Hand control
For digital systems
Ergonomic design
Anti-slip pads
Transcription made easy
with a Philips hand control
The Philips hand control is the perfect alternative to foot pedals for easy control
of all transcription functions. The ergonomic hand control can be placed in front
of the keyboard for easy operation at your fingertips.
Top performance
• Plug and play for easy set up
• Anti-slip pads keep the hand control in the right place
• Central configuration and management saves time and resources
Designed for professionals
• Ergonomic design for professional use and outstanding comfort
• Can be used with or without a wrist rest for optimal comfort
• Durable materials guarantee high quality for extended use
No 1 in SPS global
customer satisfaction
survey 09/2015.
Hand control
Plug and play
Connectivity: USB
Product dimensions: 480 mm × 252 mm × 22
Plug and play installation allows easy and
mm/18.9" × 9.9" × 0.9"
quick set up.
Operating conditions
Weight: 597 g/21 oz.
Anti-slip pads
Temperature: 5 °–45 °C/41 °–113 °F
Design and finishing
Anti-slip pads ensure the hand control is
Colour(s): black
always kept in the right place.
Control unit
Ergonomic design
Wrist rest
Philips transcription headphones LFH0234
The hand control was developed in
Rubber mat
Philips transcription headphones LFH0334
cooperation with professional end users
User manual
Philips SpeechExec dictation software
to ensure a perfectly smooth transcription
Humidity: 10%–90%
Package contents
process with minimal physical strain.
Green specifications
Compliant to 2002/95/EC (RoHS)
Easy setup and maintenance
Lead-free soldered product
The hand control is easy to deploy and
configure using the Philips SpeechExec
remote device management software. It
allows administrators to centrally manage,
update, and maintain the configuration and
settings of Philips dictation devices, saving
valuable time and resources.
Wrist rest
The hand control includes a wrist rest for
optimal comfort. It helps alleviate tension
in the neck and shoulders, thus alleviating
physical strain during long transcription jobs.
Durable materials
The Philips hand control is made of highquality durable materials that ensure a long
product life.
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