hr*
300 TB / 750 TB*
5.8 TB/hr / 14.4 TB/hr*
720 TB / 1.8 PB*
10.8 TB/hr / 27 TB/hr*
125 TB / 313 TB*
2.3 TB/hr / 5.8 TB/hr*
300 TB / 750 TB*
4.3 TB/hr / 10.8 TB/hr*
Native / Compressed
Native / Compressed
Maximum Capacity
4 HH
(base frame)†:
73.5" x 17.5" x 48"
186.7 x 44.5 x 102.8 cm
765 lbs
347 kg
49" x 17.5" x 41"
124.6 x 44.5 x 102.8 cm
305 lbs
138 kg
35" x 17.5" x 41"
88.9 x 44.5 x 102.8 cm
230 lbs
104 kg
24.5" x 17.5" x 37.5"
62 x 44 x 93 cm
305 lbs
138.3 kg
SAS – 6 Gb/s
Fibre Channel –
4 Gb/s and 8Gb/s
7" x 17.5" x 31.6"
17.8 x 44.5 x 73.7 cm
40 lbs
18 kg
SAS - 6 Gb/s
Fibre Channel 4 Gb/s and 8Gb/s
*Compressed Capacity and throughput values at a ratio of 2.5:1 (Maximum capacity and throughput may change according to configuration.)
Drive support includes LTO-6, LTO-7 and TS1150 in the T380 library.
1) T680 ships with a standard 19” rack. †Additional weights: Drive/Sled: 12lbs / 5.4 kg; TeraPack® Case (With Media): 6lbs / 2.7 kg.
Fibre Channel 4 Gb/s and 8Gb/s
Tape Library Product Features
BlueScale®: Simple, Yet Powerful Library Management
BlueScale is the common software management interface for all Spectra libraries and brings enterprise
command and control features right to your fingertips. Available through each library’s on-board LCD color
touchscreen and also through remote web access, BlueScale is an easy-to-navigate, browser-based library
management tool that enables our storage solutions to work easily, flexibly and safely with your data.
Monitor your tape’s activity and health with Media Lifecycle Management (MLM)
Track hardware health with Library Lifecycle Management (LLM)
• Monitor your drive’s health with Drive Lifecycle Management (DLM)
• Verify the integrity before writing to your Spectra Certified Media with PreScan
Verify the integrity of the data stored on your Spectra Certified Media with
QuickScan and FullScan
Manage from anywhere using a secure web browser
Monitor power usage with EnergyAudit™
• Monitor the interior of your library through a web-based camera
• Secure your data through integrated encryption with key management
• Support multiple partitions in a single library with Shared Library Services (SLS)
Spectra Encryption and Key Management
All Spectra Tape Libraries allow you to add AES-256 bit encryption through encryption-capable
tape drives. This lets you compress, encrypt and backup data in a single step. To help any organization
secure data on tape, Spectra® Encryption offers a range of solutions to meet your individualized
encryption requirements. Spectra SKLM and BlueScale Encryption deliver tailored, customer-centric
encryption key management solutions through very flexible design options.
Spectra Certified Media: Efficient Management and Data Assurance
Spectra Certified Media is ready to use when you receive it: cleaned with CarbideClean,® pre-labeled, pre-loaded in TeraPacks, and
covered by Spectra’s Lifetime Media Guarantee. Our Certified Media offers a wide range of media options: bulk or individual cartridges,
cleaning cartridges, and custom and standard bar-code labels. Spectra’s Certified tapes also support Media Lifecycle Management for
lifetime health tracking and notification of at-risk media. We also offer custom-fit Iron Mountain cases for secure offsite handling.
Efficiently managing hundreds of tapes is an ongoing challenge. Spectra’s
patented solution: TeraPack® media containers. The unique TeraPack design
gives Spectra’s libraries unrivaled storage density, offers secure stacking for
storage and provides you with highly efficient media handling. The 9- and 10tape TeraPack containers allow for bulk media loading which can reduce the
time you spend handling tapes up to 90%.
(10 Tapes)
(9 Tapes)
Spectra Hardware: Protecting Your Investment
Innovative Design Offers Energy Savings and a Greener Data Center
Spectra’s tape libraries are engineered for optimal energy efficiency, consuming less power than comparable solutions.
Spectra LTO media tape libraries also include tools to track your power usage. BlueScale EnergyAudit® power monitoring
allows you to display and record actual power consumption, giving you greater control of your data center and budget.
Spectra's Exclusive TranScale® Architecture
Spectra has developed another industryfirst concept that protects your initial
investment in storage—TranScale.
The TranScale® architecture utilizes
components that are interchangeable
among our Spectra Libraries, allowing
you to seamlessly transform and
scale (TranScale) your library as your
organization grows.
Complete Lifecycle Management
For highly reliable tape archive and backup, Spectra libraries track and
report the expected lifetime utilization thresholds for tape media, drives
and library components. With advance notification, you can address any
potential concerns about the critical components of your entire library
before they become an operational issue.
To ensure the viability of your data, Media Lifecycle Management (MLM) tracks and reports on health and security related statistics for
Spectra Certified Media. Detailed reporting mitigates media problems and restores issues, allowing you to copy and move your data onto
new media before degraded media affects your data.
Like MLM, Drive Lifecycle Management (DLM) extends the same proactive approach to drives by integrating tape drive analysis and
reporting within the library. Using easy-to-manage, color-coded icons, you can quickly identify the health status of a drive. DLM also
offers easy-to-use tape drive diagnostics to test and verify drive health and operation.
Managing the health of your library’s critical components is made easy with Library Lifecycle Management (LLM). By delivering
utilization metrics relative to the expected useful life of library robotics, filters and other critical components; you are able to service your
library before issues occur.
Data Integrity Verification (DIV)
Spectra’s Suite of Features for DIV
To give you data integrity verification on tape, Spectra’s BlueScale management interface offers a sophisticated
suite of features that allows you to actively check data already written to tape. Each process is performed by the
library independent of the application used to read and write data.
PreScan ensures that tapes are usable and can accept data. PreScan checks each imported tape and verifies that the tape can be
written to, scanning the tape for potential issues including broken or dislodged leader, poor media health and write-protected status.
QuickScan confirms that a single track (one direction) can be read. QuickScan scans a tape uni-directionally by reading the length
of one track of the tape to provide a rapid indicator of integrity of data written.
FullScan checks an entire tape to ensure that all sectors can be read. FullScan confirms that there are no media errors on the tape
by reading the entire length of the tape up to the end of the recorded data.
After the PreScan, QuickScan and FullScan operations are complete, the library stores the information into a database. Users can
set triggers to check the health of tapes over an interval of time to ensure that the data is valid. Users can also verify a specific
tape’s data integrity on request. This process allows for rapid spot-checks of data integrity.
LTO Technology
LTO (Linear Tape-Open) Ultrium Technology is
optimized for high capacity and performance with
exceptional reliability in either a stand-alone or an
automated environment. Ideally suited for backup,
deep storage and archive applications, the LTO
tape format establishes a new benchmark for large
volume data protection and archive.
LTO technology will meet the
needs of the enterprise with a
roadmap and migration path
that extends into the next decade.
Enterprise Drive Technology
Spectra has the unique capability to offer enterprise-class
organizations an even higher capacity and throughput tape drive
and media solution within select Spectra libraries. This advanced
system for addressing exponential data growth is the pairing of
TS1150 tape technology with Spectra TFinity, T950 and
T380 tape libraries.
High Capacity
TS1150 = 10 TB native
(25.0 TB compressed @ 2.5:1)
Fast Performance:
TS1150 = 360 MB/s
(700 MB/s compressed)
Reliability: 237,000 hour MTBF
Disk-Based Solutions
Performance NAS:
Simply Affordable File Storage
Verde 4U model
Verde 2U model
The Spectra® Verde® disk solution is the optimal platform to easily and affordably handle data growth. The 4th generation of the Spectra's
disk product line, Verde is half the cost of traditional file storage. It is designed to offer the highest levels of data assurance and is easily
managed to meet your requirements for long-term backup and archive storage. Verde is available in two models, Verde 2U and Verde
4U, ranging in capacity from 48 TB up to 3.4 PB of raw storage. Deploying disk for backup and archive has never been easier.
Verde 2U Master Node
Verde 4U Master Node
Verde 4U Expansion Node
Minimum Node Capacity
48 TB
80 TB
40 TB
Maximum Node Capacity
96 TB
280 TB
352 TB
Maximum System Capacity
800 TB (1 Master, 2 Expansion)
Network Connectivity
1x 1/10G Base-T (RJ 45),
2x 10 GbE (optional),
2x 10 Base-T (optional),
2x 40 GbE (optional), 10G Base-T
Width: 17.2" (437mm)
Height: 2U; 3.5" (89mm)
Depth: 27.5" (699mm)
Gross Weight
61 lbs (27.7 kg)
3.4 PB (1 Master, 9 Expansion)
1x 1/10G Base-T (RJ 45),
2x 10 GbE (optional),
2x 10 Base-T (optional),
2x 40 GbE (optional), 10G Base-T
Width: 17.2" (437mm)
Height: 4U; 7" (178mm)
Depth: 29.5" (699mm)
120.2 lbs (54.5 kg)
136.4 lbs (61.8 kg)
Bulk NAS: A Breakthrough in Affordable Digital Preservation for Enterprise
Spectra® Verde DPE™ and Spectra® DP are Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR)-based Network Attached Storage (NAS) that
deliver high density bulk storage. Engineered for data reliability and integrity, Spectra’s unique implementation of ZFS software RAID
combined with the newest disk technology brings new life to long-term storage – Verde DPE. The built in NFI portal provides a link to
Spectra tape libraries through the BlackPearl® Deep Storage Gateway creating a genetically diverse storage strategy.
Verde DPE/DP
Verde DPE 4U Master Node
Verde DPE 4U Expansion Node
As low as 7.5¢/GB for a full 800TB expansion node
Up to 200 TB
Up to 800 TB in 200 TB increments
Verde DP 2U
14¢ /GB
96 TB
Maximum System Capacity
7.4 PB Raw (1 Master, 9 Expansion)
96 TB
2x10 GbE optical (40 GbE optional)
10 Gig Base T optical
1280W (R/W), 1000W idle
775W (R/W), 640W idle
350 (R/W), 210 idle
Up to 1GB/s based on file type and network interface
Width: 17.2”
Height: 4U; 7”
Depth: 29.5”
Width: 17.5”
Height: 4U; 7”
Depth: 40” (including cable mgmt)
Width: 17.2" (437mm)
Height: 2U; 3.5" (89mm)
Depth: 27.5" (699mm)
Automatic Archive to Tape
No low as 7.5¢/GB raw
World-Class Support
“A company you’ll want to do business with.”
Spectra Logic’s SpectraGuard customer support prides itself in providing users with
more comprehensive support options than any other data storage vendor today. Support
options include self-monitoring and automatic e-mail notification of issues, and a unique
Assisted Self Maintenance (ASM) option that minimizes downtime by allowing customers
to replace select parts. You can also take advantage of Spectra AutoSupport that proactively
and immediately alerts you and SpectraGuard technical support of maintenance requirements
and even impending problems. By proactively monitoring library status, Spectra can head off
trouble before it has an operational impact. Spectra offers four levels of support detailed below:
A. Next Business Day:
Upon verification that the unit requires repair; a replacement part or unit will be shipped the same day for delivery the next business day.
B. Next Business Day Onsite:
A SpectraGuard representative will make a repair visit onsite the following business day.
C. Same Business Day Onsite:
SpectraGuard guarantees a four-hour onsite response time Monday through Friday, 8AM through 5PM customer local time.
D. Four-Hour Onsite:
Designed for environments requiring the maximum amount of uptime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. A four-hour
onsite response is guaranteed around the clock!
Assisted Self Maintenance
Spectra's Assisted Self-Maintenance (ASM) is an industry-first support option designed for customers that require minimal
downtime or for environments where normal support services are not feasible (e.g. high-security facilities, mobile sites such as
ships). ASM stocks all customer replaceable parts at your site, giving you the ability to make immediate repairs and eliminate
the delays that a site visit can involve.
Power Supply
I/O Blade (RIM)
Professional Services
Spectra Logic Professional Services are designed to help our customers above and beyond their chosen support levels.
Our solutions are implemented quickly and according to specification so you can begin to achieve a rapid return on your storage
investment. Each Professional Service offering goes through a rigorous checklist to guarantee that all aspects of the offering
have been addressed. These services ensure high reliability, availability and serviceability from the time of first contact to the
end of the product life cycle. Some of these services include: Installation and Integration Services, Media Migration Services,
Customized Training, Efficiency Implementation, Audit/Optimization, Disaster Recovery and Data Center Services.
Sustainable and Affordable Support
Spectra Logic understands this customer pain and addresses it with
SpectraGuard® Service PriceLock - an industry exclusive price guarantee for
the support life of your Spectra tape product. Unlike other vendors that may
institute exorbitant price increases during extended support lifetimes, Spectra
Logic guarantees the support price of your Spectra tape product will never
exceed the support list price plus the rate of inflation (CPI).
About Spectra Logic Corporation
Spectra LogicTM develops deep storage solutions that solve the problem of long term storage for business and technology
professionals dealing with exponential data growth. Dedicated solely to storage innovation for nearly 40 years, Spectra
Logic’s uncompromising product and customer focus is proven by the largest information users in multiple vertical markets
globally. Spectra® enables affordable, multi-decade data storage and access by creating new methods of managing
information in all forms of deep storage — including archive, backup, cold storage, cloud and private cloud.
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Spectra Logic Corporation. ArchiveGrade, ArcticBlue, and Verde DPE are trademarks of Spectra Logic Corporation. All rights reserved worldwide.
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