Telemetry GenII Leaflet (Grant).cdr

GenII Radio Systems
The Eltek GenII series is a new range of telemetry products distributed by Grant Instruments
that provide reliable radio data logging for a wide range of users and applications. Sensors
can be located almost anywhere with reliable and secure collection data assured.
Radio Telemetry offers a cost-effective, flexible and practical alternative to hard-wired data logging systems without forfeiting system
reliability or security. The GenII telemetry system does not compromise on the range of sensor types that can be connected,
measurement accuracy or metering capability. Consistent performance in a range of environments is ensured by using only the very
highest quality licence exempt FM low power radio modules.
Radio Telemetry Logging System
Repeater A
Gen II Receiver Logger
Repeater B
PC Running Darca Software
250 Channels max
Typical System Configuration
Wireless connection of sensors
12 bit resolution for high accuracy
250 channel, 125 Transmitter system capability
Easy system design and installation
Flexible configurations for permanent and
temporary installations
Complete turnkey system solution
Range easily extended by Repeaters
Options for use in extreme ranges of
temperature and physical environments
Tamperproof indoor or outdoor wall mounting
Transmitter Features
High performance crystal controlled transmitter compliant to EN-300-200-1
Up to 12 Channel capability for each transmitter
Wide range of sensor types
Sensors can be integral, external or a combination of both
Inputs available for Voltage, Current, Temperature, Pulse, Digital or Light
On-site programming enables optimised performance
Battery operation allows flexible and rapid installation
Powered by standard alkaline batteries
5 - 10 year typical battery life
Compact size and light weight
Unobtrusive rugged aluminium customised case
Receiver Logger Features
Data Logger with integral receiver
Models available with additional 8 wired-in sensors
Alarm and GSM text output
Built-in standby battery
247K readings expandable to 2M readings
Transmitter battery alarm
Display and keypad for "on line" metering
RS232 PC connection
Darca setup, graphing and data export software
Repeater Features
Contains high performance Receiver and Transmitter compliant to EN-300-200-1
Extends range of individual transmitters many fold
Antenna socket permits use of external antenna to improve performance in
difficult conditions
Multiple repeaters can be used within the system
Mains powered with built-in rechargeable battery
back up
GenII Radio Systems
TD1070GB 24/12/03
Due to our policy of continuous improvement specifications may change without prior notice. Eltek believes that all information declared is correct at the time of issue, no liability is accepted for errors and omissions.
What is radio Telemetry?
Simply the transfer of information using radio as the bearer.
What are its advantages over wired or cabled-in systems?
Wireless systems offer an almost unlimited freedom to site
sensors. Information is collected by the sensors and periodically
transmitted to the Receiver Logger for PC analysis or real time
Transmitting over the Licence-exempt Low Power Radio (LPR)
spectrum means no annual licence fee, and the use of standard
system modules allows rapid systems design, installation and
Where is it currently used?
The Eltek Radio Telemetry System is designed as a total system solution.
Existing installations include environmental monitoring, the storage of
sensitive chemicals and drugs and the monitoring of manufacturing
processes. Customised thermal barriers are available for through-process
measurement in extreme temperatures.
Eltek Support
Eltek's Technical help line is there to assist from project conception to
completion. A three year warranty is standard.
System Specification
Common Features
UHF Frequency
Compliant to
Transmission Interval
Channel options
Integral Sensors
Input types
Ambient Temperature
Power Supplies
Battery Life
Case Dimensions
(excluding antenna)
Antenna connector
Antenna Dimensions
Weight inc. batteries and
Wall bracket
Test switch
Radio Repeater
Ambient Temperature
Power supplies
Backup battery life
Antenna connector
Grant Instruments
(Cambridge) Ltd
Tel: +44 (0) 1763 260811
Fax: +44 (0) 1763 262410
GenII – Radio data logging system
434.225MHz (Europe and countries where
EN 300-220-1
Type GC, GS or TR
12 bit – 16 bit
Programmable: 1 sec to 4 hours
Standard: 1, 2, 4 and 8
Special combinations available on request
Digital Temperature and Humidity
(Temperature ±0.4ºC accuracy) (RH ±2%)
Digital Temperature
(0.5ºC accuracy and resolution)
Thermistor Temperature (±0.2ºC accuracy)
UV and Visible Light (Littlemore Scientific)
Vaisala Humitter RH/temp probe, Rotronic
Hygroclip RH/temp probe, “U” type
thermistor, K/T type thermocouple, RTD type
Pt100 (4 wire), Pulse/Event, Voltage,
Current, High impedance sensors e.g. pH
–10 to +55°C
Up to 95% (non condensing)
6V: 4 x AA Alkaline cells
>5 years (at 5 min. transmit interval)
Compact, including probe turret:
D41mm x W80mm x H99mm
Standard: D 41mm x W 80mm x H 104mm
“Squirrel” D 60mm x W 180mm x H 120mm
Anodised aluminium with ABS/PC end caps
SMA 50 ohm female
UHF Standard: 166mm/Compressed: 67mm
Compact: 260g
Standard: 300g
Built in “joggle” fixing
Status LED
Accessed through case back
Type RP250
–10 to +55°C
Up to 95% (non condensing)
External: 12VDC at 500mA
Internal: 6 x AA Ni Mh battery
>8 hours – dependant upon charge /
discharge duty cycle
D 60mm x W 180mm x H 120mm
1Kg inc. batteries
Crystal controlled
SMA 50 ohm female
External antenna
Light weight dipole
Receiver Logger
Number of channels
Ambient Temperature
Power supplies
Backup battery life
Clock Accuracy
Case material
PC/modem interface
Antenna connector
Type RX250
Up to 250 channels (up to 125 transmitters)
-10 to +55°C
Up to 95% (non condensing)
External: 12VDC at 500mA
Internal: 6 x AA Ni Mh battery
Typically 8 hours
247K readings expandable to 2,000,000
I second/day at 20°C
D 60mm x W 180mm x H 120mm
1Kg inc. batteries
Scratch resistant Noryl coated ABS
RS232C up to 38.4K Baud
8 local channels
Crystal controlled
UHF: 115db
SMA 50 ohm female
Darca Plus Software
Downloading And Remote Control Application
System set-up
Data analyser
Local connection to data logger via PC serial port
Remote connection via modem
Export to popular spreadsheets
Intuitive use and Wizard for first time users
Real time metering via bar/needle
Real time metering via graph
Graph display options include: 3D, zooming, custom axes, statistics
including threshold
Engineering units conversion on graphs
Customise and save graphs
Insert text/comments at points of interest on graph
Graphing can be paged or scrolled
“Shed” scheduling utility
Settings can be password protected
Transmitter low battery warning and “% Battery Remaining” display
Set up transmitters from Darca
SMS messaging using GSM modem
Ethernet connectivity
FDA 21 CFR Part 11
Darca Secure is a version of the Darca Plus software designed in line with the
recommendations as prescribed in FDA 21 CFR Part 11. It is primarily
for the Pharmaceutical market and requires a special Data Logger type
Equipment manufactured by Eltek is guaranteed against faulty materials or
workmanship for three years. For repairs carried out under guarantee, no
charge is made for labour, materials or return carriage.
Eltek and Grant operate a quality management system compliant with