Point Orange - BAR Instruments

Point Orange is a compact Logger/RTU device with integrated battery and
GPRS/GSM modem, combining the versatile logging and telemetry functionality
of the long-established Metasphere product range with the convenience of
easy installation and rapid deployment using GSM or GPRS networks.
Point Orange provides real time remote monitoring of up to 5 programmable sensors. It has software
programmable I/O functionality for hundreds of configurable combinations and includes support for
Analogue, Digital, Counter Inputs and Digital Outputs. The multiple configuration options include local
monitoring of battery voltage, GPRS signal strength and ambient temperature.
The RTU offers a plug and play solution that minimises the need for additional site visits, with remote
management functions including remote firmware upgrade enabling associated cost-savings. It can store
up to 250 million records in non-volatile memory ensuring data is secure in the event of a power loss.
The Point Orange was designed from the outset as a self-contained, low cost fit-and-forget unit for use
in harsh and hazardous environments in remote locations. Its design exploits mainstream technologies
which helps to minimise costs whilst at the same time ensuring reliability and a long product life. The
latest developments in low power technology are employed, allowing the Point Orange to derive all the
power it needs (including sensor power, if required) from an inexpensive lithium battery pack. This,
together with an integral GSM/GPRS modem, ensures a long service life with low infrastructure costs.
• Real time remote monitoring of up to 5 sensors
• Software Configurable I/O; supports AI, CI, DI and DO
• Powers external current loop and active voltage
• External serial port for connecting intelligent sensors
• Built-in quad band GSM/ GPRS modem with internal
antenna and optional external antenna
• Lithium battery with an expected life of 5+ years
• IP68 enclosure is submersible to 4 meters for 4 days
• Connects to Medina, DNP3 and WITS DNP3 Masters
• Remote firmware upgrade
• Stores up to 250 million records
• Integral immersion sensor for advanced warning of
flood threat
• Rich
telemetry functionality including dynamic
trending/logging, flow rate calculations and intelligent
alarm reporting.
• Flexible integrated installation bracket
• Automatic external power source detection
• ATEX compliant variant available – Point Blue.
IP68 rated, GSM/GPRS based, low powered Remote
Telemetry Unit with software configurable IO and
integrated submersion sensor
sensor collection storage processing interaction
Point Orange
Technical Specification
Analogue Inputs
Up to 4 channels
Type: Active Current, passive current, active voltage, passive voltage
Current range: 0-20mA
Voltage range: 0-2V
Input impedance: 1MC
Accuracy: ±0.5% (Max ±2%)
Absolute maximum ratings: ±5VDC
Resolution: 16-bits
Digital inputs
Up to 5 channels
Volt free
Impedance: 50kC
64-bit counter support up to 1kHz
Digital outputs
Up to 2 channels
Max load: 30V, 100mA
Internal Lithium battery pack
Optional external battery pack
DC power input
Sensor power supply (current loop or voltage)
DNP3 (Level 3)
4GB flash memory
512kB static RAM
Internal Quad band GSM/GPRS modem and antenna
Optional external antenna
Local monitoring
Ambient temperature sensor (± 1°C)
Integrated submersion sensor
Battery, loop, and external supply voltages
Automatic external power source detection and switching
Remote management
Remote firmware upgrade
Remote configuration
156mm × 110mm × 112mm (excluding mating cables)
0.6 Kg (fully assembled)
Specifications subject to confirmation.
Metasphere provides robust asset monitoring of time critical remote operations for
operators to gain competitive advantage and meet regulatory compliance.
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