Advantech WebAccess 8.0
HMI/SCADA Software
ƒƒ Remote engineering and support with WebAccess Cloud Architecture
ƒƒ Business Intelligence Dashboard - cross-browser, cross-platform WebAccess
HMI based on HTML5
ƒƒ Open Interfaces - Web Services, Widget Interfaces and WebAccess APIs
ƒƒ Excel Report integration for report format customization
ƒƒ Multi-touch gesture support
ƒƒ Google Maps and GPS location tracking integration
ƒƒ WebAccess Express- The auto-configuration tool for various devices
ƒƒ Distributed SCADA architecture with central database server and Multi-layer
inter-operable SCADA nodes
ƒƒ Support ample drivers, including Advantech I/O, controllers and major PLCs.
ƒƒ Redundant SCADA, ports and devices - High availability
ƒƒ Web-enabled video, audio and animation in WebAccess View
ƒƒ Open data connectivity by providing industrial protocol and ODBC integration
ƒƒ Advanced SCADA Function: Alarm, Schedule and Real-time database
Advantech WebAccess is a web browser-based software package for human-machine interfaces (HMI) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA). All the features found in
conventional HMI and SCADA software including Animated Graphics Displays, Real-time Data, Control, Trends, Alarms and Logs, are available in an standard web browser. WebAccess
is built around the latest internet technologies. The basic components are:
1. SCADA Node: it communicates in real-time with automation equipment and controls the equipment via serial, Ethernet or proprietary communication via multiple built-in device
drivers. Not only does it run local controls and monitoring, but also provides real-time data to all remote clients.
2. Project Node: it is the development platform for WebAccess and is a web server for all clients to connect to the development project or remotely monitor and control the system.
All system configuration, project database files and graphics are stored here.
3. Client node: through the ActiveX control inside Microsoft Internet Explorer, it monitors and controls the SCADA Node. The client connects to the Project Node and get the
address of the SCADA Node, then communicates directly with the SCADA Node using proprietary communications over a TCP/IP connection. Data is displayed in real-time with
dynamically animated graphics along with real-time, historical trending and alarm information. Users can acknowledge alarms and change set-points, status and other data.
4. Mobile Client: the Mobile Client interface is intended for use with smart mobile devices, such as iOS, Android; and Windows mobile devices. In the mobile client users can
browse graphics, data-log trends, and tag information in real-time. Set value to tag or acknowledge alarms can also be supported via an intuitive interface.
WebAccess 8.0 releases a new generation of WebAccess HMI. Business Intelligence Dashboard, provides users with cross-platform, cross-browser data analysis and user interface
based on HTML5 technology. WebAccess 8.0 can also act as an IoT Platform by providing open interfaces for partners to develop IoT applications for different vertical markets.
Feature Details
WebAccess Cloud Architecture
Excel Reporting
WebAccess is a 100% web based HMI and SCADA software with private cloud software
architecture. WebAccess can provide large equipment vendors, SIs, and Enterprises to
access and manipulate centralized data and to configure, change/update, or monitor their
equipment, projects, and systems all over the world using a standard web browser. Also,
all the engineering works, such as: database configuration, graphics drawing and system
management and the troubleshooting can be operated remotely. This can significantly
increase the efficiency of maintenance operations and reduce maintenance costs.
WebAccess provides Excel Reports for fulfilling the requirements of self-defined report
functionality. Users can build self-defined Excel templates and generate daily/ weekly/
monthly/yearly or on demand reports automatically in Microsoft EXCEL format. The Excel
Report function is also web-based. Excel reports can be generated and viewed in a Web
browser from wherever is needed.
Business Intelligence Dashboard
WebAccess supports multi-touch functionality with various pre-set gestures, such as flick
to change pages, zooming in and out of the display and 2-handed operation maximizing
operating safety, increasing usability and decreasing training time due to the more intuitive
handling. In addition, multi-touch also supports multi-finger tap, multi-finger grab, and
multi-finger spread gestures to operate pre-defined actions.
WebAccess 8.0 provides an HTML5 based Dashboard as the next generation of WebAccess
HMI. System integrators can use Dashboard Editor to create the customized information
page by using analysis charts and diagrams which are called widgets. Ample widgets
have been included in the built-in widget library, such as trends, bars, alarm summary,
maps…etc. After the dashboard screens have been created, end user can view the data
by Dashboard Viewer in different platforms, like Explorer, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox for
a seamless viewing experience across PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones.
Open Interfaces
WebAccess opens three kinds of interfaces for different use. First, WebAccess provides a
Web Service interface for partners to integrate WebAccess data into APPs or application
system. Second, a pluggable widget interface has been opened for programmer to develop
their widget and run on WebAccess Dashboard. Last, WebAccess API, a DLL interface for
programmer to access WebAccess platform and develop Windows applications. With these
interfaces, WebAccess can act as an IoT platform for partners to develop IoT applications
in various vertical markets.
Multi-touch Gesture Support
Google Maps and GPS Tracking Integration
WebAccess integrates real-time data on each geographical site with Google Maps and
GPS location tracking. For remote monitoring, users can intuitively view the current
energy consumption on each building, production rate on each field or traffic flow on
the highway together with alarm status. By right-clicking on Google Maps or entering
the coordinate of the target, users can create a marker for the target and associate the
real-time data of three sites with a display label. Furthermore, this function also integrates
with GPS modules to track the location of the marker in Google Maps and allows it to
be used in vehicle systems.
WebAccess+ Solutions
All product specifications are subject to change without notice
Date updated: 24-Nov-2014
Advantech WebAccess
WebAccess Express - The Auto-Configuration Tool
Web-enabled Video, Audio, Animation
Advantech WebAccess Express is an automated graphical remote control application
program with 1-click to bring device information online. It automatically discovers the
ADAM and EKI modules on the network and serial ports, generates a database and brings
real-time data online with prebuilt monitoring graphics. Express also provides remote
monitoring functions and allows users to communicate and exchange data with SNMP,
DiagAnywhere Server or SUSI 4.0 APIs and then check the health of the CPU, memory,
temperature, and voltage of the target machine as device monitoring platform. With SNMP,
DiagAnywhere, or SUSI API Driver integration, users can configure the alarm function if
any abnormal or suspicious data is detected in WebAccess.
WebAccess allows operators and users to monitor equipment and facilities directly using
web-enabled full-motion video cameras, audio, and web cams. It also supports the use
of live video cameras that are IP-enabled via ActiveX control, Windows Media Player,
JPEG and other formats supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 (or later). The
video image appears in the same display area as graphics, animation, alarms and trends
displays. With vector-based graphics, WebAccess graphics can be built at any resolution
and displayed at any resolution. It also has the options to allow users to define the aspect
ratio, 16:9, 16:10 or 4:3, to view their graphics to avoid distortion when displaying in
certain aspect ratio display.
Distributed SCADA Architecture with Central Database Server
Open Data Connectivity
SCADA nodes run independent of any other node. Each SCADA node communicates to
automation equipment using communication drivers supplied with Advantech WebAccess.
The Project Node is a centralized database server of configuration data. A copy of the
database and graphics of all SCADA nodes is kept on the Project Node. The historical
data is also stored in the database in project node.
Real-Time Database
Ample Driver Support
WebAccess supports hundreds of devices. In addition to Advantech I/Os and controllers,
WebAccess also supports all major PLCs, controllers and I/Os, like Allen Bradley, Siemens,
LonWorks, Mitsubushi, Beckhoff, Yokogawa etc. WebAccess can easily integrate all
devices in one SCADA. All of these device drivers are integrated into WebAccess and free
of charge. For a complete list of WebAccess drivers, refer to
Redundant SCADA, COM Ports and Devices
Advantech WebAccess assures continuous, reliable communication to automation
equipment. WebAccess Backup node activates when the primary node is down. WebAccess
device drivers communicate with backup ports or devices if the primary connection is lost
and automatically restores to the primary item when it becomes available.
Alarm Management System
WebAccess advanced Alarm Management System (AMS) delivers alarm messages via
SMS, email or audio announcement to multiple receivers by predefined alarm group, user
groups, time schedule and priority setting.
Advantech WebAccess exchanges online data with 3rd party software in real-time by
supporting OPC UA/DA, DDE, Modbus and BACnet Server/Client. It supports SQL, Oracle,
MySQL, and MS Access for offline data sharing.
WebAccess Real-Time Database (RTDB) is designed to meet industrial high speed and
large quantity data access requirements. With the fully integrated design, users do not need
to learn how to operate this database. Just by enabling the usage of RTDB in WebAccess
configuration page, WebAccess SCADA node can serve data processing (collect and be
retrieved at the same time) at a rate of millions of records per second. Also, the RTDB
maintenance feature can automatically archive and delete obsolete data.
Gateway with WebAccess Installed
With open real-time data connectivity and hundreds of device drivers, WebAccess can
integrate all devices and a selected hardware platform with pre-installed WebAccess
becomes the perfect protocol gateway or data concentrator. With intuitive setup, WebAccess
converts field device data to Modbus, OPC DA, OPC UA or BACnet protocol, so other
software, such as ERP and MES can gain access without knowing the field device protocol.
WebAccess+ Solution Products, a bundle of WebAccess Professional 7.2 and Windows
7 Embedded built in to Advantech’s robust hardware platform, can be used as a high
performance, low cost data gateway solution.
WebAccess Scheduler
WebAccess Scheduler provides on/off control and setpoint changes based on the time-ofday, day of the week and the calendar. Users can control lights, temperature and equipment
for saving energy during work days. WebAccess Scheduler allows the definition of up to
17 periods per day and preserved functions for setpoints.
WebAccess+ Solutions
Browser-based HMI/SCADA Software
Software Specifications
Advantech WebAccess Professional
I/O Tag Number
Internal Tag Number
Web Client
Alarm Logs
Action Logs
Number of Graphic Pages
Unlimited (limited by H/D size)
Variables per Graphic Pages 4000
Tag Source Global
Multi-touch Gesture Yes
ƒƒ Cross Browser and Platform Yes
ƒƒ Number of Built-in Widget
ƒƒ Open Widget Interface Yes
Group Trend Log
ƒƒ Number of data logging ƒƒ Alarm Groups per SCADA Number of IO tags license x 2
ƒƒ Recipes per Project ƒƒ Unit per Recipe ƒƒ Item per Unit Unlimited (limited by H/D size)
Holiday Configuration Group 9999
Time Zone Group 9999
Device Loop Group 9999
Equipment Group 9999
Scheduler Reservation Group 9999
Ordering Information
Professional Versions
Version Upgrade*
ƒƒ WA-X80-U000E
WebAccess Upgrade to Version 8.0
*Upgrade the WebAccess Version from 7.x to 8.0.
ƒƒ WA-X80-U075E
WebAccess software license, 75 Tags upgrade
ƒƒ WA-X80-U300E
WebAccess software license, 300 Tags upgrade
ƒƒ WA-X80-U600E
WebAccess software license, 600 Tags upgrade
ƒƒ WA-X80-U15HE
WebAccess software license, 1,500 Tags upgrade
ƒƒ WA-X80-U50HE
WebAccess software license, 5,000 Tags upgrade
* Original serial number from WebAccess Professional version is required to purchase
WebAccess upgrade. The serial number can be found on the USB dongle.
WebAccess+ Bundled Products
ƒƒ WA-TPC1771-T600E
ƒƒ WA-TPC1771-T50HE
Web-enabled Integration
ƒƒ WA-TPC1771-C600E
ƒƒ Video
ƒƒ Google Maps and GPS Location Tracking Yes
ƒƒ WA-TPC1771-C50HE
Open Connectivity
ƒƒ WA-TPC1771-E600E
Modbus Server
BACnet Server
ODBC and SQL Query
OPC DA/UA Server
DDE Server
Centralized logs on project Yes node via ODBC
SCADA Redundancy Yes
Script language TclScript/VBScript/JScript
Data Transfer Yes
ODBC and SQL Query Yes
Reporting / Excel Reporting Yes
Device Redundancy Yes
Supports IPv6 Yes
WebAccess Express Yes
WebAccess V8.0 Professional Software with 75 tags
WebAccess V8.0 Professional Software with 150 tags
WebAccess V8.0 Professional Software with 300 tags
WebAccess V8.0 Professional Software with 600 tags
WebAccess V8.0 Professional Software with 1,500 tags
WebAccess V8.0 Professional Software with 5,000 tags
WebAccess V8.0 Professional Software with 20,000 tags
WebAccess V8.0 Professional Software with Unlimited
ƒƒ WA-TPC1771-E50HE
ƒƒ WA-UNO2178-T600E
ƒƒ WA-UNO2178-T50HE
ƒƒ WA-UNO2178-C600E
ƒƒ WA-UNO2178-C50HE
ƒƒ WA-UNO2178-E600E
ƒƒ WA-UNO2178-E50HE
17" Touch Panel Computer, 600 tags WebAccess with
Traditional Chinese
17" Touch Panel Computer, 5,000 tags WebAccess with
Traditional Chinese
17" Touch Panel Computer, 600 tags WebAccess with
Simplified Chinese
17" Touch Panel Computer, 5,000 tags WebAccess with
Simplified Chinese
17" Touch Panel Computer, 600 tags WebAccess with
17" Touch Panel Computer, 5,000 tags WebAccess with
Automation Computer, 600 tags WebAccess with
Traditional Chinese
Automation Computer, 5,000 tags WebAccess with
Traditional Chinese
Automation Computer, 600 tags WebAccess with
Simplified Chinese
Automation Computer, 5,000 tags WebAccess with
Simplified Chinese
Automation Computer, 600 tags WebAccess with
Automation Computer, 5,000 tags WebAccess with
Minimum Requirements
Project Node \ SCADA Node
Dashboard Viewer
ƒƒ Operating System
ƒƒ HardwarePC: Intel Core I3 or higher; 4GB RAM or higher
iPhone: iPhone 5 or later version
Android: 1.5GHz Quad Core or higher; 2GB RAM or
Windows Phone: 1.5GHz Quad Core or higher; 2GB
RAM or higher
ƒƒ Browser
Internet Explorer: IE 9 or later version
Chrome: Version 37 or later version
Firefox: Version 31 or later version
Safari: Version 7 or later version
ƒƒ Hardware
ƒƒ Display Resolution ƒƒ USB Port
ƒƒ Software
Windows XP (SCADA Node Only), Windows 7 SP1,
Windows 8 Professional, Windows Server 2008 R2 or
Intel Atom or Celeron. Dual Core processors or higher
2GB RAM minimum, more recommended
30GB or more free disk space
1024 x 768 or higher (recommended)
Lower resolutions also supported
USB port for License Hardkey on SCADA node
.Net Framework 4.5 or later version
WebAccess+ Solutions