Bryan Fields
St Pete Beach, FL 33706  Garland, TX 75044  727-409-1194 
Seeking a network architecture position with a company focused on providing highly available
network services to their customers.
RF, IP/MPLS, and SONET Network architect with experience delivering cost effective designs providing
highly available network services.
• Cisco CCNP (CSCO11177448)
• Hold a FCC General Radiotelephone Operator License (PG00017573), with RADAR Endorsement
• WiMAX Core Network Engineer Certification
• Harris Microwave Certificate
• iDirect Quality of Service Certification (VSAT technology)
• Architected WiMAX BTS and IP backhaul/core networks for FNC customers
• Designed a robust transport network for Tower Cloud providing TDM and Ethernet to tower sites
• Ability to “hit the ground running” on customer sites and handle out of scope issues
Hardware Skills
Knowledge of Cisco routing and switching platforms; 800/1800/2800/4000/7600 routers and
2900/3560E/3750/5500/6500 switches
Engineering of T1/DS3 and optical SONET Networks
Cisco (Scientific Atlanta) RPR nodes
Foundry layer 2/3 switching
Juniper M series routers
Experience with Cisco Pix and Checkpoint firewall products
Tellabs IP/MPLS transport nodes
Optical transport nodes: Ciena, Turin, Adtran 6100, Nortel, Fujitsu
Covaro/ADVA Optical Etherjack Ethernet Demarc
802.11b/g system deployment, utilizing Cisco 350 and 1200 series access points with WLSM
Alvarion/Fujitsu /Airspan WiMAX BTS/CPE/VoIP adapters/Netspan EMS
Alcatel/Ceragon/NEC/Dragonwave/Harris PtP Microwave radios
Orthogon/Motorola PtP microwave radios
Bridgewave Millimetric wave radios
Advanced knowledge of Alvarion radio equipment, including board level diagnostics
Motorola Canopy system design and deployment
WLAN system design and deployment
FCC licensing experience/interference analysis (TIA TSB-10F)
UHF and microwave design circuit design with specialty in medium power amp design
Inside Plant/Outside Plant wiring standards / Fiber termination and troubleshooting
Software Skills
Cisco Cat/OS and IOS, extensive experience using RIPv2/EIGRP/OSPF/BGP
VPN design and advanced routing implementations with IOS
Network administration and design using Cisco routers and switches under SNMP Monitoring/Rancid
Network Analysis/Troubleshooting with Ntop and RMON/Netflow
Radio path/coverage modeling with EDX and Pathloss 4.0
Cisco Cat/OS and IOS, extensive experience using IS-IS/OSPF/BGP/EIGRP/RIPv2
Linux, Solaris, HPUX, FreeBSD, OpenBDS
Circuit Vision and MetaSolv OSS software
EMS from Cisco/Turin/Ceragon/Ciena/Nortel/Fujitsu
Alvarion VxWorks OS
Airspan OS diagnostics
FreeRadius on Debian
Asterisk PBX + VoIP SIP Phones, Voice over WiMAX
Apache, ProFTPd, MySQL, postgreSQL, Interchange, RT/FM, Nagios, Cacti, djbdns/BIND, DHCPD
Email server deployment with qmail, virtual domains and spamassassin
Windows Domain Controllers
Employment History
Company Name Withheld
Principle Network Architect
Network Architect on IP wireless backhaul network for national defense communications in Southeast Asia.
These networks consisted of radio links over various terrain and water locations in some of the most
difficult areas of the world. Over these links was built an IP network using mostly Cisco NE's in a fault
tolerant configuration (HSRP was used extensively along with OSPF). Suitable remote enclosures/power
systems were specified by myself and all equipment was assembled in the enclosure while state side. A
Facilities and Acceptance Test (FAT) was completed to SPAWAR satisfaction.
Through out all this all technical documentation was produced by myself , including site engineering
packages, network maps and radio path studies. All radio paths were designed and verified with Pathloss
4.0 to provide 99.999% link availability. In most instances full diversity was necessary, and hot stand by
radios were a requirement. I worked with in country tower contractors and site acquisition personnel to
ensure proper installation of all microwave composites. I designed full secure remote VPN access into the
network for remote monitoring and troubleshooting of radio and IP nodes. This VPN router was connected
over a separate VSAT link independent of all other networks.
I was also involved in smaller secure (FIPS-140-2 and DIACAP'd) network designs in NTIA licensed
bands. These consisted of secure type 1 wireless links with IP routing nodes in a ring configuration. In
most instances this subnetwork would interconnect in a redundant fashion with the local base lan. As the
network could potentially carry secret data, security was the principal design requirement, followed by full
redundancy of key components. All IP node and routing configuration was designed and configured by
Fujitsu Network Communications Inc.
Network Architect
Core network architect in the WiMAX product services group. Deeply involved with trial and proposal
design of WiMAX data networks and initial turn up. Planed whole greenfield networks utilizing software
tools in the selection of optimal base station locations. Interlinked base stations for all IP/MPLS based
backhaul. This consisted of design with WiMAX base stations, Microwave Backhaul, secure
routing/switching design, and enforcing Telco grade installation/maintenance standards. Made extensive
use of Pathloss 4.0 and EDX RF planning tools in the planning phase to ensure a 99.999% availability, and
to assist with site selection. Made extended site visits during initial turn up to provision and secure
customer core network devices.
Planned IP core networks to migrate from 802.16-2004 to 802.16e roaming profile with ASNGW's (future
proof). Worked with product support to suggest needed WiMAX BTS features. Involved in looking to
more tier 1 deployments for future carrier networks, i.e. LTE. Worked to setup QOS on all NE's to provide
“Bell” grade VoIP over WiMAX.
Involved with bringing NOC up to speed monitoring IP based customer gear. FNC NOC was contracted to
provide monitoring of customer WiMAX network elements for failure and performance issues. As the only
monitoring system Fujitsu had was the Element manager for FNC produced NE's it was necessary to
implement a SNMP/log Monitor. Worked closely with NOC supervisor to bring personnel up to speed on
requirements for monitoring IP networks vs. traditional SONET. Provided VPN access to these networks
for remote NOC monitoring.
Worked and was instrumental in building the wireless integration lab. FNC lacked the lab area to test new
designs and mock up customer networks for testing, space was procured and setup for use. This allowed
FNC to pre-provision all customer devices for the field deployment and ship a rack fully stacked to
customer locations.
Tower Cloud Inc.
RF/IP Network Engineer
Tower Cloud built out large scale metro optical transport networks for cellular carriers. My involvement
was across all major engineering areas, RF, IP, SONET, in addition to working with sales and deployment
Primary RF/microwave engineer responsible for network/path design from initial market analysis/research
to turn up and testing acceptance. Detailed path design utilizing Pathloss 4.0 software, USGS maps and
field data was preformed and used to license the path with frequency coordinators. Engineering packages
were developed for field personal use during installation and turn up. Was heavily involved with post
install inspection of field work, developed ISP/OSP check lists and structured inspection procedures.
Designed a highly available scalability IP management network enabling visibility of all remote sites to
NOC users. Remote user access was provided for users and redundant across multiple sites with per user
ACL's to control access to network elements. Scalable IP use scheme was developed with a clear layout for
assigning IP's to NE's in each market on bit boundaries. Worked with Circuit Vision to setup redundant
GRE over IPSec tunnels to hosted environment for circuit data management. Cacti was setup and
configured to monitor all traffic/optical/radio levels and errors on the network.
Worked with multiple vendors in evaluating new TDM and Ethernet transport equipment in a lab
environment. IP/MPLS, SONET, and RPR technology from major vendors was evaluated for use in
pending deployments. Developed Ethernet test procedure to test equipment for compliance with major
cellular carrier's Ethernet standards. Involved NOC personal in testing and commissioning nodes prior to
deployment in markets. Installed and configured RT for ticketing of customer issues in NOC and other
Closely worked on SONET/optical design requirements and installation standards. Selected a OSS system
for network management from amongst four candidate systems allowing ease of customer and circuit
management. Worked with OSP personnel to ensure fiber was spliced identically at each site and level out
optical levels post turn up. Developed a custom cable and protection demarc for customer interconnect tie
lines, and lacing standard for the same.
Worked closely with sales providing pre-sales information to customers and providing technical
information on the proposed back-haul network design. This included “internal” educational training
presentations for Tower Cloud employees covering basics of radio, protection mechanisms, and how the
SONET network transports back to the MSO.
Level (3)
RF/IP Network Engineer
Responsible for engineering and support of wireless IP network covering Orlando and Tampa areas.
Implemented a new management scheme for all networking equipment, along with traffic graphing and
configuration change control/backups. Worked closely with level 1 support staff in the NOC to resolve
complex issues and improve documentation of the network. Revised, updated, and standardized network
diagrams in Visio which enabled NOC staff to resolve network issues more efficiently.
Developed a new “green-field” network architecture that would enable high speed DIA and MPLS transport
services via wireless last mile. Worked with marketing and management to revise this design and develop a
business plan for a role out in the Orlando market. Presented this design to corporate management for
review along with a guided tour of the present Orlando network.
Senior engineer involved with modeling and design phase of licensed and unlicensed radio data links for
sales team. These designs covered links spanning 30 miles to a ¼ mile and bandwidth ranging from 10-800
Mbits/s. Specified site hardware, worked with tower vendors to determine appropriate antenna support
structures for use at fiber nodes, and grounding for equipment. Implemented network upgrades for the
Orlando network for increased throughput and brought grounding at these sites up to industry standards.
Worked extensively with a metro mesh network deployment on the engineering and security design.
Modeled the Tropos mesh radios in the lab to better engineer our network in the field and quantify the
security vulnerabilities of the Tropos equipment. Met with the vendor and had them address these
vulnerabilities and mitigated them through firmware upgrades and security polices on routers.
Illiana Internet LLC
RF Engineer/Operations Manager
Designed and implemented a wide area wireless network covering parts Lake, Porter, Newton counties in
Indiana, and Kankakee and Will counties in Illinois. Responsible for site selection, deployment, and
operational decisions. Managed Day to Day operations, scheduling of customer installs, and
logistics/tracking of network equipment inventory. Designed a layer two security model using multiple
vlans that allows for routed, and bridged connections which limits unauthorized access and virus traffic.
Designed outdoor links spanning 15 to 20 miles used for high capacity back haul of customer data. Used
multiple back haul links to interlink sites in a ring topology, providing automatic fail over and redundancy
using EIGRP. Developed and implemented contingency plans ranging from router/switch up to total site
Setup AP's in customer locations to redistribute access to the internal network allowing people to use
laptops in the shop and trailers. Setup multiple vlans on an access point bound to different ESSID's to
provide access to public and private networks with a single AP. Extensive experience with MAC address
ACL's on Cisco IOS based AP's.
Engineered the network to prioritize VoIP frames, and implemented multiple Asterisk PBX servers for
linking and control of a voice network. This consisted of custom hardware interface cards in the asterisk
server, with custom voice linking hardware.
Urban Communications Inc.
Oversaw the design of wireless IP networks. In charge of installation, and troubleshooting of specialized
radio and network equipment. Also performed antenna pattern measurement, and site surveys of
prospective subscribers.