powering color performance... company-wide.

CS 6551ci
> Crisp Output Up to 65 Pages Per Minute
> Standard 270-Sheet Dual Scan Document Processor
> Color/B&W Scan up to 200 ipm
> Optional Fiery Printing System for Advanced Color
> Intuitive and Customizable Touch Screen Control Panel
> Tab Printing Available Through Multi Purpose Tray
> Advanced Finishing Options to Power Workflow
> Standard Searchable PDF Capability
> Robust and Scalable Business Applications
> Apple AirPrint™ Enabled for a Mobile Printing Solution
CS 6551ci
KYOCERA Document Solutions is a global leader in the digital imaging
industry, with an award-winning line of document solutions that
consistently set the standard for high performance, superior image
quality, workflow-supportive applications, ease-of-use and durability.
We get to the heart of your critical business challenges, with a
personalized, single source approach that helps streamline your entire
document workflow to reduce costs, increase workplace productivity
and efficiency, and deliver exceptional results you can count on.
DMS Link
PinPoint Scan
KYOCERA CLOUD CONNECT: Easily print from and scan directly to the cloud while on the go from your Copystar MFPs.
KYOCERA MOBILE PRINT: Simply and conveniently print files, web pages, and images using your smartphone or tablet.
DMS LINK: Simplify document workflow through digital imaging, distribution, retrieval and long-time archival.
SharePoint Connector
PINPOINT SCAN: Scan from your MFP to your PC with added speed, functions and versatility.
SHAREPOINT CONNECTOR: Enhance collaboration utilizing your Copystar MFPs and your existing Microsoft SharePoint Server.
Configuration: Color Multifunctional System – Print/Scan/Copy/Optional Fax
Standard Controller: Freescale QorIQ P1022 (Dual Core) / 1,067MHz
Type / Capacity: Dual Scan Document Processor / 270 Sheets
PDLs / Emulations: PRESCRIBE, PCL6 (5e, XL), KPDL3 (PS3), XPS;
Optional (UG-34): IBM ProPrinter, Line Printer, LQ-850
Acceptable Originals: 5.5" x 8.5" – 11" x 17"
Pages Per Minute: Black – Letter: 65 ppm, Legal: 39 ppm, Ledger: 32 ppm, 12" x 18": 32 ppm (print only) Color – Letter: 65 ppm, Legal: 39 ppm, Ledger: 32 ppm , 12" x 18": 32 ppm (print only)
Warm Up Time: 60 Seconds or Less (Power On)
First Page Out:
Copy: 5.4 Seconds or Less Black, 6.2 Seconds or Less Color; Print: 5.3 Seconds or Less Black, 6.3 Seconds or Less Color
Resolution / Bit Depth: 600 x 600 dpi; 9600 x 600 dpi interpolated / 8 bit depth
Memory / Hard Disk Drive: 4 GB RAM Standard / Dual 160 GB HDD or more
Duplex: Standard Stackless Duplex Supports Statement to 12" x 18", 16 lb Bond - 140 lb Index (60 – 256gsm)
Standard Output Tray: Lower Tray: Statement - 12" x 18" / 250 sheets, up to 12" x 48" Banner / Single Sheet Upper Tray: Statement - 12" x 18" / 100 sheets Right Tray: Statement - 12" x 18" / 70 sheets
Electrical Requirements: 120V, 60Hz, 12.0A and 120V, 60Hz, 8.0A;
220-240V, 50Hz, 10.0A
Dimensions / Weight:
Footprint: 26.97" x 31.54" x 41.46"; with Control Panel: 40.91" x 31.54" x 53.04" / 418.88 lbs
Fonts: 136 KPDL3, 93 PCL6, 8 Windows Vista, 1 Bitmap
Windows OS Compatibility: Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8
Server 2008 R2 / Server 2012
Novell OS Compatibility: Novell NetWare 3.x/4.x/5.x/6.x
Fax Type: Fax System W(B) / Internet Fax Kit (A) (requires Fax
System W(B))
UNIX OS Compatibility: Sun OS 4.1.x; Solaris 2.x; AIX; HP-UX (LPR)
Compatibility / Data Compression: G 3 Fax / MMR, MR, MH, JBIG
Interfaces: Standard: 10/100/1000BaseTX, Hi-Speed USB 2.0,
4 USB Host Interfaces, 2 Expansion Slots
Optional: 10/100/1000BaseTX (IB-50 for Dual NIC);
Optional: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n (IB-51 for Wireless LAN Interface)
Transmission Speed / Modem Speed: Approximately 3 seconds
per page / 33.6 Kbps
Network Print and Supported Protocols:
TCP/IP, NetBEUI, FTP, LPR, IPv6, IPsec, SSL, WSD Print
Drivers: KX Driver, Mini Driver, KX Driver for XPS, XPS Mini Driver,
Network Fax Driver, PPD for MAC
Utilities: KYOCERA Net Admin, KYOCERA Net Viewer, PDF Direct Print, Command Center RX
Paper Weight:
Trays: 16 lb Bond – 140 lb index (60 – 256gsm); MPT: 16 lb Bond – 110 lb Cover (60 – 300gsm)
Input Materials: Bond Paper, Recycled Paper, Transparencies, Cardstock,
Envelopes, Labels / Tabs
File Formats: BW: TIFF, XPS, PDF, PDF/A;
Stack / Staple Capacity: Main Tray: 4,000 Sheets;
Sub Tray (B): 200 Sheets; Sub Tray (C): 100 Sheets / 65 Sheets
(up to 24 lb Bond (90gsm))
Paper Weight: 16 lb Bond – 110 lb Cover (60 – 300gsm)
Optional Multi-bin Mailbox: MT-730(B) Includes 7 Trays;
Supports 16 lb Bond – 90 lb Index (60 – 163gsm) Stack
Capacity per bin: 100 Sheets: 5.5" x 8.5", 8.5" x 11"; 50 Sheets:
8.5" x 14", 11" x 17"
Optional Punch: PH-7A 2 and 3 Hole Punch Unit, Supports
8.5" x 11" – 11" x 17"; 13 lb Bond – 110 lb Cover (45 – 300gsm)
Driver: TWAIN/WIA Driver
Optional Booklet Folder / Tri-fold Unit: BF-730 Booklet Folder
Supports 8.5" x 11", 8.5" x 14", 11" x 17"; 16 lb Bond – 24 lb Bond
(60 – 90gsm) 16 sheets; 25 lb Bond – 28 lb Bond (91 – 105gsm)
13 sheets; Fold booklet – no staple: 16 lb Bond – 24 lb Bond
(60 – 90gsm) 5 sheets; 25 lb Bond – 72 lb Index (91 – 120gsm)
3 sheets; 32 lb Bond – 110 lb Cover (121 – 256gsm) 1 sheet;
Trifold: 16 lb Bond – 24 lb Bond (60 – 90gsm) 5 sheets;
25 lb Bond – 72 lb Index (91 – 120gsm) 3 sheets
Image Mode: Text, Photo, Text/Photo, Auto, Manual, Map
Data Security Kit (E) Provides Security Overwrite and Encryption for
Print, Copy, and Scan, Optional Fax Memory, Original Hardcopy Holder
(Document Tray), Card Authentication Kit (B), Banner Guide (A),
Keyboard Holder
Connectivity / Supported Protocols: 10/100/1000BaseTX, TCP/IP
Scanning Functions: Scan to Folder (SMB), Scan to e-Mail, Scan to
FTP, Scan to FTP over SSL, Scan to USB, WSD Scan, TWAIN Scan
Original Size: Through DP: Statement to 11" x 17";
Glass: up to 11" x 17"
Continuous Copy: 1 – 9,999 / Auto Reset to 1
Additional Features: Positive/Negative Reverse, Mirror Image,
Rotate Copy, Border Erase, Split Copy, Electronic Sort, Margin
Shift, Page Number, Form Overlay, XY Zoom, Prevent Bleed
Through, Text Stamp, Bates Stamp, Blank Page Skip
Job Management: 1,000 Department Codes, Job Programs, Job
Build, Shortcut Keys, Repeat Copy
Color Adjustment: One Touch, Hue, Auto Exposure, Sharpness
Standard: Local Authentication, Network Authentication (IPsec,
HTTPS, LDAP over SSL, SNMPv3); Secure Print (IPP over SSL); Scan to e-mail (POP3/SMTP over SSL); Scan to FTP (FTP over SSL);
Magnification / Zoom: Full Size, 4 Reduction, 4 Enlargement
Preset Ratios, 25 – 400% in 1 step increments
Document Box: Custom Box, Job Box, Removable Memory Box,
Fax Box (with optional Fax System)
Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.
For the latest on connectivity visit www.copystar.com
DMS Link and PinPoint Scan are trademarks of the KYOCERA Companies.
Fiery is a trademark of Electronics for Imaging, Inc.
MAC and AirPrint are trademarks of Apple, Inc.
Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
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Headquarters: 225 Sand Road, Fairfield, NJ 07004-0008, USA
©2013 KYOCERA Document Solutions America, Inc.
Edge Staple Position: 3 Positions: Top Left, Bottom Left, Center Bind
Optional: Data Security Kit (E): Network Data Encryption, HDD
Overwrite Mode, HDD Data Encryption
Fax Functions: Duplex TX/RX, Confidential RX/TX, F-Code RX/TX,
Broadcasting, Fax Box, Dual Fax
Paper Size: 5.5" x 8.5" – 12" x 18"
Scan Speeds:
Simplex: 120 ipm BW/ Color (300 dpi);
Duplex: 200 ipm BW / Color (300 dpi)
Paper Size: Trays 1, 2, PF-730(B), PF-780(B); 5.5" x 8.5" – 12" x 18"; PF-740(B), PF-770: 8.5" x 11"; MPT: 5.5" x 8.5" – 12" x 18" (Multiple Sheets); Up to 12" x 48" Banner (Single Sheet)
Driver: Network Fax Driver
Scan Resolution: 600 dpi, 400 dpi, 300 dpi, 200 dpi,
200 x 100 dpi, 200 x 400 dpi
Paper Capacity: Standard: 4,150 Sheets; Maximum: 7,650 Sheets
Fax Memory: Standard: 12 MB; Maximum: 120 MB
Scan Type: Color and Black & White Scanner
PDF Extension: High Compression PDF, Encrypted PDF, Searchable PDF (OCR)
Optional Paper Sources:
Dual 500 Sheet Trays (PF-730(B)), Dual 1,500 Sheet Trays (PF-740(B)); Side LCTs: 500 Sheet Multimedia Tray (PF-780(B)), 3,000 Sheet Large Capacity Tray (PF-770)
Mac OS Compatibility: Mac OS 10.x; Airprint™ Enabled
Maximum Monthly Duty Cycle: 350,000 Pages Per Month
Standard Paper Sources: Dual 500 Sheet Trays, Dual 1,500 Sheet Trays, 150 Sheet MPT, Auto Selection/Switching
Acceptable Weights (Simplex / Duplex):
Simplex: 9.5 lb Bond – 80 lb Cover (35 – 220gsm); Duplex: 13 lb Bond – 80 lb Cover (50 – 220gsm)