Zultys Unified Communications Brochure

True “All-in-One” IP Phone Systems
and Unified Communications Solutions
Making VoIP Work For Your Business
The Zultys MX series of both cloud and
premise based enterprise class IP phone
systems combines best of breed Unified
Communications (UC) features into an easily
scalable “all-in-one” native SIP solution that
can support up to 10,000 users across 128
locations. Based on secure Linux and open
standard SIP (Session Initiation Protocol),
Zultys packs its IP phone systems full of
business enhancing features that provide
a wide range of enterprise-class Unified
Communications services, allowing companies
to gain a competitive advantage and achieve
a rapid return on investment
• Unified Communications client for
Windows, Mac & Linux
• Mobile Unified Communications client for iPhone
& Android
• Complete Contact Center with
Customized Reporting
• Seamless multi-site integration
• Visual voice mail
• Busy lamp field / Key system emulation
• Integrated Fax Server
• Presence & Instant Messaging
• Active Directory/LDAP support
• Unified Messaging
• Automated Attendant with
Interactive Voice Response
• N+1 redundancy and cross-site failover
• Centralized management
• Enterprise Session Border Controller (E-SBC)
• Historical archiving of call recordings, instant
messages, voice mail, fax and call logs (CDR)
• All Zultys IP phones can support remote
workers without requiring a VPN
• Find Me/Follow Me/Simultaneous Ring
• User friendly administration interface
ZAC™ and MXIE™
Unified Communications Client for Windows and Mac
Zultys’ desktop clients are designed
to streamline communication and
collaborations between employees.
These “One Click to Contact” application
manages all of the functions in the MX
The Media eXchange Interface for End
Users’ client (MXIE) lets people see the
availability of anyone in the company —
whether they are on a mobile phone or
a desk phone — launch a high definition
video call, an email, phone call, fax, IM,
voice mail or a conference session with a
simple mouse click.
Zultys Advanced Communicator (ZAC)
emphasizes collaborative features such
as group chat. This feature allows instant
communications between team mates,
ensuring that team members are always
up to date. In addition, group chat
provides the flexibility to easily go from
text messages to phone calls and gathers
all the teams contact data in one easy-toaccess place.
• Intuitively control calls via mouse, keyboard,
telephone or Softphone
• Single log-in for Users, Operators and Contact
Center Agents
• View presence indicator and notes of all users
• Create Call Handling Rules to manage
call routing and simultaneous ringing
• Collaborate via Instant Messages
• High Definition (HD) video calls between users
with MXvideoTM (MXIE only)
• MS Exchange / Outlook integration
• Screen pops display incoming caller information
• Use Zultys Quick Contact to rapidly locate
contacts in MS Outlook, MX system
directory or local address book
• ScreenDialTM lets you call from any
webpage, document or electronic record
• Record calls from any phone via ZAC or MXIE
• Integration with Salesforce.com and other
major CRM applications
• Tag calls with wrap-up codes, account codes or
other customer information (MXIE only)
• MXconnectTM lets you make any phone
your business phone
• Group Chat allows multiple employees to quickly
and easily share IMs as a group (ZAC only)
Ready to Serve the Needs of Any Business
Deployed in a Configuration that Meets Your Needs
All-In-One On-Premise or CloudBased Solutions
Each easy to install and maintain Zultys IP
phone system is a complete “all-in-one” featurerich appliance ready to serve the needs of
any business. Zultys IP phone systems can be
deployed stand-alone or networked together to
support up to 10,000 users across 128 locations.
All MX systems are based on open standards:
SIP, Linux, TAPI, SQL, and CSTA.
• The MX-SE supports up to 30 Trunks and
50 users (SIP Trunks require no licenses or
external gateways)
• 16” x 8 1/2” x 1 3/4” (401mm x
210mm x 44mm)
• Single Universal expansion slots for E1, T1,
PRI ISDN, and Analog FXO/FXS interface
• LCD Display with 4 navigation buttons
• Connect directly to SIP based ITSP to
reduce call costs
• The MX-E is available in three different
models; the base MX-E model supports 300
users, while the MX-E+ can support up to
1000 users, and the MX-E++ is designed to
accommodate businesses with up to 2000
users on a single appliance
• Up to 300 SIP trunks are supported on the
base model, with the MX-E+ supporting
1000 SIP trunks, and up to 2000 trunks on
the MX-E++ model (SIP Trunks require no
licenses or external gateways)
• 17.3″ x 18.1” x 3.46” (440 mm x 460 mm x
88 mm)
• Three expansion slots for T1/PRI/E1, Dual
T1/PRI/E1, FXO 8, FXO 4, FXS 8, FXS 4
• Connect directly to SIP based ITSP to
reduce call costs
• LCD Display with 4 navigation buttons
• Redundancy for major components such as
power supplies, cooling fans and storage
Zultys MXvirtual is a fully integrated unified
communication solution and IP phone system
that can be installed in a VMware® Ready virtual
appliance. MXvirtual allows businesses of all sizes
to take advantage of the benefits of virtualization
including enhanced server utilization, simplified
deployment and reduced costs. The features of
MXvirtual are identical to the premise-based MX
phone systems.
• The MXvirtual can support up to 1000 users
and can be expanded with additional server
• Comes ready to support SIP Trunks with
no licenses or external gateways (PSTN,
ISDN and Analog interfaces supported via
• Enterprises may deploy MXvirtual onto their
own VMware infrastructure, either onpremise or using an off-site data center
• Provides a full suite of resiliency and failover
capabilities to ensure business continuity
Zultys Cloud Services
Flexible and Easy-to-Deploy Hosted IP Phone System
Zultys Cloud Services is a fully-hosted turnkey Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution. Your
communication system is hosted in Zultys’ state-of-the-art data centers that are fully redundant and supervised
around the clock.
Zultys Cloud Services offers the exact same feature set as all the other MX Series IP Phone Systems, but
with the added convenience of a hosted solution. There are no up front investments and you only pay for the
services and features you need on a per-user basis. You can easily add users and functionality as your business
User Packages
Available on All Versions of MX, Including Cloud Services
• Operator group, Hunt group or
ACD group
• Automated Attendant
• Paging Group
• Voice mail
• Call forwarding
• Built-in Reports
• Advanced Call Routing
• Voice mail to Email
• Zultys Mobile Communicator
for iPhone/Android
• Operator group, Hunt group or
ACD group
• Automated Attendant
• Paging Group
• Voice mail
• Call forwarding
• Call Attached Data
• Built-in Reports
• Advanced Call Routing
• Voice mail to Email
• Zultys Mobile Communicator
for iPhone/Android • ZAC or MXIE with MXvideo
• Outlook Integration
• MXconference
• Fax
• Operator group, Hunt group or
ACD group
• Automated Attendant
• Paging Group
• Voice mail
• Call forwarding
• Call Attached Data
• Advanced Call Routing
• Voice mail to Email
• Zultys Mobile Communicator
for iPhone/Android • ZAC or MXIE with MXvideo
• Outlook Integration
• MXconference
• Fax
• Inbound Call Center
• Customizable reporting
Integrated Contact Center
Supercharge Your Contact Center
The Zultys Integrated Contact Center (ICC) intelligently processes incoming calls to a group of Supervisors
& Agents based on administrator defined rules & real-time conditions. When there are more callers than
available agents, ICC will either re-route callers or queue callers with customized in-queue messages
and music that may be unique for each ICC group. Agents can be located anywhere in the world,
allowing for true flexibility and around the clock coverage, without the need to relocate key talent.
• Advanced Call Routing based on real-time ICC activity
• Chat, Instant Message & Presence
• No extra hardware - one license for Agent/Supervisor
• Supervisors may Silent Monitor, Barge in,
& Whisper-thru to Agents
• Call Recording - full-time and on-demand
• Superview™: Real-time call monitoring & statistics
for multiple ICC Groups in a single window
• Wallboard for real-time ICC group analysis
• Customizable music-on-hold & in-queue messages
(position in queue & expected wait time) by ICC Group
• Caller Quit Queue options with Call Back Queuing
• Call Attached Data (CAD) for customizable Agent Scripts, wrap up/exit codes, and more
• Calls can be assigned to specific Agents
• Agents can be members of multiple
ICC groups
• MXconnect™ allows Supervisors & Agents
to work from any phone – home or office
– no VPN required
• Call Notification pop up allowing Agents to
stay focused on their primary application
• Multiple Reporting options – CDR Reporting, MXreportTM
CDR, and MXreportTM Contact Center Edition
• Agent login/logout - initiated by
Supervisor or automatically by MX
• Fully integrated fax server option available
• Shared ICC Group Voice Mail box with
multiple outgoing greeting options, email
notifications and escalation facilities.
• Automatic callback from Queue – allows callers to leave
their number and be called back in the order their call
was received. Promotes enhanced customer service
eliminating the need for callers to “wait on hold”
Connect All Your Locations via an Integrated UC Solution
The MXnetwork feature allows multiple MX
systems — both premise and cloud-based — to be
interconnected over IP to form a single companywide Unified Communications system. Each
MXnetwork can support thousands of users at up
to 128 locations and provides global presence, toll
bypass site-to-site calls, secure communications
and interactive collaboration across the entire
network. Whether staff members are located
in the same building or in another country they
are able to communicate efficiently. MXnetwork
allows multiple MX systems on your WAN to
synchronize together (distributed architecture)
and then work as if they are one system, offering
robust survivability and high availability for the
enterprise. Comprehensive redundancy and failover
functionality ensures call processing and business
operations continue in the event of an equipment,
network or power outage.
Advanced outbound dialer solution
MXoutbound, a fully integrated outbound dialer
solution, offers a flexible and easy-to-manage
automated process for reaching out to an
organization’s customer base. MXoutbound is
appropriate for virtually any application that requires
automated outbound dialing. The call message may
be as simple as a single recorded sentence, or an
elaborate customer survey with a series of questions
asked based on previous responses.
• Use pre-recorded prompt or text-to-speech
• Include option to transfer to an operator or
contact center agent
• Schedule calls at a specific time of day for
a particular contact or make calls on-the-fly
• Monitor campaigns in real-time
• One MX system can simultaneously run
multiple outbound call campaigns, each
with a completely different call flow and
set of messages
• Import Contact information manually
or from a CRM application. Campaign
results can be exported back into a
CRM application
Zultys Outlook Communicator™, Salesforce.com
Communicator™ and Zultys Flex Communicator™
Powerful CRM and Application Integration
Zultys supports Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) with an expanding range of CRM suites and
business applications via standards-based protocols. The Zultys Salesforce.com Communicator
integrates the Zultys IP Phone System and the Salesforce.com CRM application suite for full call
control from within Salesforce. The Zultys Outlook Communicator provides integration between the
Zultys IP Phone System and Microsoft Outlook, while Zultys Flex Communicator simplifies integration
with web-based and traditional CRM and line-of-business applications.
Zultys Outlook Communicator
• Click-to-call and full call control from within
• Presence synchronized with Outlook Calendar
• Screen pops for Outlook contacts
• Login to Operator and Call Group roles and
select a role to make an outbound call from
Zultys Salesforce.com Communicator
• Screen pops, call notes, hold, transfer and
click to call from inside the contact record on
• Login to Operator and Call Group roles and
select role to make an outbound call from
Zultys Flex Communicator
• Integrates with both web-based CRM
applications and programs installed on
the user’s computer
• Generate Screen Pops for Caller Information
on receipt of an incoming call
MXmeeting™ and MXconference™
Affordable Web & Audio Conferencing
The Zultys MXmeeting web/video conferencing platform and the
Zultys MXconference private audio bridge provide everything
you need to integrate a conferencing solution into your company’s
communication and collaboration platform and conduct
collaborative web, video and audio conference sessions. The
feature-rich MXmeeting appliance plugs right into your network
and allows up to 100 people to join a collaborative web or video
conference without needing to install any software on their
computers. It also provides remote desktop support and remote
access. MXconference is a software feature that requires no
additional hardware and is enabled by licensing.
MXmeeting Web collaborative conferencing
• Up to 30 webcams can join in for live video interactive presentations*. MXmeeting supports HD video
• Provides remote support & access for PCs and Macs
• Integrated with ZAC/MXIE and Outlook
MXconference is an integrated audio conference bridge for Zultys IP phone
• Requires no additional hardware
• Scale to 30 participants on MX-SE. Up to 100 on MX-E. 256 with MXvirtual, MX-E+, and MX-E++.
*The MXmeeting 100 port audio conference service is provided through a 3rd party at no additional charge to those
purchasing MXmeeting and is only available in certain countries. Features available with MXmeeting 4.2 and later.
ZIP Series – Advanced SIP Standard Enterprise IP Phones
Full duplex speakerphone
Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports
LDAP directory access
27 LCD labeled programmable soft keys
802.3af Power over Ethernet
480 x 272 pixel color display
AC Adapter (optional)
Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) support
Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
XML Browser
Bluetooth & Wi-Fi support via adapters
The ZIP 36G is a feature rich IP phone that is perfect for
both regular and heavy phone users.
Full duplex speakerphone
Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports
LDAP directory access
21 programmable keys
802.3af Power over Ethernet
The ZIP 47G is targeted at the busy executive looking
for a high end phone packed with features.
240×120 pixel backlit display
AC Adapter (optional)
Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) support
Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
XML Browser
The ZIP 33G offers exceptional value in an easy to use,
feature rich IP phone ideal for regular phone users.
Full duplex speakerphone
Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports
LDAP directory access
Modular headset connector
6 programmable keys
802.3af Power over Ethernet
132 x 64 pixel backlit display
AC Adapter (optional)
Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
XML Browser
LCD Expansion Module for ZIP 47G.
• 160 x 320 pixel graphical backlit LCD
• 40 programmable keys (2 page x 20 keys)
Release 7.2modules
or later is required
33i & 35i
• Up*MX
6 expansion
may for
per phone
(Phone and system limits apply to the maximum number of BLF keys)
LCD Expansion Module for ZIP 36G.
• 160 x 320 pixel graphical backlit LCD
• 38 programmable keys (1 page x 20 keys, or 2 pages x 19 keys)
• Up to 6 expansion modules may be daisy-chained per phone
(Phone and system limits apply to the maximum number of BLF keys)
Zultys Mobile Communicator™
Unified Communications Goes Mobile
(iPhone and Android)
Zultys mobility solutions for Unified Communications
allow employees to stay connected and in contact no
matter where they are. Zultys Mobile Communicator
is a real-time presence and communications client
for Android® and iPhone® that delivers a complete
Unified Communications experience to mobile
workers by integrating them into the corporate
Voice and Unified Communications system. Zultys
mobility solutions provide critical tools like voice
mail access and management, presence, internal
extension dialing, corporate directory access, and
least cost routing to cut international call costs. Group
chat option allows teams to collaborate easily and
effectively regardless of whether team members are
on their desktops or on their mobile devices.
• Mobile presence and instant messaging
• Visual voice mail
• Contact center agent functionality
• Group chat
• Mobile privacy (present office caller ID)
• Single number contact
• Least cost routing
• Corporate directory and phone system
• Email integration
• System level call hold and transfer
• Call alerts
Zultys is the global provider of a true all-in-one unified communications solution. Innovative, reliable and
scalable, Zultys IP phone systems integrate voice, video, data and mobility — in a single premise based
appliance or in the cloud — to optimize collaboration for businesses of all sizes. Zultys delivers a powerful,
feature-rich communications system that is easy-to-use, deploy and maintain. Zultys is headquartered in
Silicon Valley with offices around the world.
In the cloud or on your premises — your choice!
Zultys, Inc. 785 Lucerne Drive Sunnyvale, CA 94085
Tel: +1-408-328-0450 Fax: +1-408-328-0451
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