S&C Battery Chargers BC-8-24 and BC-8-36
Operating Instructions
One S&C Battery Charger can charge up to eight Gates
Monoblock batteries. The BC-8-24 charges 24-Vdc batteries
and the BC-8-36 charges 36-Vdc batteries. Batteries are
charged at the appropriate temperature-compensated rate
and can be left connected to the charger indefinitely to
maintain a full charge. See Figure 1.
No charging voltage is supplied to a battery connector until
a battery is plugged into that connector. Other connectors
will have no voltage until a battery is connected to them.
The battery must have a minimum chargeable voltage
stated below before charging voltage will be supplied by
the battery charger.
Charging Instructions
Figure 1. S&C BC-8-24 or BC-8-36 Battery Charger.
1. Plug the ac power cord into a 120 Vac power source.
2. Connect the red and black battery lead to a corresponding lead from the battery charger. Eight batteries can be
connected to one charger.
3. When a battery with at least the minimum chargeable
voltage is connected, the red LED next to the
corresponding AMP connector (J4 through J11) blinks.
4. A battery at minimum chargeable voltage will take
approximately three days to fully charge.
5. Batteries may be continuously connected to the charger
and will maintain full-charge.
Minimum Chargeable Voltage
• A 24-Volt battery must have an output voltage of at
least 21.0 Vdc to be recharged by the BC-8-24.
• A 36-Volt battery must have an output voltage of at
least 32.0 Vdc to be recharged by the BC-8-36.
Battery Maintenance
For more information on battery care and maintenance,
including Safety Information and Safety Precautions, see
Instruction Sheet 1045-540, “S&C 6800 Series Automatic
Switch Controls with IntelliTeam ® SG Automatic
Restoration System: Operation.”
Size: 17 in. (431.8 mm) × 6 in.
(152.4 mm) × 4 in. (101.6 mm)
Weight: 8 pounds (3.6 kg)
Nominal operating voltage: 120 Vac
Operation voltage range: 100-140 Vac
Supersedes Instruction Sheet 1041-603 dated 8-24-07
June 6, 2016
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Instruction Sheet 1045-603