Veeam Availability Suite for Microsoft Hyper-V
Availability for the Modern Data Center
What is Veeam Availability Suite?
Veeam Availability Suite
combines the award-winning
data protection and virtualization
management expertise of Veeam
Backup & Replication and Veeam
ONE for Microsoft Hyper-V.
“Sometimes Hyper-V support is an
afterthought, but not with Veeam.
You can tell Hyper-V support is just as
important as VMware support.”
Vincent DiStasi
Vice President and
Chief Information Officer
Grove City College
“It was clear we needed a new
solution that would guarantee the
availability we needed. Our aim was
to find a solution that just worked,
and which could be relied upon to do
its job effectively.”
Marcus Juzwiak
Information System Engineer
Garantum Fondkommission
“Veeam offered support for Hyper-V
much earlier than other vendors,
which allowed us to back up our
Hyper-V VMs shortly after we installed
a beta version of Windows Server
Cameron McBride
Manager, Systems and Software
Western Health
”We had two options: we could
spend more than half the workweek
managing and worrying about VM
backup and replication, or we could put
Veeam in place and forget about it.”
Brooks Barnes
Systems Administrator
Great Southern Wood Preserving, Inc.
With Windows Server 2012 R2 delivering some of the latest
technology in virtualization, more organizations are enjoying
the benefits of Microsoft Hyper-V than ever before. Veeam®
Availability Suite™ enables Windows Server and Hyper-V
customers by providing solutions that deliver Availability for
the Modern Data Center™.
Keys to modern data center availability
Veeam leverages the technologies of the modern data center including server
virtualization, modern storage applications and cloud-based services through
Veeam Availability Suite. It provides organizations five key capabilities enabling the
Always-On BusinessTM allowing for recovery time and recovery point objectives
(RTPOTM) of <15 minutes for all applications and data including:
High-Speed Recovery
From a single image-based backup, Veeam Availability Suite provides a wide
range of capabilities that can help you tackle virtually any recovery scenario by
ensuring rapid recovery of what you want, the way you want it. Veeam enables
recovery time objectives (RTOs) of <15 minutes with features, such as:
• Instant VM Recovery™: Recover a failed virtual machine (VM) in less than 2
• ENHANCED! Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange: Get instant visibility
and granular recovery of individual Exchange 2010 and 2013 items, including
hard-deleted items; recover Online Archive mailboxes and perform 1-click
recoveries with the new web-based restore portal for help desk operators
• Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SharePoint: Search for specific SharePoint 2010
and 2013 files and quickly recover items directly to their original SharePoint
server or send them as an email attachment
• NEW! Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SQL Server: Get fast transaction-level
recovery of SQL databases and restore SQL databases to a precisely desired
point in time
• NEW! Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Active Directory: Instantly recover
individual Active Directory objects and entire containers; easily recover user
accounts and computer passwords
Data Loss Avoidance
Veeam Availability Suite helps you avoid data loss by enabling low recovery point
objectives (RPOs) of <15 minutes and facilitating offsite data protection with:
• NEW! Veeam Cloud Connect: Get your backups offsite with a fully integrated,
fast and secure way to backup and restore from the cloud
• Built-in WAN acceleration: Get backups offsite 50 times faster and save
bandwidth with agentless Backup Copy jobs and built-in WAN acceleration
Microsoft infrastructure
• Windows Server 2012 R2
• Windows Server 2012
• Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
• Windows Server Hyper-V 2012 R2
• Windows Server Hyper-V 2012
• Windows Server Hyper-V 2008 R2 SP1
• Microsoft Hyper-V Server (free
• Microsoft System Center Virtual
Machine Manager 2012 R2 (optional)
• Microsoft System Center Virtual
Machine Manager 2012 SP1 (optional)
• Microsoft System Center Virtual
Machine Manager 2008 R2 SP1
Virtual Machines:
• All OSs supported by Microsoft
• Any application
• Any file system
Multi-Hypervisor Support
Veeam Availability Suite also
supports VMware vSphere. With
Veeam, you can protect all of your
VMs—vSphere and Hyper-V—from
the same console using the same
data protection infrastructure. You
can even swap Veeam licenses
between hypervisors at no extra
charge. That’s investment protection
for your data protection!
Three affordable editions
Veeam Availability Suite is offered in
three editions – Standard, Enterprise,
and Enterprise Plus -- delivering a
solution for every budget. View all
Veeam is agentless
• 2-in-1: backup and replication™: Improve offsite backup and recovery with
additional replication enhancements, including WAN-accelerated replication,
replication from backup and 1-click site failover with support for planned
• NEW! End-to-end encryption: Secure your data during backup, in flight and
at rest—and still maintain your ability to easily recover backups even if the
password is lost without compromising security
Verified Protection
With SureBackup® you can be certain your files, applications, and virtual servers
can be reliably restored when needed and ensure business resiliency through
automated backup testing.
Leveraged Data
With Veeam Availability Suite, you can leverage your backup infrastructure to
test changes, patches and upgrades using Virtual Lab—an isolated, secure,
production-like environment—to mitigate the risks and minimize potential
downtime associated with application deployment.
Complete Visibility
Veeam Availability Suite helps you take control of your backup and virtual
environments by providing monitoring and alerting tools that allow you to
discover and be alerted to issues before they have a significant impact on
operations. By utilizing the features and capabilities of Veeam ONE™, Veeam
Availability Suite delivers:
• 24x7 real-time monitoring and alerting: Be notified of backup and
performance issues before users are affected
• Resource optimization and capacity planning: Remove the guesswork from
planning and provide complete visibility of resource usage across your entire
• Fully customizable reporting: Simplify backup compliance auditing
requirements and provide concise pictures of resources and workloads.
Includes over 25 backup reports to help maintain system availability.
And more!
With Veeam, you’ll never have to
update another agent, recover
another virtual machine from scratch
or explain why you’re still missing
your backup windows.
Best support for Hyper-V
Veeam fully supports Microsoft
Hyper-V and responding quickly to
new Windows Server releases is a
top priority. Support includes built-in
deduplication, compression and
true incremental backup, as well as
support for 64TB VHDX and VMs on
SMB 3.0 storage.
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