Aastra BluStar for iPad and iPhone Datasheet

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Aastra 6865i
Exceptional Value in a Fully Featured, Expandable IP Phone
The Aastra 6865i offers exceptional flexibility in a true
enterprise grade SIP desktop phone that can support up to
9 lines, has Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports and features a large
3.4" 128x48 pixel LCD display with soft white backlighting
and large fonts making the screen easy to read in any lighting
conditions. With its 8 programmable keys, XML capabilities,
native DHSG/EHS headset support, a true HD handset and a
speakerphone that delivers remarkable wideband HD audio
quality, the Aastra 6865i SIP phone is ideally suited for the
small to large business market that needs Gigabit throughput
for PC connectivity.
Aastra 6865i
Key Features and Benefits
Remarkable Audio
Flexible Headset Options
All 6800i Series SIP phones feature Aastra’s high definition
Hi-Q™ audio technology to deliver enhanced performance
and voice clarity. Integrating HD wideband audio codecs,
advanced audio processing and hardware components that
support a true wideband frequency range, the 6865i offers
a superior voice experience on each audio path – handset,
speakerphone or headset port – making conversations crystal
clear and more life-like.
The Aastra 6865i features an innovative headset port that
uniquely provides dual support for DHSG/EHS and modular
4-pin headset connections. Users with wireless headsets that
support DHSG/EHS can now connect directly to the 6865i
without the added cost of additional adaptors or cables.
Enhanced Call Management
With an extensive storage capacity for personal directories,
callers logs, redial lists, and 8 programmable keys, the Aastra
6865i is designed to easily manage access to all of the most
frequently used call management features of the phone.
Even more productivity enhancing features are available
at the push of a button including: Shared Call Appearance
(SCA), Busy Lamp Fields (BLF), 3-way conferencing, transfer,
call waiting, call park, call pickup, intercom and paging. The
6865i is also an expandable desktop phone supporting up to
three expansion modules further enhancing its productivity
capabilities with additional programmable keys that can be
used to access the broad list of advanced features offered by
this powerful phone.
Environmentally Friendly
All Aastra 6800i Series SIP phones have been designed to be
environmentally friendly. Using dynamic PoE class reporting,
the 6865i has a PoE Class 2 rating that automatically switches
classes when an expansion module is connected enabling the
phone and network switches to efficiently manage its power
consumption. The Aastra 6865i also supports an optional
Efficiency Level “V” compliant power adaptor if required.
With smaller packaging that includes 100% recycled and
biodegradable material, the Aastra 6800i Series is one of the
most environmentally friendly family of SIP phones on the
Feature Keys
Digest Authentication
Up to 9 lines with 2 dedicated line
keys with LED
Transport Layer Security (TLS)
Secure Real-Time Protocol (SRTP)
8 Programmable keys with LEDs
4-way navigation key with Select/OK
Dedicated function keys including:
Conference, Transfer, Callers List,
Hold, Redial, Goodbye, Options, 2
volume keys, Mute (with LED) and
Speaker/Headset (with LED)
Audio and Codecs
XML API Capabilities
Display control based on user actions
or events
Mass deployment via central provisioning of user configuration files –
TR-069 support
Redundant server support
• Backup proxy/registrar server support
Dynamic Phone Configuration
RTCP support (RFC1889)
RTP Streaming Control
RTP streaming for Paging and Intercom applications
CTI applications
Extensive XML documentation and
sample Apps
IEEE 802.1x
Expansion Modules
Multi-lingual support – English,
French, Spanish, Italian, German
Up to three Expansion Modules supported
Aastra Hi-Q™ Audio Technology
Hearing aid compatible (HAC) handset
Full-duplex quality speakerphone
Wideband handset and speakerphone
• Downloadable language pack support for customization and additional language translations
PoE Class 2
Codecs: G.711 µ-law / A-law, G.729,
G.722, AMR*, AMR-WB(G.722.2)*,
G.726, iLBC, BV16, BV32, L16
Country-Specific call progress tones
and cadences
Dynamic PoE class changes when
expansion modules are added
Echo cancellation
Latin1, Latin2 Character sets
Level "V" energy efficiency rated
power adapters available
Comfort noise utilization
Packet loss concealment
Voice Quality Metrics, including MOS
IETF SIP (RFC3261) and associated
DHSG/EHS and 4-pin modular headset supported
Networking and Provisioning
Display and Indicators
Monochrome LCD
Dual 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet
ports (LAN/PC)
• 87-00012AAA-A (Europe)
• 87-00013AAA-A (North America)
• D6700-0131-48-20 (Universal)
Package Content
Aastra 6865i phone
Handset and coil cord
Adjustable 2-angle stand (35° & 60°)
• 3.4" 128x48 pixel graphical backlit Manual or Dynamic Host Configuradisplay
• Soft white backlight for user comfort
in any lighting condition
tion Protocol (DHCP) IP address setup
Support of multiple DHCP options:
LED for call and message waiting
Time and date synchronization using
Quality of Service support – IEEE
802.1 p/Q VLAN and priority tagging,
Type of Service (TOS), and Differentiated Services Code Point
User and administrator level passwords for login
Encryption of configuration files
HTTPS configuration downloaded
and web management
M685i LCD Expansion Module –
M680i Paper Expansion Module –
Wall Mount Kit – 80C00011AAA-A
Part Number
Network Address Translation (NAT),
STUN, TURN support
Aastra 6865i – 80C00001AAA-A
Integrated HTTP/HTTPS server for
web administration and maintenance
including a built-in troubleshooting
* license required
Rev. 11.03.14
Phone lock with PIN
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