PRIMERGY RX300 Dual-Processor Rack Server (2 U)

Data Sheet • PRIMERGY RX300 • Issue January 15, 2004
Rack Server (2 U)
Highly expandable at minimum space
The PRIMERGY RX300 rack server is a universal and powerful platform for a wide range of
application areas in data centers and server farm concepts.
Superb power reserves through newest Intel® Xeon™ processors with up to 3.20 GHz,
512 KB SLC, 1 MB TLC and 533 MHz FSB
High degree of availability for memory protection mechanisms at up to 12 Gbyte 2-way
interleaved DDR SDRAM memory with Chipkill™ and hot-spare memory option as well
as redundant fans and power supply as an option
Application areas
The PRIMERGY RX300 has been designed for
multi-server configurations (clusters), front-end
solutions, e-commerce applications and ERP
outstanding for applications and fields of use
that demand maximum scalability, performance
and availability in a space-saving rack cabinet.
The PRIMERGY RX300 rack server not only
offers many high availability functions, but also,
for a rack server, very great expandability with
up to 6 hard disks and takes up just 2 height
units (U) in a 19-inch rack.
High availability
Apart from the standard 2-channel Ultra320
controller with RAID 0, 1 functionality and RAID
5 expansion option, hot-plug PCI-X slots and
the memory protection mechanisms there are
quite a few high availability options such as hotspare memory, redundant hot-plug power
supply modules and fans, hot-plug back-up
drive and the split SCSI backplane for 2channel Ultra320 SCSI configurations.
Server Management
The Server Management occurs onboard via
the Baseboard Management Controller (BMC)
with IPMI 1.5 compatible Remote Management
functions like e.g. system status monitoring, text
console redirection independent of the installed
operating system, system power on/off, available through the optional RemoteView software.
The system delivery includes the tried-andtested products of the PRIMERGY ServerView
Suite (ServerStart and ServerView).
Further system functionalities
ƒ 2 hot-plug PCI-X 100 MHz slots
ƒ Onboard dual Gbit Ethernet controller
ƒ Optional hot-plug media drive (DAT), occupies 2 hard disk drive bays
ƒ The optional RemoteView Service Board
(RSB) enhances the remote functionality
e.g. with graphical console redirection and
provides high-level security through its own
LAN port and SSL encryption
ƒ Simple identification in the racks thanks
to LEDs at the front and rear
Data Sheet • PRIMERGY Rack Server RX300 • Issue January 15, 2004
Dual Processor Rack Server
System board
D 1409
Chip set
ServerWorks GC LE
Intel® Xeon™ (1 - 2)
Frequencies (GHz)
2.40, 2.66, 2.80, 3.06, 3.06, 3.20
533 MHz
512 Kbyte ECC
none / 1 Mbyte (3.06;3.20 GHz)
512 Mbyte up to max. 12 Gbyte
2-way interleaved, registered ECC PC2100 DDR SDRAM; 3
banks with 2 slots each for modules 256 Mbyte, 512 Mbyte, 1 and
2 Gbyte; memory scrubbing, Chipkill™ and hot-spare memory
Local BIOS update with floppy disk; Remote BIOS-Update via
LAN with Global Flash and service partition, or through chipDISK/RTDS via modem
Serial (for BMC only)
1x RS-232-C (9-pin)
1x RS-232-C (9-pin)
Parallel (option)
Centronics, 25-pin, EPP/ECP comp.
Keyboard, Mouse
2x PS/2
1x front, 2x back; (OHCI, 12 Mbit/s)
1x VGA (15-pin)
2x RJ45
SCSI (option)
external Ultra320 SCSI, 68-pin
Front Panel
On/off switch; NMI-, reset button; LEDs for system status (amber), identification (blue), hard disks access (green), power (amber/green); (back: system status, identification)
Onboard controller
IDE (ATA100)
SCSI (Adaptec 7902)
for 2 x 2 drives (CD / DVD)
2-channel Ultra320 SCSI with RAID
level 0, 1, 10 (HostRAID)
RAID option
(PCI card, ZCR)
RAID level 5, 50 extension for
onboard SCSI/RAID controller
LAN (BroadCom5704)
Server management
2x 10/100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet
ATI Rage XL 8 MB
Baseboard Management Controller
(BMC), IPMI 1.5 compatible
Hard disk drives
18, 36, 73, 146 Gbyte, Ultra320 SCSI
1 Gbyte equals one billion bytes when referring to hard disk drive capacity; accessible
capacity may vary.
I/O Slots (Standard)
2x PCI-X 64-bit / 100 MHz, low profile; hot-plug;
1x PCI-X 64-bit / 133 MHz, low profile;
1x PCI-X 64-bit / 100 MHz, low profile (ZCR support);
1x PCI 64-bit / 33 MHz, short, full height, 5V (RSB support)
I/O Slots (risercard option)
3x PCI-X 64-bit / 100 MHz, long, full height;
1x PCI 64-bit / 33 MHz, short, full height, 5V (RSB support)
Drive bays
for hard disks
6x 3.5/1-inch, slide-in chassis;
over 1 or 2 SCSI channels (option)
for accessible drives
1x 5.25/0.5-inch, for CD or DVD;
1x 3.5/0.5-inch, for FD drive
for optional
accessible drives
1x 3.5/2-inch for hot-plug tape drive,
requires 2 hard disk bays
System fan units (hot-plug)
Standard / redundant (option): 1 + 1 units, 4 fans each
Published by
Fujitsu Siemens Computers
Electrical values
Hot-plug power supply unit as standard.
Additional hot-plug unit for redundancy option
Output power
1 + 1, each 413 W
Rated AC voltage
100 - 127, 200 - 240 V
50 - 60 Hz
max. apparent power
557 VA
max. effective power
540 W
max. mains current
6,0A (100-127V); 2,7A (200-240V)
max. heat dissipation
1944 kJ/h
Ambient temperature
Noise pressure
Noise power
Overall measures
Rack mount depth / U:
Rack cable depth:
Rack integration kit
10°C - 35°C (EN60721-3-3 class 3K2)
<= 54 dB (A) class3 ISO9296
<= 6,8 B class3 ISO9296
85.9 * 482.6 * 761 (mm); (HxWxD)
721 mm / 2 U,
100 mm (900mm Rack recommended)
inclusive telescopic rails as part of the
standard delivery
~ 22 kg (configuration dependent)
Compliance with Norm and Standards
Product safety
Global / Europe
IEC 60950 / EN 60950
UL 60950 3rd. Ed.
CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60950 3rd. Ed.
Electro magnetic compatibility
EN 55 022 class A, EN 55024,
EN 61000-3-2 / -3-3
Taiwan / Japan
BSMI class A; VCCI class A /JEIDA
Australia / New Zealand C-Tick class A
USA / Canada
FCC class A
Declaration of conformity
Europe (CE)
89/336/EEC(EMV);73/23 EEC(LVD)
North America
FCC class A
Product safety
Global / Europe
USA / Canada
There is general compliance with the safety requirements of all
European countries and North America. National approvals required in order to satisfy statutory regulations or for other reasons, can be applied for on request.
Supported operating systems
Microsoft: Windows 2003 Enterprise; Standard; Web Edition
Microsoft: Windows 2000 Advanced Server; Server
Microsoft: Windows NT 4.0 EE; TSE; Server
Novell: NetWare 6 int'l; 6.5; Cluster Services 1.6; 1.7
Novell: iSCSI Cluster Services 1.7
SCO: UnixWare 7.1.3
Red Hat: LINUX EL2.1; EL3.0; LINUX 8.0; 9.0
For supported controllers (onboard and PCI cards for SCSI,
RAID, LAN, WAN, etc.), please refer to the corresponding system
Server Management
ServerStart, ServerView; PDA,
RemoteView with IDE chipDISK and
RemoteView Service Board
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